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Aerostich Vegan Gloves

Aerostich Vegan Gloves #433

40 Review(s)

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Customer Reviews

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fine vegan riding gear Review by pfs
i have a pair of these and of the hot weather riding gloves. these vegan gloves have served me two seasons, and have become my all around riding gloves, except in high summer weather. they breathe well and protect (with heated grips) well down into the 30's of degrees. i find the squeegee to be nearly useless, and the right index finger side panel closest to the center of the bike is now frayed and is exposing the inner glove material. i wish it was made of a more durable material, even at the expense of some flexibility. ill buy another pair, i cant imagine riding in any other glove. except the hot weather vegan, that is. (Posted on 11/13/10)
Good Glove, but durable? Review by Scott
Got this pair of gloves at the beginning of summer and absolutely love them! Great feel and excellent when wet. The only problem is that the right index finger is starting to come apart already on the outside of the first joint. Other than that, nice gloves! (Posted on 10/17/10)
Fits me... like a glove Review by Mike Stock
I wear a 9 1/2 glove which puts me right in the middle between L and M. I ordered a large in the hot weather Vegan after reading that they run a bit small. Great gloves at a great price, and the large is a perfect fit for me. (Posted on 9/8/10)
Wow....... Review by Ratboy
Bought two pairs for my wife and I as a summer glove for trips we had planned. We both are using these gloves full time and they are our favourite pair of mitts by far. Every motorcyclist I know is searching for the elusive perfect glove...I think I have found mine..;-) (Posted on 8/6/10)
Superb for Hot and Humid Conditions Review by Jim S
I've tried several synthetic gloves. I've been wearing these for about a year or so since I moved to Singapore. Yes, one of the hottest and stickiest places on the planet. They are not only great because the are light, comfortable and airy, but they dry quickly and do not get moldy and rot, even when they stay damp for a day or two. (Posted on 5/5/10)
Great gloves Review by John R
Used these for years, all weather conditions 20-100F, love them. Somehow wore out the left index finger (is this normal?) and will be ordering more. Have another pair for my gf, too, she likes them too. (Posted on 3/21/10)
great except for squeegie Review by doug
These gloves are great except for the squeegie. It sits right on the knuckle of the lft thumb making it tough and uncomfortable to articulate your thumb. I rode them for an 8500 mile road trip and the thumb bit was so bothersome that I shaved cut the squeegie off before I even left. If it is going to have a squeegie, put it somewhere other than the thumb. They held up well for the trip, and are comfortable. I have big hands and the XLs were tight so it might be nice to offer XXL. I had a minor accident in them (pulling off the road, slanted shoulder put the bike in the sand at 25 or so, locking taking the front wheel away and throwing me onto concrete hands first.) You could barely even see any wear on the palms. So that's pretty nice...Hope this helps (Posted on 11/20/09)
My Favorite Gloves Review by BMW Tim
First things first: I have nothing against leather gloves, I have some and they are great....these Vegan gloves just ended up being way more versatile and comfortable. I have been using these gloves for months in all kinds of weather, touring and commuting on my LT and have found that they are perfect for me. My bike has good weather protection and heated grips, so these gloves have worked fine for me down to the high 30's.
A word about rain: I wore these gloves on a trip through the Smokies and NC in rain so hard it was like riding into a 4 inch firehose, and yes....they got soaked. BUT......I found out that I had more comfort and control with the gloves on....wringing wet.....than with my waterproof gloves or bare hands. They honestly made the difference between having fun and being miserable on that trip. Plus.....after wringing them out, they dry about a hundred times faster than boots or jeans.
I really like these gloves, they feel great, they don't 'ball up' anywhere and they haven't shown any wear yet. The only downside is that my teenage son keeps stealing them when he rides his new R6.
When these gloves wear out, I am buying another pair just like them. I think that says it all. (Posted on 11/20/09)
GREAT GLOVES Review by charles fox
i've had these gloves for a few years(ever since they became available).
the protection is great, i ride a dual sport and ride to work everyday in all temperatures and i ride on the weekends in the dirt, mud, desert sands and they perform A++++
the finger tip on my index finger wears first, but thats the case on ALL gloves(i wish glove manufactures built this finger thicker).
having no leather and this much protection and breath-ability and comfort, i recommend them to vegan/vegetarians and others! (Posted on 11/1/09)
Great Gloves Review by Tree
I have been using these gloves most of the summer and still currently using them now (late fall). The coldest use so far was a 45 mile trip at 70mph with an average temperature of about 36 degrees They were quite cold at this temp (as one would assume) but I've found them to be great down to 40 degrees if not on a longish higher speed ride. Because they breathe well they are, for me, acceptably comfortable up to 95ish degrees so long as you are moving.

Material dries quickly so, in my opinion they are good in the rain so long as it is not too cold.

Mine were a tad small when I first received them, but they do stretch out a bit and have become very comfortable. Gauntlet is a good size for a warmer weather glove. One complaint and follow up suggestion is that the squeegee is just a little bit too hard of a rubber to be easily functional: I would suggest a slightly soften rubber for future production.

Overall I quite enjoy these gloves and would definitely recommend them to others and would buy another pair if something happened to them. (Posted on 10/25/09)

Items 21 to 30 of 40 total

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