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#464 Natural/Brown


Aerostich Elkskin Gauntlet Gloves #464-465-466

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Elkskin gauntlet gloves Review by al
Just like everything I have purchased from these folks these gloves are great. A little tight at first, and requiring some break-in time, but nicely made.
Made in the USA is not often seen on a "tag" anymore but it's here on these gloves.
I'd like to see the wrist strap have a keeper on it so that it doesn't pull thru, but other than that these gloves are a great value.
Off on an adventure ride thru Colorado, will know more after 10 days and 3,000 miles. (Posted on 7/24/12)
Great Gloves Review by Matt In OZ
Great gloves , slightly too big , got 9's as I found the 8 1/2's a smidge tight .
The gloves feel lovely and soft, comfortable and warm even in Ozzy winter , wish I had bought them years ago
Great feel
Recommended (Posted on 6/15/12)
Me likee Review by Jeffrey
Bought the natural color, size 8.5. Fit is a little snug around the palm but finger length is perfect. Feel on grips is great. Only negative is trying to get them on over sweaty hands. Wash hands first, dry well, no problem. (Posted on 5/29/12)
Great gloves Review by Dan
I just bought my fourth pair of these. I'm still wearing the first pair that I bought 5 years ago (they look like they'll be good for another 15 years) but I've found these to be a wonderful gift for other bikers. Most off-the-shelf gloves are pretty cheap.
I did notice that this last pair (the first black ones I've ordered) seemed a lot stiffer. (Posted on 5/29/12)
Pretty Good Review by Themike
No complaints. These are pretty good quality and will undoubtedly last a long time. The only thing I don't like is the gold colored "d-ring, pivot point thingy" used for the wrist strap. This dislike is solely from an aesthetic point of view. (Posted on 5/21/12)
B+ Review by RoadScholar
Nice gloves in many ways. The stitching around the bottom seems a little puny, and the strap pulling through is a minor annoyance, as others have noted, and is easy to fix.


Are a lot of Orangutans taking up cycling these days? I've worn a lot of gloves. The sizing was perfect in all dimensions except there is easily 3/4" extra length in the thumbs. I tried them on a couple other guys with similar-sized hands. Same comment.

But they are nice gloves, and I'd recommend them to anyone. (Posted on 5/5/12)
Great Gloves!! Review by Skip
First off, I'm very picky when it comes to gloves. I probably have more gloves than many smaller motorcycle shops. Good feeling gloves, helmet, and boots make a good ride great. The elkskin gauntlet gloves are immediately soft and give a good tacky feeling to most grips. They do need a few hundred miles to "mold" to your individual hands as well as the internal seams softened. Haven't tried em in extreme weather but I have other cold weather gloves (see second sentence) and I refuse to wear thin mesh gloves in the summer as I normally don't have an issue with hot hands - even here in Texas. Go ahead and buy em, you'll like em! (Posted on 4/10/12)
Very comfy! Review by Fast Fred
I have a thing for gloves, and buy good ones whenever I can find them at a good price. I finally broke down and bought these, and I'm very happy I did. I haven't worn any others since I got these, even though it's a little cool for uninsulated gloves. My only criticism is that some of the fingers seem a little out of proportion. The middle finger and thumb fits fine, but there is a little space at the top of the other fingers. Like the title says- Very comfy!! (Posted on 1/12/12)
O My God....I Love um Review by max
I don't think I've ever written a review, but when I finished my ride yesterday and took my gloves off I felt like I just had to write and tell you how much I love my gloves. Not to thick, not to thin, sooo comfortable, and they look great. I'm so glad I followed my instincts and bought more of your products. I've had my Darien Jacket for about 9 years now and it continues work well for me. (Posted on 11/15/11)
Stiff --- but keepers Review by James
I almost returned these gloves because they felt too stiff. The leather is pretty thick and stiff. Then I ordered the Lee Parks gloves and found them to be so similar but much more expensive. In the end, I returned the Lee Parks gloves and am keeping the 'Stich gauntlet gloves. They have broken in a little already. I need to be more patient I guess. I still would prefer a lighter gauge of leather for better feel. (Posted on 10/11/11)

Items 21 to 30 of 47 total

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Washable Leather?

“All of the elkskin glove models are cut and sewn on the exact same patterns so they fit similarly from model to model, but there are slight variations from glove to glove because each glove is hand made and each section of elkhide is a little different. A great way to quickly custom-fit a new pair is to fully wet-saturate on a warm day when you know you'll be riding continuously for several hours, then let them dry and conform to the shape of your hands during that ride.

Elkskin and deerskin can be safely washed using warm water and mild soap. This removes accumulated dirt, oils and stains and will help gloves last longer and feel nicer. After rinsing to remove residual soap, gloves should be gently wrung damp and allowed to dry gradually at room temperature. Do not apply direct heat when drying. They shrink slightly but will stretch to fit during wear.”

–Mr. Subjective.


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