Aerostich Merino Wool Insulated Elkskin Gauntlets

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Aerostich Merino Wool Insulated Elkskin Gauntlets

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Great so farReview by Tom E
Just received these gloves within the last week. I measured my hand at 9.5. Per recommendations, I ordered a 10.5. It felt slightly tight across knuckles but I think it is stretch to fit nicely. Very soft leather makes feeling controls great. Much more feel on the controls than my Cortech Scarabs. I did ride briefly in sub freezing weather and cold protection seemed good. Time will tell how great these could be. (Posted on 1/15/18)
My All Winter GloveReview by Big_Bird
These are my Go To glove all winter long. So much more convenient and agile than electric gloves. They're plenty warm for me all year, on my Goldwing with heated grips. OK, I'm not in Duluth, only the mid-Atlantic, but I rode from DC to Moonshine in the 30s and 40s, through some snow in WV, for 12+ hours, and these were the ticket even then. Basically, I no longer use my electric gloves. (Posted on 12/19/17)
GoodReview by Eric
Was concerned about sizing issues. I wear 9.5 in the regular elkskin gloves. An 11 fit just fine. Have not had much time to try them yet, but initial impression is that I expect to like them as much as the regular elkskin gloves. (Posted on 11/15/17)
I love these glovesReview by GREG
These gloves are great. Very well made and comfortable. I have a pair of uninsulated elk skin gauntlets in size 10.5 and had to go up to a size 13 to get a good fit. The gauntlets fit nicely either over or inside my Darien jacket sleeves. (Posted on 4/21/17)
short fingersReview by Sal
My current favorite gloves are the elk skin gauntlets, they fit perfectly in size 12. I was hoping that the size 13 merinos would fit, but my hopes were dashed. The fingers are so short that they fit my wife's hands, and she wears XS or XXS gloves. I'm not kidding, the fingers are about 2/3 the size that they need to be to be proportionate to the body of the glove.

Too bad, as they are beautiful gloves and clearly very well made. Well worth the money, if you have short fingers. (Posted on 12/31/16)
Great Winter GloveReview by Scoty
I've tried Knox, Furygan and Klim winter riding gloves...I've ridden with a few Gp race gloves too. I find the more I ride the more I appreciate an old school style glove. These remind me of a warm version of the Vanson Rocket. This was another of my favorite simple gloves they just feel so much better than Japanese gloves with armour plastered everywhere. I try not to crash these days anyway. The other reviews helped me get the sizing spot on first try. I measured 9.5 on the size chart an 11 was perfect. Fit was snug when out of the box, but breaks in with one nice long ride I can fit a silk liner in there and I don't know if they changed the design but the gauntlet fit over any of my Jackets, Winter textile or leather. With a Kanetsu Winter vest and now these I'm set! (Posted on 12/16/16)
Love These Gloves!Review by Mark
I am beginning to think that any leather product sold by Aerostitch is the best in class. I bought the Combat Touring boots and love them.

After 2 cross-country trips with multiple types of armored riding gloves that eventually began to fail at the stitched seams, I decided to try the Ropers, and Gauntlets. I have reviewed Ropers already, now for these insulated gauntlets.

First, $135 price tag is no issue. The sting of the cost immediately resolves when you slip these babies on. I measured at size 11.5, but went up 1/2 size to 12. I broke these in on a recent coastal ride, with starting temps along the coast in the 50's. I ride a K-1600 and have had problems in the past with cold hands, even with the grip heaters on. With these gloves I had no problems with the cold or wind. The insulation does the trick, and the gauntlets fit easily and nicely over the cuffs of my Tourmaster jacket. The hook and loop closures work neatly and nicely. The padding seems like it will do the trick. I had NO problem with break in and can't imagine getting these wet to do so!

I will from now on haul these gloves along,mix not actually wear them, and switch on and off with my Ropers and Competition Gloves.

Only question is: do I have to treat this leather or not?

I highly recommend this insulated gauntlets! (Posted on 7/8/16)
Pretty goodReview by Brian
Like people said about sizing, go ahead and order up 2ish sizes depending on your hand size. Maybe go up 2 solid sizes so they're not too tight. I have gangly skeleton fingers so I ordered to a size 11 and I'm a 9.5 in regular Lee Parks M size. The right hand is a little tighter but they're good enough. I found the threshold of temperature is roughly 34°F. You'll need heated gloves after the fact or at least brush guards to help with wind a little. I'm on a r100gs with no guards and the heated grips are old and provide minute amount of heat. Even on my old r1200gs, the heat didn't help much. Overall I'd say they're decent gloves, but don't count on them for long rides in that cold weather. Lake Shore Drive winds and 34°F had my hands hurting after my 30 minute commute, but my tolerance of cold is non existent. Good quality glove though and only have about 300 miles on them, but it's all been through this tail end of February and March in Chicago which is still no picnic, as Midwesterners are very familiar with the tumuluous weather. (Posted on 3/18/16)
Have FaithReview by Bill
It seems these grow a size when you break them in, so don't let the first fit scare you off. Go up the 1.5-2 sizes for the insulation, then have a little faith. They're still going to feel tight when you put them on. They will break in fast.

If I hadn't experienced that with the regular Elkskin Ropers before, I probably would have returned these. They felt tight even though I went up a full 2 sizes from the uninsulated gloves I wear daily and love. After I soaked them, it was worse, I could barely get my hands inside them. Then the magic started. Three wears, about five hours total. Now I LOVE them.

I'm a big fan of the gauntlets, they are easy to get on and work well over my Darien and Transit sleeves. The black dye washed out a little bit from the break in wetting -- not onto my hands, but they just don't look so fully black anymore (not anything I care about). (Posted on 12/16/15)
First Impressions....Review by Bill
My favorite gloves BY FAR are my Elskin Ropers. I started with size 10s but eventually moved down to size 9 because they really do break in and conform to your hand. The 9s fit me like, well, a glove, once broken in.

First, the gauntlets are superb. They really work well with my jacket sleeves (Darien and Transit). Second, I like the knuckle pad and wrist strap. I will almost certainly try the competition ropers in a decade or so when my other regular ones wear out.

What a dilemma on sizing. I went up all of 2 sizes from the gloves I love and got an 11 in these to follow the imperative of avoiding tightness in a winter glove. I might have gotten an 11.5 but that's not made. These 11s feel a bit snug right now out of the box, to the point where I would not buy them if they were your typical ski glove made from nylons and such. However, these are leather and wool, and with my past experience with the plain ropers I'm expecting the magic to happen as they break in and loosen up. It is, though, a leap of faith.

I'm sticking with these, wish me luck. I'm thinking that the 12s would feel better right now but in the end they'll be a little baggy. That's what's going on with my 9 & 10 uninsulated now.

I see lots of folks wrestling with sizes in the comments and can sure see how one might be put off by these on the first try-on. If I can edit this in the future after they break-in, I will update the review. If it helps anyone, I'm a big guy at 6'5" but only average boned. I usually find gloves a little loose in the palm or short in the fingers. I typically go for an XL in your standard vanilla WalMarty type glove, occasionally an L if the cut has long fingers. (Posted on 12/11/15)

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