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Aerostich Elkskin Gauntlets

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Comfortable and Great FitReview by Fastuphill
Received the gloves and immediately took them on a two day 800 mile ride. Gloves were very comfortable even without a ‘break-in’. The fit was spot on to the catalog size chart for my size 8 1/2.. The elk hide is very light and flexible compared to the leather I am used to which contributes to the comfort and feel of the gloves. Very satisfied. (Posted on 5/30/18)
Elkskin GauntletReview by Tommie
I own size 11 deerskin gauntlets and love them. I was looking for a larger pair of deerskin gauntlets to use with a removable liner for colder weather adaptability. I ordered size 12 in an elkskin gauntlet as size 11 is the largest deerskin offered. When arrived they weren't large enough for me plus the liners. The sizing chart showed I needed a size 10(large).
I sent the elkskins back and am now awaiting an elkskin in size 13. Hope they work as they don't offer larger than a 13. Also I noticed on the size 12's the strap across the back of the knuckle was barely long enough to reach through the loop and back onto the velcro to grab.
Overall they look like good heavy winter gloves, though running small for my needs. (Posted on 5/14/18)
Great glovesReview by Dan
I really like these gloves. This is my second pair.

I came from HELD Steve Gloves and really wanted another pair, but the HELD have had some quality control issues over the last few years and I didn't want to take a chance with them.

A friend recommended the ropers but I like a gauntleted glove so chose the Elkskin Gauntlets. I couldn't be happier. At half the cost of the Held gloves, my first pair have worked for me for as long as I had the Held gloves at half the cost. They are comfortable, don't pinch and the sizing chart worked well for me. The elk skin breaks in fast.

I haven't had to test their crash worthiness, but they seem built well enough to let me keep my skin.

After 4 years and 70,000 miles they are showing some wear, but are still serviceable. I bought the second pair to carry along for that day when the seams split on the first. I may have some time to wait. (Posted on 7/5/17)
Questionable QualityReview by Scott
Using the sizing guide, I ordered these gloves sight unseen. To my satisfaction, they fit great except for the pinkies being too long. That's do to my anatomy and no fault of the gloves. I soaked the gloves which caused them to shrink a bit and wore them afterward. Now they fit perfectly even with my stubby pinkies.
I have been slowly upgrading all of my riding gear and was excited to have a new pair of quality gloves. Or so I thought. After just a few uses one of the seams near the velcro closure unravelled completely apart. Fortunately, the dry cleaner near me does leather repair and was able to fix them. I hope that this was an isolated bad spot and is not indicative of the long term quality of these gloves. Even my old cheapo Chinese gloves didn't start coming apart this soon. (Posted on 4/8/17)
My favorite glovesReview by Alan
I've got about 35K miles on mine and I'm looking to get another pair. They're still in fairly good shape (stitching and everything is perfect) but the condition of the leather is getting pretty hard and crackly on the outside. Still comfy as ever on the inside. I've never cleaned or conditioned them so given how much abuse they've seen, I figure they would have lasted a lot longer if I had taken better care of them. My new bike (Ducati Multistrada Enduro) has a grip that is pretty aggressively textured and it is eating up the palms near the thumb and forefinger. My R1200GS grips were smooth in comparison and didn't do this.

Anyway, they fit like a glove... like your favorite gloves should fit. My knuckles have imprinted into the outside of the fingers so they look like gorilla fingers now. Funny but it shows how much they conform to your hands.

The gauntlet is short but it covers the gap on my roadcrafter in cool weather and I tuck in into the sleeve in warm weather. When it is really cold I switch to the insulated ones. Those don't conform as much but are super soft.

The black ones bleed onto your hands when new and even a little when really old. I consider that the price of getting them in black, which I will do again. (Posted on 8/24/16)
Excellent qualityReview by GREG
This is my first pair of elkskin gloves, previously I have used deerskin. I really like the elkskin better. They are very comfortable and well made. I have always had trouble finding gloves that fit as I have large hands. Well, I know where I'll be buying my gloves from now on...Aerostich. (Posted on 5/31/16)
Disappointing qualityReview by JulesRiding45Years
These gloves fit my requirements particularly well, and they look really good in the pics.

Unfortunately, in real life, these gloves do no good service to Aerostich's name with their poor finish (or, if it is poor design, even worse). I so wanted them to be right - it is exactly the kind of design I like - no liner, good leather, and a light gauntlet that will go over a jacket sleeve. After sending back a second pair which was exactly the same as the first I returned, I give up on this product.

The stitching and finish on the fingers, palm and straps is good. The leather is really nice.

However, the edge of the gauntlet is unfinished and is cut irregularly. The gauntlet edge is the raw leather edge, with a row of faux stitching parallel to the edge that serves no other purpose than to suggest where a finish fold-over might have been stitched.

I could understand if the edge were intentionally left plain (for some reason not obvious to me) but the fact that the edge is not only raw leather edge, but cut irregularly and looks unfinished, that I conclude this to be unacceptable.

You might be prepared to live with it - I am not.

Aerostich - I repeat the disappointment that I conveyed to your customer service.

(Posted on 4/18/16)
Best gloves I've ever worn -- periodReview by Gregory
The title of my review says it all, really. I bought my two-tone gauntlets AT the store in Duluth, so I could make sure I got correct size. I was a bit surprised when the (very helpful) sales rep put me in a size 8.5 -- I thought at first this was too small, but after only a few rides the gloves formed to my hands like a second skin. They felt and fit me better than the similar Lee Parks gloves, seemed of heavier construction and a more snug design, and cost less to boot! They're plenty warm down into the 40s by themselves (and lower when using the heated grips on my BMW) and not too hot up to about 75-80F. I'm thinking about buying another pair now, just to make sure I have spares in case these go out of production or something (hopefully not!). A great pair of gloves. (Posted on 3/25/16)
My go to glovesReview by Kenneth L
The Elk Skin Gauntlet Gloves are my "Go to gloves." This is my second pair. They are wearable under a wide range of temperatures. The fit is great and the gauntlet keeps the wind out of the sleeves of my riding jacket. It is the pair of gloves I keep on my bike at all times. (Posted on 3/12/16)
Elkskin Gauntlet is goodReview by Ed
I have only a couple short rides on this new pair so far. I have a pair of ropers that are great but I rotate gloves during a trip especially if its hot weather. These are unlined and feel great and fit nicely. They appear to be what I expected. I will be out on about a 4,000 mile trip this Fall and will give additional review after that so its a bit early but all indications are that I am going to be putting a lot of miles on these gloves. The gauntlet works very nice and proper over my Darien jacket sleeves and adjusts without binding. The thickness is about right for now and should be fine later in the year when I turn on the grip warmers. Of course in severe cold I drag out the electrics. Time will tell. (Posted on 7/13/15)

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