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Aerostich Ultralight Bike Covers

Aerostich Ultralight Bike Covers #1733-1735-1738

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ultra light needs a little care Review by need2boat
The price took me a little to get over but I've sewn a bit of ultra lite gear so I know care must be given when in use. The cover I got had some ripped stitches and it will be exchanged but the Med fit my 93 K 75s with bags and tank bag just right. The seams all look double stitched and could easily be seam sealed if one needed. Regardless of the ripped stitches on the velcro pocket it's a well made product and perfect for covering the bike in the road. (Posted on 12/26/13)
Aerostich Customer Service Review by customerservice
The best way to secure these covers in windy situations is to pull the elastic draw cord in the hem tight, lock it with it's cord lock, then pull the free end over the saddle and hook it to the shift lever or brake pedal. (Shift lever if the cover is 'right side out', brake pedal if it is 'inside out'. Or if you have a very old motorcycle).. See photos at bottom of page: (Posted on 7/12/13)
Not so great after all. Review by Paul
Loved the cover so bought a second for another bike. Shortly after the purchase of the second, the first began to disintegrate. I patched with rip stop fabric but it just turned to shreds. Granted sun is intense here in DC, but I expected the fabric to hold up longer given the premium price (now $127. for a small). So I began using the newer second cover and it's exhibiting the same fabric failure. Don't think I'm going to buy a third. (Posted on 7/12/13)
Aerostich Ultralight Bike Cover Review by Philip
I bought this cover on recommendations from some forum friends and I certainly am not disappointed.
I have a k1600GTL and this cover is perfect for it, I use to cover the bike nightly on trips and it does a fab job, packs small and does a big job. BUT!!! tie it down, securely with the grommets, I nearly lost mine on the last trip, walked to dinner and came back and it was gone, luckily it wrapped itself around a light pole 100 yards away in the middle of the street and we found it. Tie it Down!! (Posted on 7/9/13)
Small Size, Big Coverage Review by Stacy
I like to cover my K1600GTL during overnight hotel stays, and this ultralight shroud is just the ticket. The material dries quickly and packs into a compact bundle. A built-in shock-cord holds the cover in place. This is perfect for discouraging the curious, repelling dirt and dust, and guarding against light rain and morning dew. (Posted on 6/10/13)
Great cover but still too small Review by Richard
I have a 2012 BMW K1600GTL. The cover is great. It packs easy and has its own self contained storage bag. I wish the cover was larger. I ordered a large cover but with the GTL trunk, the cover looks more like a half or 2/3'rds cover as opposed to a full cover. I just checked to see if there was an XL but not an option. The cover is expensive as far as covers go. Too bad its not a little larger. (Posted on 5/21/13)
Excellent cover Review by mou10eer
This is probably the best cover on the market, if your criteria includes function, durability, and weight. I've used the cover on multiple cross-country rides, on-road and off-road; and it is the standard by which others are measured. I have a collection of mid to high-end covers, and there isn't one that comes close in those three areas. No kidding. (Posted on 5/9/13)
Medium Cover Review by stephen
The medium size works well on a Moto Guzzi EV Touring (which has a factory windshield/fairing). Packs up much smaller than anything else I have ever had. (Posted on 3/6/13)
Not behemoth sized enough Review by Goldie
I was excited to order this cover to replace the bulky Victory Vision cover I've packed on past trips. I ran out to try it on for size & sighed when it didn't quite cover my Vision. But I will use it with tie-downs since it does mostly protect the necessaries. And it is so much smaller. Hope it stands up as well as others have reported. (Posted on 2/23/13)
Motorcycle Cover Review by Dave
The cover is very nice - I ordered the large size for my BMW K1200LT and it fits almost like it was tailored to the bike. My only suggestion would be to offer an option to those with bikes having high antennas, to include another grommet, similar to those included at the bottom of the cover, to allow the antenna to protrube out. Having to take the antenna off for each use is inconvenient. The cover could be reinforced at the antenna grommet area with a low heat, iron-on patch. Thanks for a great cover, ideally suited for cross country travel.
(Posted on 2/19/13)

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Securing Ultralight Bike Covers

Aerostich Ultralight Bike Covers have two neat grommets mid-way for a locking cable to be passed through beneath the middle of the motorcycle. But for fast additional security in high-wind situations, and to further-strengthen the cover's 'anti-tampering' deterrent, first pull the elastic hem drawcord tight and lock it in place with it's cord-lock. Then stretch the loose end of this cord over the saddle and down the other side of the motorcycle until you can loop over the shift lever or footrest. This will 'capture' some of the cover around the shift lever. After the cord is drawn tight around the bottom of one's motorcycle there is always enough cord left to stretch across the bike and reach the shift lever. Doing this makes the billowy cover fit tight and stops it from flapping around. The technique has kept my Aerostich Ultralight Bike Covers securely attached though some violent overnight storms with very high winds.

– Mr. Subjective, 6-13

Aerostich Ultralight Bike Cover Aerostich Ultralight Bike Cover Aerostich Ultralight Bike Cover


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