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Fog City Pro Shield

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Fog City Pro Shield

7 Review(s)
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Customer Reviews (7)

Good with flawsReview by DamnTorpedoes
Installation was fairly simple, although I was trying to be extra careful to avoid needing to reposition it. First time that I used my helmet after installing the shield, worked great down to the low 40's. I could see the rest of my visor fogging up, but the Fog City shield was clear as could be.

However, a couple weeks later I took it on a longer trip and early on it got really hard to see, like it was all fogged up, but not at the same time. At first I thought that it was between the shield and the visor and resigned myself to being stuck with this weird haze, which was still better than fog, but caused halos around anything that gave off, or reflected light.

The next day, I decided that I couldn't deal with the haze and was all set to remove it, when I realized the haze was on the Fog City shield. Using just water and a microfiber, I tried to clean it as carefully as I could, but still ended up with a few small scratches. For the rest of the trip, I needed to do this every morning as the haze would come back, related to the anti-fog coating that I think is on the shield.

Bottom line, way better than a fogging visor, but not my final solution. (Posted on 11/6/13)
Nice at first.....Review by CJFDAD
The shield installed easily and worked outstanding for the first 20 minutes or so. However, after that the cavity (inevitable since the pro-shield is flat & helmet face shield is convex)between the Pro-shield and helmet face shield collected moisture during a cold wet ride-severly restricting visibility. Even after the ride the moisture stayed there. Had to remove it(pro shield). Too bad, as it was awesome for 20 minutes. (Posted on 1/30/12)
saved my baconReview by donald
I first used this while traveling the length of the Pacific Coast Highway. Temperatures and humidities ranged from 90degrees/20% to 40degrees 100%, sometimes in a couple of hours in the Bay area. The face shield outside of the shielded area was completely fogged, but the shielded area was clear as a bell, even with helmet vents barely cracked open. With careful installation and cleaning the fog shield will be crystal clear for a couple of years before annoying scratches begin to appear. As an Oregon driver, I simply wouldn't ride without one. True, the little adhesive strip may be annoying to some, but not being able to see out of your face shield without opening it is much more annoying and dangerous. This is my 50th year of riding, and I'd rate it as one of the best after market products ever invented for bike riders. (Posted on 10/20/11)
Works well but know thisReview by Eric Richards
Bought one for my helmet and the wife's helmet. It solved the fogging issues as advertised but.....the small adhesive strip running around the circumference of the insert gave us the feeling of making our facesheilds smaller. This strip is not invisible to the naked eye nor did we expect it to be. I installed them as instructed but neither of us could get used to the visible adhesive strip that would inevitably get in the way of our vision just enough to be annoying. After a week of use we couldn't take it and gave up on them. Out they came. We realize this may not be an issue for some but we just want others to be aware of this. (Posted on 6/18/11)
didn't work so well for meReview by tim
I live in Maine where it gets really foggy and damp, with cool temps a lot of the time. I did not think this product perfomed as advertised in these conditions. I tried it for several weeks during some long and short rides in cool to cold conditions with major fog. It did not eliminate interior fogging, and added to the problem of keeping clear vision instead of helping it. I wanted it to work, but cannot recommend it. It's back to Cat Crap for me. Sorry Aerostitich. (Posted on 6/10/11)
It works - period.Review by ejhc1
I think this is the first required accessory on a full face helmet. My original one lasted easily five years. No fogging whatsoever. i don't ride without one - ever. (Posted on 5/9/11)
Installed easily, stays p...Review by phil herring
Installed easily, stays put, no distortion, and no condensation. It really worked for me. (Posted on 9/5/08)

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