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#400 Wedge Sole

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Aerostich Combat Touring Boots

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25 years with the same CBTs Review by Walter
I bought a set of these 25 years ago. Wore them dual sport riding my BMW bikes at many sports around the world. Had them resoled on multiple occasions with soles from my local shoe maker (I had not learned that Aerostich sells replacement soles). Last wore them 18,000 miles on the Compass Expeditions 2014 Road of Bones Tour across Europe and Asia for 4 months. Had left my BMW "Motocross style" boots (wow are they "cool" looking) in the trash due to one week of wearing them in Patagonia and they are totally trashed with the thin vinyl flex areas and the cheap nails to hold the metal tips on the toes. BMW said "too bad" and did nothing for me. My 25 year old Aerostich CBTs performed perfectly on the ROB tour. Like an idiot I left them in Vladivostok, Russia feeling I needed to get new boots after 25 years instead of keeping resoling them. Bad move. Should have kept those boots. Ordered new CBTs from Aerostich on my return. Cased them in with water soaking and walking 5 miles in them. Used the oil/paste treatment from Aerostich. They look nicer than my older CBTs (but who cares since I am not in a fashion statement faze), but have yet to feel as good. My stupid error. Need to ride with these ones till I die. (Posted on 5/21/15)
Forever Boots Review by Stuart
I got my CTBs in 1998, one month before leaving on a 4 Corners Tour. I put 3 coats of Aquaseal on them the first week I had them. I put 14,000+ miles on them the second month I had them. Never had a blister.

I put on a new coat or two of Aquaseal every year or two and they have remained waterPROOF the whole time I've had them. I put some Spenco insoles in them when I first got them to make up for how narrow my feet are. I still have those original insoles, too, and the boots are still comfortable for all-day walking around.

In 2012, with a couple of hundred thousand miles on them (roughly, I don't really keep track), I finally had them resoled for the first time, and reconditioned. They came back from the cobbler looking like (almost) new again. The laces are a little fuzzy. The (still original) buckles are scratched up from a lowside in the north GA mountains a few years ago.

In all these years, these boots have been my only street riding boots. I have other SIDI boots for race track use and real offroad riding. But, when it comes to street riding, nothing has ever been able to match the overall comfort, utility, and longevity of my '98 CTBs.

They are, apparently, my Forever Boots.

Sorry, Andy. I guess you lost me as a boot customer since I won't ever need to buy another pair of boots. (Posted on 5/21/15)
Good Boots, Bad Velcro Review by motorant
I have worn my CTBs for 10 years and they hardly look broken in. My feet have never been wet. They protect my lower legs from engine heat and road debris. My only complaint is the Velcro. It failed about 5 years ago so I put snaps on the tabs to hold the boots closed. There must be a better way for this price. (Posted on 2/19/15)
Great Quality - a little stiff in use Review by Richard
Now it's only a month or so from Riding season again in Vermont I'm dusting off my boots and getting ready to ride. I wore my Aerostich combat boots for several thousand miles last year, and honestly there are positives and negatives (IMHO)
They are indestructible, and quite obviously very well made. I think they look great, and are easy to get in and out of
Compared to more modern high end boots , they are very stiff , to the point of interfering with gear changing on a sports bike - now I know that most wearers of these boots will probably be on ADV bikes , which I also do, and the boots are much more suited to this.
I do find them uncomfortable, when I can buy boots from another manufacturer that have the same protection, but much more supple leather , adjustability and complete weather protection, 9 out of 10 times I'll go for those when I ride.
I don't think they are totally waterproof in torrential all day downpours and they take maintenance for proofing. There are better more comfortable totally waterproof boots available. I toured Iceland last summer for two weeks on my GSA, I nearly took these boots, but in the end I'm glad I didn't - I like warm dry feet ! They are also big and bulky to pack if you're flying somewhere to ride . having said that , they are a style statement , and will probably last for 20 years so I'm not sorry I bought them.

(Posted on 2/11/15)
Best Boots Ever Review by Chuck
I got these boots a few months ago and they are probably the best boots I've had in hundreds of thousands of miles of riding. The leather is also the best I've seen. The website description states they stiff at first, but I found them easy to shift and walk in almost immediately. I simply walked about 3-4 miles, did 3-4 short rides, and they are need for the "water break in." These are the perfect boot for anyone trail or dual sport riding....far better than the stiff plastic motocross type boots that offer vague feel for the controls. I use the CBTs with wedge sole for anything off road which works well when standing on the pegs, and have the CBT Lites with cleated sole for the road bike. The Lites are just as substantial as the full CBTs, just not as tall. Very easy to get on/off and I haven't found the fuzzy yellow shoes strings to be a problem. (Posted on 4/3/14)
aMAZing boots! Review by skingy
these boots are heavy-duty awesomeness - Sidi quality at half the high Sidi price! i've primarily been wearing them in cold weather, and i suspect they'll get too warm in the hot summer heat and humidity - even on a windy ride. i don't care - these boots have spoiled my feet. i have a large, wide foot - i normally wear a 13.5 in a wide width, and know these were Italian-made, i sized up to a 14. absolutely perfect. thanks Aerostitch - i'm a customer for life! (Posted on 2/15/14)
My favorite boots Review by redlinejohn68
I've had lots of riding boots. These are my favorite. Stiff and strong, yet supple enough to feel the pegs. Take care of 'em, they'll take care of you... (Posted on 2/3/14)
Best Boots By Far Review by Ron
I bought these boots several years ago, and have worn them for close to 100K mies. I have replaced the buckles once, and just had the soles and heels re-done, this time in vibram (heels, not wedged soles). The boots came from the shoe shop looking like new! I cannot believe the way they have held up. They never have leaked in riding, and the only wet feet I have had was stepping into a parking lot in a rainstorm that was flooded over a foot deep.
That is my one small complaint about this boot, and that is the material in the tongue. It is a rubber-coated fabric, and it has not held up well. The coating is constantly peeling off, and this makes the tongue non-waterproof. It needs a good leather tongue to preclude leaks when "wading." Yes, I understand that these boots were not made for wading, but it happens!
I sent a picture of the "new" boots to the picture site, showing a much better representation of well-worn boots than the picture Aerostich used to show in the catalog.
These boots will outlast me by many years, and will probably be in my will for one of my heirs. (Posted on 9/19/13)
Great Boots Review by Bueller
I bought a pair of the CTBs in 2004 before setting off across the country for a ride of a lifetime- San Diego to Newfoundland to raise money for a college friend whom had brain cancer. After a few week breakin before the trip, these boots molded perfectly to my feet and I lived in these and my Roadcrafter for 5 weeks on the road. Tough as nails, relatively water resistant and protective, these have been a great purchase. My first pair is ready to be resoled after all these years, and I have a pair of CTB lights that I commute to and from work in. I suspect I'll have these for many years to come- great product. (Posted on 5/24/13)
Shoelaces Review by Fisch
Well worth every penny paid - however, the yellow shoelaces that came with the boots were a complete PITA. Loose knit shoelaces and Velcro do not mix. I got some 52" black leather laces and reused the cam locks. Works great. Good advice to soak the boots in the water and take for a walk... I live in the Sonoran desert and thought I was going to have to go barefoot through rocks and cactus for the last 200 yards of the 2 mile walk. Still, it was well worth the discomfort as the boots are absolutely rock solid. (Posted on 2/25/13)

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