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#400 Wedge Sole

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Aerostich Combat Touring Boots

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Customer Reviews (47)

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Good boots, not much protection thoughReview by SQURL
These are very nice boots, but I feel there is a lack of shin and ankle protection that comes in all my other street and or off road boots. There is just foam instead of hard plastic inside the boot protecting ankle and shin area. I wear a 10-1/2 and ordered size 46 and they fit almost perfect, with no break in required for me. I just figured from SIDI there would be alittle more protection. (Posted on 1/27/11)
Plastic coated cloth tongue falling apart.Review by Gareth
I have had these boots for about ten years and have 40k+ miles on them. They are a great boot with a few longevity problems. The laces are no big deal, and I had the Velcro changed when it wouldn't stick any more. The problem I have now is the inside plastic coated cloth tongue is shedding the coating in little chunks, exposing just the cloth. I took them to the boot repair place I used to replace the Velcro to see if they could replace the cloth tongue with a thin leather one. They could... for about $100. I think Sidi should use a much more durable material on this part of what is otherwise a great boot. If anyone has a "fix" for this problem, like some sort of coating I could apply to the cloth to make it more durable and waterrproof, I'd love to hear what ideas you have.
Thanks. (Posted on 11/21/10)
Good BootsReview by Mike
Purchased a set of Combat Touring Boots five years ago from Aerostich. When they arrived, I put them on, and could hardly bend my ankles.
Clunking around the house every night for two weeks, they slowly began to flex. When I finally ventured out on the bike, I could hardly feel the shifter. But I stuck with them, and it was worth the effort.
I've ridden in heavy rain, wore them all day in 32" deep snow clearing the lot, and they've yet to leak.
I'm on my third set of laces, but a little bit of polish and the occational buffing, after 40,000 miles of riding they still look like new.
They're comfortable, easy to put on and take off, wearing like iron, and worth every penny I paid for them.
(Posted on 8/31/10)
Great BootReview by AJ
Great boot- I'm glad I gave them a chance to break in.Very stiff at first. Took about 2 weeks following Mr. Subjective's advice. Would buy again. (Posted on 5/20/10)
Completely wrong for meReview by Gail
I bought these boots after waiting a long time because of the price and lack of free shipping. In the end I bought them for use on my Vstar Cruiser. Forgive me for not fully understanding the jargon, but I was under the impression they were for ON road riding. With forward controls, they are impossible since they don't flex at all to actually shift gears. I'd end up killing myself using these things. Clearly these boots, which are very high quality, are not intended for anything other than offroad/sport use. Too bad for me. Now ebay will get them for half what I paid. (Posted on 5/15/10)
No Worries.Review by Don Marco del Toro
I found there was little break in necessary and have ridden x-continent 5 times with them and through all kinds of weather; hot, cold, wet, very wet, dry, extremely hot, etc., and three Iron Butt runs.
Do a seasonal maintenance of cleaning and water proofing.
The general grouch I've heard is the cheezy laces get hung up and fuzzy on the hook and loop. This is true. Miserable laces. Easy fix: Leather boot laces. Get rid of the little plastic slide and tie the leather laces like you were taught.
Keep the rubber side down. (Posted on 4/29/10)
Very Nice, worth the moneyReview by Craig
The boots arrived promptly. The leather is beautiful. Thick but supple. I typically wear a 14 tennis shoe and ordered a 13.5. They fit perfectly. As my feet are narrow I was worried the boot would be too wide but that wasn't a problem. Some have commented that the boots are too stiff, but I wore them to work right out of the box and spent ten hours stomping up and down stairs. I was comfortable all day. There are no rough spots inside the boot. Interior seams are super smooth and the stitching and workmanship are excellent. I don't regret spending $300.00 on these boots. (Posted on 4/24/10)
awesome boots!Review by Eric
Although I don't rack up the mega-miles like the touring set, I have moto-commuted for 6 years and had these boots from the beginning. Break in is easy-peasy, just wear and ride a lot! As far as resoling, I have gone through 3 soles, I use a motocross resoler who has done a great job. The last time I sent them in, I asked if there was a limit to the number of resoles, he said nope, as long as the boot is intact otherwise. I prefer the cleated soles, they don't slip on surfaces and grip the pegs better on my supermotos. (Posted on 4/7/10)
Good Loyal CompanionsReview by Al in Oklahoma
This is my second pair of Combat Touring Boots, and I wish I had several more, in case there's ever a world Combat Touring Boot shortage. I gave my first pair to my Nephew after determining that I'd never be able to finish breaking them in. I thought it over better about a year or so later, and ordered another pair, in one size smaller. Bingo! Best boots I've ever had, along with my Lowa Trekkers. They were broken in almost immediately, and I found myself wearing them around, unaware that I was wearing my CBTs. I absolutely swear by them. It takes thought to get used to shifting with them on at first, but it could be that thinking about my bike while riding isn't really a negative.
Al in Oklahoma (Posted on 4/1/10)
Unbelievably durable, very comfyReview by josh
I'm getting ready to buy a second pair of CTBs. I bought my last pair in 1998, and they've been my primary footwear since around 2000, 2001. I've had them resoled twice - although I've never found a cobbler that knew how to resole them with the original soles. So yeah, the boots have lasted me 12 years. And frankly the leather is still good, and if I didn't mind that the gaiters have worn all away they'd probably be good for another 6.

After they were broken in, they were very, very comfortable and after several years they basically became heavy leather slippers that I wear everywhere. They're easier to get into and out of than most regular shoes, and are generally all-around awesome.

Yes, they're expensive at first. But amortize that $300 over the 12 year lifespan mine have had and they're one of the least expensive boots I've ever owned.

The only downside is that after 5 or 6 years the nice soft white leather lining started to fall away and it apparently can't be replaced, but that didn't really have any effect on anything other than that they weren't as pretty on the inside anymore. (Posted on 11/19/09)

Items 31 to 40 of 47 total

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