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#1489 Cold Weather Glove

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Cold Weather Waterproof Glove

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Customer Reviews (23)

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warmishReview by Strapping Lad
I bought these for "winters" in Las Vegas. Typically in the low 40s high 30s at night. It may be my tolerance (or lack of) to wind chill but I can still feel the cold air through the gloves and makes my hands pretty cold. I also went by the size chart and ordered a Large even though I ALWAYS wear an XL. Yep... the Large is a bit small for my fat palms, it restricts my hand movement, and they start to cramp up after a while. These issues are personal, but the glove itself is very well made and the inside liner is very cozy. (Posted on 1/18/12)
Quality GloveReview by HobieDog
The gloves are warm and high quality. (Posted on 1/7/12)
Great GlovesReview by Great Gloves
I bought these gloves for my husband for his birthday. He had a pair in the past and loved them. He settled for a pair of cold weather gloves from a Harley dealership and he immediately returned them because his hands were cold. He loves his new gloves - wouldn't stop raving about them. Even better, they were a lot less expensive than the Harley gloves. These keep his hands nice and warm. I'm thankful because my hubby can enjoy his ride and keep his focus on the crazy drivers instead of his cold hands and trying to work the gears. Regardless of the price, its worth every penny for a safe and happy rider. (Posted on 12/19/11)
cold weather gloveReview by gb
Since the gloves have been backordered for a month and I don't have them, I can hardly review them. (Posted on 10/11/11)
I bet I would love these gloves if...Review by Rocket Bob
I bet I would love these gloves if they were in my possession. I ordered these gloves 3 weeks ago and they are still not here, better give them plenty of lead time or buy from another manufacturer. (Posted on 9/30/11)
Good GloveReview by Josh Greenhill
I've owned the same pair of these for several years now. I wore them on cold West Texas mornings on my 30-40 minute ride to class (17 degrees was the lower bound, I'm not going to say that it was warm and toasty, but I could still work the controls with ease). I now use them on the "shoulders" of the riding season in Southcentral Alaska. In my experience, the glove is very durable and is showing very little sign of wear after many thousands of miles. $57 for warm hands over many years. (Posted on 9/19/11)
Pros and consReview by Brian
Bought these after a brutal mid-May trip up north last year. On that trip, the AirVantage Heated vest kept my torso warm while my Wickers undergarments and Sidi boots made mid-30's temps no problem while riding my FJR. Hands froze in leather gloves. That small body area controls a lot and my cold hands focused the ride on something besides the gorgeous countryside. I have looked for battery-powered heated gloves, but that technology isn't mature yet. These gloves do what they claim, but can be tight enough to restrict bloodflow at the fingertips when new.
Overall - glad I bought them. If you don't ride much, you may not like the fit, but if you have ever been in pain over the course of a cold, rainy 700 mile mid-May "fun ride" with constant temps lower than you set the thermostat in your fridge for, these gloves are the next best thing to heated gloves. Actually better, if your heated gloves aren't waterproof and the wet stuff is about... I will have these gloves in a side bag when crossing from Milwaukee to Seattle this May... bet I use 'em too. (Posted on 3/18/11)
I ride 12k/yr 365 in rainy Seattle and give these A+Review by Blaine
Hands down (pun not intended) the best cold weather/rain gloves I've owned...out of NINE pair of other gloves from makers including HELD ("Narvik"...sucked horribly; they're summer gloves are great but not their winter stuff). For those of you complaining about them making it hard to "operate" your switches and stuff, you're not giving them enough time to break in. My current pair has two full winters of Seattle riding plus the last two months of fall riding and they're still leak-proof and warm...and BROKEN IN. Complainers: if you want super comfy out of the bag, get something with no waterproof membrane and no insulation, sure, that glove is going to be very flexible, but you best be sticking to riding in June and July. I ride when it's 35F and raining cats and dogs and these gloves are what you want on. If you ride a sportbike (where your arms are at a quite steep angle and sustained, intense rain can eventually work it's way inside your cuffs, as opposed to a cruiser or dual sport where your hands are approx perpendicular to the road surface, thus eliminating that problem almost completely), get TWO PAIR and cycle them when one pair starts getting damp around the cuffs. You will NOT be dissapointed with these gloves! (Posted on 12/3/09)
I bought these for a frie...Review by Kimber Santorella
I bought these for a friend for Christmas. She already had a pair of winter gloves and she lets me borrow them on occassion. She let me borrow these once and I really liked them. They are very soft and comfortable and kept my hands warm. Last time I asked to borrow her warm gloves she didn't give me these, but kept them for herself. So, I'm back to order a pair for myself and my husband. (Posted on 3/25/09)
I've spent twice as much ...Review by Michael Zumstein
I've spent twice as much for half as good. These are THE ONES both hands warm, dry and cozy. (Posted on 2/28/08)

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