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Heated Grip Kit

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Heated Grip Kit

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I have a question about i...Review by Brent Yarbrough
I have a question about installing the grips. My bars are 1 inch and the throttle side will not fit. Does anyone have any ideas? Of course I already installed the clutch side and glued the grip so I doubt they can be returned. Review might change if any ideas on installing the throttle side can be made. (Posted on 5/5/08)
Hard to beat for $30 (shi...Review by Joshua Tootell
Hard to beat for $30 (shipping you know). I used my own wiring and switch because of my arrangement. Working well on my old Nighthawk 700SC. Doesn't get too cold around here though, so hard to know for sure. (Posted on 5/5/08)
These are great! If your ...Review by Alan Nelson
These are great! If your handy and can install them yourself you can save a ton of money. I put these heaters on my old 85 K100RS with high-low switch, now I got toasty hands! (Posted on 5/5/08)
So much less expensive th...Review by Mark Kowalski
So much less expensive than $150 for OEM heated grips! Aero adds their own very helpful instructions so installation was easy (but time consuming on my DL650 because of the fairing).

I'll never have another bike without heated grips! They are safety equipment, in my opinion. (Posted on 5/5/08)
I have had these on sever...Review by Adam N.
I have had these on several bikes. Worth every penny and then some. Heat is somewhat as
lopsided as the throttle tube insulates the right grip from the bar. Next time I will slap a layer of duct tape down between the bar and grip. (Posted on 5/5/08)
I had a pair on my 1500 f...Review by Sonny Faulkenberg
I had a pair on my 1500 for two winters. I just totaled it and I am ordering a pair for the replacement bike (Posted on 5/5/08)
These things are life sav...Review by Michael Bechard
These things are life saver...okay maybe just finger savers, but great none the less. I'm on my second set because the wire on the throttle side broke at the solder joint from the stress of being pulled back and forth. I only had to replace the one side and reinforced it with a piece of heat shrink tubing around the connection. Initally I had installed the resistor inline with the throttle side but decided it was best to have as much heat as possible even if the throttle side was hotter. With these heaters in conjunction with handlebar muffs and a winter riding suit I can ride long stints well below 20 degrees F. (Posted on 5/5/08)
These are easy to install...Review by W. Grippo
These are easy to install and work great. My only complaint is the switch is quite ugly. Might be ok on a bike with lots of chrome, but not a sportbike I opted for a more modern looking switch from Kragen that looks great. I installed with the one setting (high only) option, using the resistor to compensate for the less heat transfer into the right side grip. Works great and they feel even in temperature. TIP: put the switch somewhere on the left side so you don't have to take your hand off the accelerator to activate it. (Posted on 5/5/08)
About a year later I am v...Review by Joshua Tootell
About a year later I am very glad I bought them. Like many mentioned, the switch may or not may work for your personal set up. I ended up using a rocker switch on my set up that I had laying around.

I also used some heat shrink and electrical tape on the left bar to insulate it. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!! That way you have the choice of using the high low setting, or just do like me and set up the high setting only. With the insulation on there both bars are heated evenly and get plenty warm. I am going to buy a set for my brother-in-law for his new bike, and any future bike that I may have. (Posted on 5/5/08)
Inexpensive, easy to inst...Review by Tom Glasscock
Inexpensive, easy to install, and effective! What more could you ask? I used these for two years on my 2003 Honda ST, never had a problem with them and they definitely helped on those brisk mornings - I could ride to work (45 minutes each way) at temps as low as 25 with no discomfort (winter gloves though). (Posted on 5/5/08)

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