Aerostich Deerskin Gloves

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Aerostich Deerskin Gloves

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Great Gloves!!!Review by James
Soft and proper fit from day 1! And they have the Rain Finger built in! These were for my wife after years of trying to get her to buy a pair.Tried on at NJ popup, same fit when recieved. (Posted on 12/18/17)
Awesome GlovesReview by Travis
This is kind of a late review! I purchased these gloves about 3 years ago. I own probably 6-8 pairs of gloves. Since I purchased these they are the only ones I wear. It took quite a while to break in but now they almost feel like my own skin. Love em (Posted on 8/15/17)
I'm Convinced! Review by paul
I felt letdown when I opened the box and first saw the gloves. It looked to me as if I paid $50 for a pair of gloves which hardly varied from leather work gloves I could have bought at the Home Depot for 20% the cost. That disappointment only lasted until my first ride. Now, these are the only gloves I want to use for riding. They are that satisfactory.

In use, these gloves come very close to feeling like your own skin, if a bit thicker. They are, as others have said, butter soft. This softness translates in use to being able to feel your controls better than anything short of bare hands. While wearing these gloves, I can squeeze my grips and feel the grip texture. So using controls such as turn signals or horn buttons are much more sure than pushing by location and hope. It's not like I couldn't get my turn signals to work suing conventional gloves, but the almost barehanded feel simply makes the ride more enjoyable.

They're a bit warmer than I anticipated. Riding in temps around or just below 50F was pleasant to the point where I didn't turn the heated grips on. This leaves me to wonder if they'll be overly warm in summer, but that's still a few months off so I'll see then.

After half a dozen rides using these, I've come around to wanting to use these exclusively for my riding. They're that nice. (Posted on 3/20/17)
Smooth as silkReview by jon
These are a great pair of gloves. The size is true to your sizing instructions. They are a perfect fit and are so soft.The gautlet is long enough to cover the sleeve of your jacket. Perfect for warm or cool weather riding. (Posted on 11/7/16)
The best!Review by Adam
I probably have bought 20 pairs of motorcycle gloves. These though, are the best. They form a second set of skin so controls are a sensitive as bare handed. For day to day riding and dirt bikes these are the gloves to have. I love them. The little thumb squeegee works too.

I buy them somewhat tight to start with but they stretch a bit when they break in. I have Lee Parks Gauntlet gloves for cooler weather in more risky riding but for all day every day these are the best.
(Posted on 10/8/15)
Like ButterReview by includedbark
Very nice - should have got these years ago! Great fit and feel. All the Team Oregon Instructors are interested in these babies! (Posted on 7/4/13)
Soft enough for a ladyReview by Doug
I have a 3 year old pair of the heavier cowboy gloves and they fit my hands perfectly, but they are now a bit stiff. I bought these deer skins for summer use and they are works of art. Perfect craftsmanship and materials with leather so fine I can really feel the controls. The night before riding with them I brought them to bed to share with my wife. They are really soft...get an extra pair for home. (Posted on 6/7/13)
best one's I ever boughtReview by team 525
have been using deer skin gloves for last 20 yrs, got most of them from the local farm store, these were maybe 10$ more but are much better made an fit a whole bunch better, just all around better product, well worth the money (Posted on 7/18/12)
Best gloves everReview by Leagle
After experimenting with gel-cushioned and/or armored and/or ventilated gloves, these have been the best all-around gloves I have ever owned. The elkskins were too thick, and I happily use them for gardening.

I use these deerskins for my every-day commute in Miami, FL, and I used them for my Key West to Prudhoe Bay round trip - and everything in between. They are never too warm, even in the 107 degree AL heat this July 4th, and rarely not warm enough. I use the triple digit rain covers to keep dry or warm when necessary.

My only caveat is that the sizing guide gave me gloves that were 1/2 size too small. The return was handled professionally, just a time annoyance. GREAT PRODUCT. (Posted on 7/10/12)
deerskin glovesReview by Jake
This is my third pair. These are for a gift. My first two pair are my favorite gloves of all time. I needed two so as to alternate in the summer. When it is too cold to get by with these gloves and heated grips, I wear insulated gloves but can't wait to get them off and return to my favorites. (Posted on 1/4/12)

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