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#464 Natural/Brown


Aerostich Elkskin Gauntlet Gloves #464-465-466

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Customer Reviews

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decent gloves Review by stevent
Excellent pair of gloves so far, a bit stiff at first owing to the thickness of the elkhide which is a good thing. I treated them with Mink oil and daily wear has softened them up a little. I think once they break in they should be perfect. (Posted on 8/15/11)
Last a long time, but not perfect. Review by Ez
I've had a pair of these for nearly 10 years. They are no longer smooth - the finger tips and palms are now coarse. Also, they've lost their color - they're almost white now, not the original yellow. I notice that the new models do not have the snap to keep the velcro strap from slipping back through the D ring - that's too bad. It's a pain in the neck and a timewaster to have to thread that through when it comes out. Also, my pair, and a pair just purchased by a friend, had very coarse pointy seems o n the inside around the zipper. A little trimming with some small sharp scissors was required to eliminate the painful point. I'm surprised to see that problem still around after all this time. Still, I like the gloves. They are great on their own, and with silk liners installed, are good for cold temps, too. (Posted on 6/12/11)
Real Gauntlets?......... Review by Ed
I bought these about a year ago but they took THREE MONTHS to arrive in London, UK. In spite of my adding an inch to my measured hand size they were too small,ie, fingers too short/narrow, took 9 months to be comfortable. daren't send them back cos of delay.. Can I put in a plea for a LONGER gauntlet section? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.... they're not really gauntlets, more a kind of half-way house. I'd pay more for an extra 2" option, THEN they WOULD be gauntlets and stop the cold wind fron blowing up my sleeves :-{ (Posted on 1/3/11)
They protected my hands Review by Randy
I crashed on the freeway at about sixty mph with these gloves and my Roadcrafter suit on. I didn't lose any skin. The gloves got quit scraped up but they didn't come apart. My little finger was extremely sprained. I bought a pair of Alpinestars GP gloves because the little fingers are webbed to the finger next to them. It would be more comfortable just to get another pair of elkskin gloves and have a leather shop sew webbing between the little finger and the one next to it. (Posted on 9/24/10)
Durable and comfortable Review by am
These gloves are the best combination of durability and comfort I've ever found, and I've worn them for years. The dyes bleed when wet, so they will stain your hands in a heavy rain, but the stain washes off easily. IMO, the best warm weather gloves available. (Posted on 8/22/09)
Excellent gloves. Great protection. Review by kpinvt
I bought a pair of these gloves about 4 years ago. I crashed three years ago wearing these. They saved my hands from serious injury when I came off the bike landing face down on the highway and doing my impression of Superman. These gloves were the first thing I was wearing to hit the pavement. They did an incredible job of saving my hands from months of reconstructive sugery. I still wear them. They are the most comfortable, best fitting gloves I own. Be forewarned though, the two tone gloves will run in a frog choking rain storm. I think Aerostich should bring back the zipper on the gauntlet as I think that would make it easier to slide a jacket sleeve over the end of the glove. (Posted on 7/30/09)
Been riding 45 years and ... Review by Rik Goodell
Been riding 45 years and I've seen a lot of gloves. These are durable and comfortable and serve well as three-season gloves in moderate climates. Suggestion: The wrist strap tends to pull out of the D-ring and is hard to thread it back through once you have the gloves on. It was a nuisance. I punched a hole in the end of the strap (after it was through the D-ring) and tied a leather lace through the hole to prevent future pull-outs. (Posted on 4/10/09)
I agree with Rik Goodell ... Review by Stephen Thorp
I agree with Rik Goodell about the velcro closure, but it is a minor issue. The only thing I don't like about these gloves is the seam across the base of the fingers, it can get very uncomfortable, a seamless palm would be much better. (Posted on 3/24/09)
I like these gloves. The... Review by Robert Netzer
I like these gloves. The elkskin is luxurious and the gloves fit me well.

My pair had a slight manufacturing defect, or perhaps variation might be a better term, where a finger on the left glove wasn't quite straight, causing the internal seam to dig into my knuckle a little. The right glove fits fine. I bought the ropers too, and they also came with some defects out of the box (leather torn on top of some fingers). The QA on these gloves could be better. (Posted on 3/20/09)
I was actually surprised ... Review by Michael Connell
I was actually surprised at how comfortable my elkskin uninsulated gauntlets were the 1st time I wore them. The leather is much more supple than that of any other motorcycle glove I own. The control feel is excellent through the gloves. The only significant issue I have with the elkskin gauntlets is the gauntlet itself; it is too narrow to fit comfortably over my more protective jackets/suits. I have small hands and like a snug fit, so perhaps the gauntlet is fuller cut on sizes larger than my size 8.5 gloves. They fit snugly over my Roadcrafter suit, but bind and twist with wrist movement. My thickest leather jacket is simply unwearable with these gloves. I bought these gloves as a more protective alternative to my lightweight mesh summer gloves, and am pleased overall with quality and fit for that role. If the design is ever changed to a wider gauntlet though, I'll immediately place an order for the new version and toss these to my cat to enjoy as a chew toy. (Posted on 2/25/09)

Items 31 to 40 of 46 total

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Washable Leather?

“All of the elkskin glove models are cut and sewn on the exact same patterns so they fit similarly from model to model, but there are slight variations from glove to glove because each glove is hand made and each section of elkhide is a little different. A great way to quickly custom-fit a new pair is to fully wet-saturate on a warm day when you know you'll be riding continuously for several hours, then let them dry and conform to the shape of your hands during that ride.

Elkskin and deerskin can be safely washed using warm water and mild soap. This removes accumulated dirt, oils and stains and will help gloves last longer and feel nicer. After rinsing to remove residual soap, gloves should be gently wrung damp and allowed to dry gradually at room temperature. Do not apply direct heat when drying. They shrink slightly but will stretch to fit during wear.”

–Mr. Subjective.


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