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Aerostich Vegan Gloves

Aerostich Vegan Gloves #433

40 Review(s)

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Customer Reviews

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excellent Review by john but not forgotten
Great gloves with good protection [wish i could get protection and waterproof. but who knows if knuckle guards actually do anything]
i find all textile gloves, including these, wear prematurely on the inside of the inner finger and thumb, and the stitching on one wrist closer ripped, but other than that, excellent. (Posted on 8/7/09)
Runs a size large Review by Deathless
I have small hands. Most garden or work glove smalls fit perfectly, but the small size for these gloves was huge. My fingertips were a full joint shy of the gloves' fingertips, and they were just really loose. My fiancé tried them on, and his medium/large sized hands fit snugly.

Looked like good quality gloves, otherwise, though. (Posted on 8/4/09)
Great glove.....would be ... Review by Kimberley Luoto
Great glove.....would be perfect if waterproof!! Quite comfortable. I wear them all the time unless its very cold (under 45) or raining. (Posted on 4/2/09)
I bought a pair of these ... Review by Wayne Woodruff
I bought a pair of these a few months ago and finally had chance to try them today. They are awesome. I have large hands and finding gloves is a challenge. I bought the XL's and they fit perfectly. No bunching on the palm side. I rode in 55 degrees and they were very comfortable and I know they will work at lower temps. Great job! (Posted on 12/30/08)
I used a pair of Shift ra... Review by Jeffry McGee
I used a pair of Shift racing gloves for about one year for buzzing around town and they were just fine. Then I took a half-day tour and the gloves became very uncomfortable. After some research, I bought the 3-season Vegans. Wow! The Vegans are much more comfortable than the Shift gloves and they breath. I'm sure my hands will get wet in the rain, but they and the gloves should dry out quickly. I look forward to my next road trip! (Posted on 8/25/08)
Purchased the s433 3-seas... Review by Bruce Groves
Purchased the s433 3-season and the first two times wearing them they felt great. I noticed though that they didn't seem very windproof. The proof was yesterday when riding on a frosty morning when my fingers froze. What 3-seasons does the name refer to? Obviously not winter. I'm very disappointed, especially after paying the hefty fright charge to NZ only to find a weighty catalogue included! Not impressed at all, and after this morning's heavy rain, I think these are a total waste of money and an insult to vegans who have almost no choice in the market. (Posted on 8/13/08)
I got these gloves for Ch... Review by Gary McCullough
I got these gloves for Christmas and went out the next day for a 2-hr ride on my Ducati Monster. They fit perfectly inside the sleeves of my Roadcrafter suit without any cold air leaking around the edges. Although the temperature hovered around freezing, my fingers never got cold despite the fact the Monster has no fairing to block the wind. I can feel the bike's feedback through the material, a big drawback to the ski gloves I was wearing previously to handle the cold weather. I'm not exactly sure what the 3 seasons these gloves are good for. Out here in W.TX, I expect them to work pretty good year 'round.
(Posted on 7/22/08)
I visited the Rider Wearh... Review by Eric Richards
I visited the Rider Wearhouse on a trip to Duluth and had to stop in of course. I tried the 3-season vegans on while browsing through the showroom and couldn't believe how comfortable they felt so I bought a pair. The great thing about theses gloves is that there is as much attention to detail on the inside as well as the outside. So many other gloves I've worn have seams on the inside that take away quite a bit of comfort, not the vegans. For the money these are by far the best gloves I've ever worn. Very comfortable from 50 degrees to 85 degrees. Good Product. (Posted on 6/20/08)
I used these gloves throu... Review by Alan Palmer
I used these gloves through three seasons just last weekend - hot, cold, and rainy. The elkskin ropers are still my favorite gloves, but these are great in cool to warm rain. They get completely saturated, but wring out pretty well, and don't lose their grip or feel. When the rain stops, the gloves dry out. Simple. My sole complaint is that putting the gloves back off and on at a fuel stop, when both gloves and hands are soaked, is a bit difficult, but can be done with a little effort and patience. (Posted on 5/28/08)
Purchased these gloves en... Review by Thomas Sands
Purchased these gloves end of summer 07, I would say they are good at temperatures 45-80 degrees. I wear mine down to 40 with heated grips on low, way to warm above 85 here in SC Penna. with higher humidity. They feel very comfortable from the git-go and fit really well if not a tad close at the finger tips. The palm is my only grip, the various layers of material should have been stiched or bonded together as it does tend to be loose the first several weeks of wear or until they "break-in". The dexterity is very good and the thumb squeegee works. Leather gloves are nice, but slip the Vegans on sinch down the wrist and gaunlet hook and loop fasteners and these suckers are like a favorite pair of shoes. Because they breath I think that is why I prefer the Vegans to clammy leather, they wet easly but dry quickly when on the road. They get an 8.5 in my book. (Posted on 5/28/08)

Items 31 to 40 of 40 total

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