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Aerostich Warm Wrap Grips

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Aerostich Warm Wrap Grips

27 Review(s)
SKU: 103-1433

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Customer Reviews (27)

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Great ProductReview by Charley
I've had these for over a month and have been very happy with them. They do keep your hands very toasty thru thick winter riding gloves. I got caught coming home by a sudden forecast change, temps dropped to 21 deg and these grips kept my hands from freezing. Great product at a good price! (Posted on 2/19/12)
toasted sub sandwichReview by bluestitch
Just got these grips a month ago. Don't know why but every time I turned on the heated grip, Quiznos (R) comes to mind.. actually I think it's more of their advertisement slogan "toasted!".

Ahhhhhh - no more frozen fingers. I've already got the Mobil Warming battery operated vest and now with the heated grips, I'm ready to conquer any cold weather. Well, I do live in the mildly temperate climate (SF bay area, CA) so the coldest that we get here is no where comparable to the east coast.

I have a hookup for my battery-tender so didn't have to do any additional power modification. It would be nice to have a temperature control built-in or a on/off light indicator. I do end up switching it on and off every 15 minutes or so as it heats up quite fast and gets very toasty. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with this product and would recommend it! (Posted on 2/9/12)
Toasty digitsReview by SpiritTman
Used them for the first time this morning. Very nice. Great addition to my heated gloves. No more grabbing onto frozen grips. Would be nice if there was a temp control rather than on or off. I had to shut them off after about 5-10 min into my ride. The grips did stay warm the remainder of the ride though. That was a BIG plus!!! (Posted on 2/5/12)
Great product!!!Review by BOB
I'm not going to claim that these grips are perfect, but for $55 you just can't beat them. I'd been trying to push myself to ride in colder & colder weather. The only problem I was having was my hands would start to hurt down below ~40 degrees. I'd seen other heated grips for a lot more money, but I was skeptical as to how well they'd perform. So I took the chance & ordered these and they are amazing!! Super easy to install. The hardest part was fishing the wiring under my gas tank to the batttery. I wouldn't want to rely on these for an all day ride doing 65 mph on an open highway on a 34 degree winter day. But for my daily 30 minute commute, along back roads doing 35-40 mph, I'm perfectly comfortable even down to 35 degrees. This product is definitely worth the asking price if you want to extend your riding season. It's also worth the price to see the looks from my co-workers when they see me walk into the office wearing my riding gear on a 30-something degree morning. Get this product, you won't regret it!! (Posted on 1/5/12)
Warm gripsReview by Peter
Excelent product,especialy usefull when you want to switch bikes.This is my second pair as the first ones got lost in a move.I use a Heat Troller to regulate the heat. (Posted on 1/4/12)
Customer ServiceReview by customerservice
Hi there Ty.

Glad you liked the grips..... sorry that they gave up so quickly.
Your grips must have developed a fault, so a free replacement set will be shipped out to you today, as they are still under warranty.

Customer Service. (Posted on 12/2/11)
Stopped WorkingReview by ty454
Just bought these this fall and have probably used them a dozen times or so. Installation was easy, as expected. When they worked, they were nice and hot, and I was generally pretty happy with them. Then yesterday on the way home from work they just stopped working about half way home. Some investigating reveals that there appears to be a discontinuity in the throttle-side grip, and because they are wired in series that means both of them no longer work.

I'll try another pair because they were so cheap and easy to install, hoping that it's just a fluke, but I admit to being very disappointed that they fell apart after a dozen uses.
(Posted on 12/1/11)
Really Hot StuffReview by odd ball
Really hot stuff. When I was a kid I froze my hands bad, makes it hard to enjoy the winter outdoors with out heavy gloves. I installed the Warm Warp Grips on my bike. Went out on a cold wet ride. Found my hands never got cold with lighter gloves then ever. This let me hold tight for the turns and good feel for the clutch/braking. Love em. (Posted on 11/21/11)
Great GripsReview by Jerry
Great grips I am on my second year with them and they continue to work well. They do have to be cycled on and off if you don't have a thermostat.
(Posted on 10/21/11)
Excellent!Review by MXCHAMP
I love these grips so much I am buying another set! I let the first set go with the new owner of my X challenge so his hands wouldn't get cold on the way home!

I have found that if you put safety wire around the throttle grip that the wrap will stay in place better.

To regulate the temperature, I use my Gerbings rheostat. It works great!!!!! (Posted on 2/15/11)

Items 11 to 20 of 27 total

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