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#464 Natural/Brown


Aerostich Elkskin Gauntlet Gloves #464-465-466

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Best feeling gloves I own Review by Sam
I ordered a set of these in black when I ordered my new R-3 suit. They are the most comfortable gloves I have owned so far. I live in the Bay Area, so take my seasons with a grain if salt if you live somewhere with real weather - these are fantastic fall/spring gloves, and with grip heaters and hand deflectors they might be great winter gloves for similarly mild climates. The wind just doesn't seem to get into these gloves. I ordered some nikwax glove proofing stuff as well, and I plan to condition the gloves with it after they're well and truly broken in, but hopefully before a rain. I'll update this review when I've had the opportunity to see how these gloves perform in the cold and the wet.

I measured my glove size at a 8.5 and ordered accordingly. What I didn't do was measure my dominate hand. As a result the right is a bit of a squeeze, but once I squeeze my paw in there it's very nice. It's getting easier and easier to put on as I break it in, so I'm sure in no time the glove and I will come to an understanding.

I have a hard time with gloves typically, because I have short-but-thick hands/fingers. Thanks to the half sizes, these are an OK fit out of the box and it's just getting better every time I wear them. I did run them under the faucet and wear them the day after they arrived and that helped kick off the break-in period a bit. The black dye didn't bleed, but maybe I didn't get them wet enough. (Posted on 9/27/14)
Great Gloves Review by Don
This pair is my 3rd pair of these gloves. I love them, very comfortable, well made and well designed. I get between 45,000 to 55,000 miles from a pair and have been well pleased with the gloves. (Posted on 7/19/14)
Elkskin Gauntlet Gloves Review by Sjaak
The perfect glove. $16 more expensive than the competition model, and worth it. As you break them in, you'll be able to cinch the gauntlet strap and the wrist strap fully and these gloves will be very secure, and the gauntlet will provide a fully tight and effective seal. This seal for me, makes the glove perfect in the temperate cimate where I live. I compliment with aerostitch silk liner gloves as temps require to handle 99% of my riding, down to below freezing for rides up to 40 minutes or so, unfaired, up to 65 mph. I measured my size according to the sizing guide and measured and bought a 9. New, they should fit quite snug, in my opinion, and the will end up spot on. Give them some hundreds of miles, and any spots you feel will disappear and the gloves will mold to your hands. They even smell good. As a caveat, they require a bit more time to put on than the competition model, but you get faster in time, and the trade off is worth it for me. I now use the gaunt-less competitions when it is very hot for some cooling air up my sleeves. Both versions are the best riding gloves I've used in 35 years of riding and give peerless feel and control. Highly Recommended! (Posted on 6/6/14)
Great Gloves Review by Raymond
These gloves are all you need, with padding in the right places, and a fit that gets better with every use. I can not say anything negative about these gloves. (Posted on 12/25/13)
You asked for a review ... Review by Gerry
So here it is ... The gloves are pretty good, comfortable. I thought the stitch down the inside of the thumb was going to bother me against the grip, but it softened out and I don't notice it now. They're just the right temperature for the San Francisco Bay Area. I have the Barkbuster Storm handguards on my NC700X so I like a lighter glove. One negative was that I had to repair the stitching around the pleat in the gauntlet, it was coming apart right out of the box new. I expect better attention to quality from a US firm like Aerostich. (I had the same problem on my Roadcrafter One Piece Suite - so this isn't exactly an "anomoly".) Wasn't worth the trouble to complain and return since I know how to sew :) I fixed the problem. (Posted on 11/21/13)
Elkskin Gauntlet Gloves Review by Joe in frosty NY
The gloves do everything as spoken in the catalog. The seam on a couple of the fingers are not in the best place, should be back farther (the cut) The seam on a couple fingers is right under my finger nail, so it pushes my finger nails up. Partly my fault I have "piano fingers" and my fingers are touching the top. Best pair of gloves I've found so far. I would like gloves that have thin material on the palm side and thicker on the back (wind side) even padded on the back would be fine. Maybe even offer a "tall" size. XL-tall with fingers 1/4" longer. Move the finger seams to the wind side also. Thank you. (Posted on 10/25/13)
Aerostich Customer Service Review by customerservice
Jonathan - Recently our shippers restructured our rates, especially for smaller and lighter weight packages like this. Most rates are now about half of what they were. (Posted on 8/18/13)
Come on guys Review by Jonathan
These gloves are cool and all, but c'mon - they are just leather gloves with a tiny bit of technology in them. They would be a good deal at $50, and there is no reason why they should cost $13.95 to ship and take 10 days to get here.
Love the whole Aerostich concept and am on my second RC after wearing the first one out (Combat Lites too!) - but am a bit non-plussed by this purchase. (Posted on 8/16/13)
Aerostich Customer Service Review by customerservice
The customer was contacted to return the gloves in exchange for another pair. (Posted on 5/23/13)
Elkskin Gauntlet Review by Rob
These gloves fit well, but mine showed really extraordinary wear after less than a year of use - about 5,000 miles. (I have been riding for nearly 30 years and have had many pair of gloves.) These gloves have never touched the ground and have only had normal wear.

Yesterday, (March 17, 2013) I spoke to the Aerostitch rep in San Francisco at the pop-up store and showed him the gloves. He seemed to agree that the wear was out of the ordinary and pointed out that the elkskin in my gloves may have been a little more than they typically see, and speculated that the elkskin in my gloves 'might have come from an area of the hide that had slightly softer leather (Collegens?, fibers ?...or whatever...but was essentially within the normal spec otherwise)'. He suggested that the skin is sometimes very slightly different when it comes from different parts of the animal and thus may wear slightly unevenly, but he did not offer me another pair of gloves or any type of discount on another. So, though I have a Roadcrafter suit and a pair of the insulated elkskin gloves that don't appear to have the same problem (though they are newer so who knows) , I certainly wouldn't order another pair of elkskin gloves nor recommend them. (Posted on 3/19/13)

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Washable Leather?

“All of the elkskin glove models are cut and sewn on the exact same patterns so they fit similarly from model to model, but there are slight variations from glove to glove because each glove is hand made and each section of elkhide is a little different. A great way to quickly custom-fit a new pair is to fully wet-saturate on a warm day when you know you'll be riding continuously for several hours, then let them dry and conform to the shape of your hands during that ride.

Elkskin and deerskin can be safely washed using warm water and mild soap. This removes accumulated dirt, oils and stains and will help gloves last longer and feel nicer. After rinsing to remove residual soap, gloves should be gently wrung damp and allowed to dry gradually at room temperature. Do not apply direct heat when drying. They shrink slightly but will stretch to fit during wear.”

–Mr. Subjective.


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