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#442 Black


Aerostich Triple Digit Covers #442

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Aerostich Triple Digit Covers #442 Review by Risky
These gloves work GREAT! kept me dry and warm all through our Ontario winter.
If you have a problem with this product just send it back, they will make it right .
I have rode through rain from Windsor Ontario all the way to Louisville KY truck show and I was dry!
(Posted on 4/15/12)
Exactly what you were looking for! Review by Murph
I've asked around for "waterproof gloves" for ages, and always got a blank stare at motorcycle shops - or they tried to sell me expensive gloves with attached rain covers that needed to be unzipped from a pocket, or non-motorcycle waterproof gloves without padding and protection. I knew exactly what I wanted - a waterproof shell to go over my quality leather riding gloves that keep my hand warm and protected.

Along comes Aerostitch, and voilà... it's exactly what you were looking for, and it does the job.

I agree with the criticisms:
1. They are sized too small. This is the biggest drawback. The manufacturer seems to forget that these go over gloves, not over bare hands. I can't get mine over my Gerbing heated gloves, which are NOT waterproof.
2. The straps on the back are clumsy to tie and keep in their loops, and really unnecessary in my opinion. I cut mine off with a scissors after being distracted by them dangling in the wind.
3. I think they're a bit pricey, but considering the absence of competition and that they were smart enough to fill this obvious and long-anticipated need, they deserve what they ask for 'em!

I recommend getting two pairs. Everyone will want to borrow them and I've lost one pair that way already ;-) (Posted on 4/13/12)
Triple Digits Are Good Review by Max
The size large I bought fit over my large (10) Gerbings gloves!
Yes the velcro strap is too short. Fix it AeroStich and these rain gloves are perfect.
(I will add extended length to mine)
These lobster claws over my heated gloves for 350 miles of 32-40 degrees of rain and wet snow was/is the ticket. Love the PNW ;-).
Toasty hands, no leakage.
Other than the addressable short strap I would recommend these gloves to anyone who rides in inclement cold weather.
Four out of five stars due to the short strap. (Posted on 4/13/12)
Needs Improvement Review by BF
I agree with Matt Perelli 100%. Although I bought the largest size available, these mittens are a royal pain to put on over my gloves....even a glove a svelte (pardon my french) Held Airstream. The idea is good, but the sizing is off. Perhaps related to "too tight fit" is the uncomfortably warmth feeling my hands had in a 76F degree rain storm today. Had to get them off because my hands got too warm. (Posted on 4/4/12)
Good Product Review by GeezerStank
Like the others say, velcro wrist strap too short, they run kind of small in size, but they work good for keeping your hands dry, and the materials/construction is good quality. (Posted on 4/3/12)
Finally a good rain-glove product Review by Kirb
Compact, lightweight covers that just work.

The wrist strap is too short and pulls out when you put your gloves in. Solution? Put a key ring...uh...ring through the end loop to prevent them from pulling out. Also makes a great glove-friendly pull. (Posted on 3/13/12)
XXX Rain Covers - Worth the Investment Review by Lube
These babies will keep you dry, but two small issues:
1) The strap over the back of the hand is shorter than the glove material, meaning it's very easy to have the strap escape its capture loop when shoving a big glove in, then impossible to re-capture once lobster claws are on both hands. No worries - I just velcro-ed the strap to itself outside the loop, defeating its purpose and glove worked fine - i.e. this strap isn't really needed. The elastic draw cord at the wrist does the sealing.
2) The glove to grip ( and maybe glove to glove) friction is limited. I haven't tried the suggestion of applying some glue to the surfaces to act as traction pads, but I will be doing trying it soon. (Posted on 3/12/12)
Good Stuff Review by Snake
This is the second pair I've bought and repeats are a great way to show good quality. My first pair, in Orange, were purchased back in '07 and still going strong. Now my son needed a pair but not in Orange so got Black. They're great for both wet weather and cold weather. Keep up the good work. (Posted on 12/30/11)
Triple Digit Rain Covers Review by Pete
I purchased the covers for cool weather riding. I wanted something that I could wear over my summer gloves that would keep my hands warm. So far I have only used them once on a 200 mile lunch ride. They worked great!! Temps were in the middle 30's to low 40's. My hands stayed warm the entire ride.

I have small hands and my cold/wet weather riding gloves are a pain to use. I suspect when the temperature drops below freezing, I will have to use my insulated gloves but until then I am liking my Rain Covers.

The only thing I would change would be to add some type of non-slip material to the palm and fingers. (Posted on 11/21/11)
Out standing in the rain Review by cnyndncr
After riding in the rain in Colorado for a week this September without them, then coming home to California and riding in the rain WITH them, I'll never be without them again! They work great. They pack really small, are thin and give good feel and I didn't have the problem with water running down the sleeve into my gloves like others did. It may be the fact that I don't have a windshield so I have a lot of wind blowing the water backward, up my sleeves. Whatever.... They worked great! (Posted on 10/25/11)

Items 41 to 50 of 95 total

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