Heated Grip Kit

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Heated Grip Kit

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Warm fingers againReview by Eli54
Since the Beemer is sidelined and I'm on the vintage Evinrude I needed these! (Posted on 11/19/11)
Love 'em!Review by DK
I should buy these things by the gross. I put them on every bike I buy, and on some friends bikes. I mostly put them on off-road and dual sport bikes, and I rarely have trouble with reliability. These are not as fancy as factory installed heated hand grips, and the imbalance between throttle and clutch side is there (to some extent) no matter how you wire them, but they are still great. They are not only a help in cold weather, but they are life savers in cool wet weather as they will help dry out your gloves as you ride. (Posted on 10/23/11)
Alternate installationReview by ggrimes2
I've now installed 5 sets not bad if you're handy with tools. First set on wife's 07 Harley. Harley is different; throttle rides on bar so I installed backwards inside the handle bar was worried about heat transfer but they still get plenty hot. I've done a couple more in the same fashion if style dictates by drilling a small hole in bars and protecting with heat shrink. Wife's have been on bike for two years now and still going strong. Wired through cig lighter on her bike as this is a switched source so battery cannot be run down if you forget to shut off. (Posted on 8/5/11)
nice productReview by Mitchell
I hear about these grip heaters from a friend. I got them and after revising my installation plan 3 times i setteld on the following. I ride an 02 Meanstreak, the left handle bar has a plug in it so I couldnt put the heater inside the tube. I ended up putting in on the bar under the grip, but i slid the element up inside the switch cover, so that the wires would be protected. I did the same on the right side, the element is thin enough that is doesnt cause too much drag for throttle return. with this set up I dont have to worry about the wires breaking, and to protect the element from abrasion i put a couple wraps of electrical tape around them where the switch housing clamps around them. The switch is UGLY, i need to change that at a later date. I ride an hour into work and the morning temps have in the low to mid 20's, before the heaters my fingertips would be frozen even when wearing my heavy Carhart gloves, now they are just slightly chilled.
I am very happy with my purchase and will be getting another set to put on my wife's bike. the only thing I would like to see changed, (besides the switch) is that the also be offered in a length about 2 inches longer than the current ones, it would heat the entire grip for those of us who install them the way I have done on my bike.

Thanks Aerostitch!


(Posted on 12/17/10)
I installed these, and like themReview by Dan
I recently ordered these to go under my stock grips for cold mornings. I often ride early in the morning, but don't like carrying both sets of gloves, so I figured I'd give this a try. I decided to go the extra mile and custom make a nice harness for the heaters (I made quick disconnects, soldered everything, wrapped it all, heat shrinked it, and then used an OEM type cable sheath to make it look as "Factory" as possible. My only gripe with this kit is that the switch is hideous. I went to Radio Shack and got one to my liking (with an LED indicator) for like 3 bucks, so no biggie. The install was pretty easy, actually. The included (Aerostitch) instructions gave the helpful advice of using contact cleaner to get the grips off, which worked well. All in all, I was able to do what I feel is a professional quality job, at a fraction of the cost of the full handgrips. It remains to be seen how hot the resistor will get, but I don't anticipate that being a problem. Nice product! (Posted on 7/16/10)
Customer ServiceReview by customerservice
Dear Jimdave,

Thank you for your comments on the heated grips. When the resistor is used, the best place to mount it is to the frame or other metal part of the bike, using zip-ties. In the installations we've done on our own bikes (we've done about six of them over the years...) we've always attached it to the frame, or to a fork leg.

Customer service (Posted on 1/27/10)
Just put these onReview by jimdave
They work great, but what do you do with the resistor. It gets supper hot and will melt stuff. Looks like a hazard. (Posted on 1/21/10)
Ordering my second set. M...Review by Duggan Harman
Ordering my second set. My first were great but I changed the bars out on my Road King Classic and ruined one of the elements in the process.

Overall a great product and one that I will not ride without. I ride almost year around and find I use these daily throughout the colder months and even during the summer occasionally for those early morning rides with thin gloves.

Install tip -- After having some issues with the throttle side clearance I settled on the following solution: mount the elements inside the bars. First run a string inside the bars and out one of the pre-drilled holes where the clip snaps in. Use the string to pull the wires through. Before you insert the elements, use some fiberglass insulation to form a plug which you can push inside the bar to seal off the airflow. Then roll the element and slide it inside the bar and then using your fingers, seat the adhesive to the inside of the bars. This way you have no problem with throttle sleave binding and you can change grips without worrying about damaging the elements. It also, since the wiring is internal, saves wear and tear on the wire/element connections. The heating ability does not seem to be compromised at all. This may not work for all makes but is a slick install on a Harley. (Posted on 6/13/08)
Replacing my 6 year old s...Review by Louis Coin
Replacing my 6 year old set with exactly the same. Last set served me well, just wore them out. Worth their weight in gold on those cold mornings. Louis C. (Posted on 5/5/08)
Great product. Works as a...Review by Victor Landau
Great product. Works as advertised and better. I was able to retain my stock grips. Can't see or feel the warmers until they are needed. I'm able to ride in 40 degree weather with light gloves and be in total comfort. A bargain for $25.00. (Posted on 5/5/08)

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