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#400 Wedge Sole

Aerostich Combat Touring Boots #400-480

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awesome boots! Review by Eric
Although I don't rack up the mega-miles like the touring set, I have moto-commuted for 6 years and had these boots from the beginning. Break in is easy-peasy, just wear and ride a lot! As far as resoling, I have gone through 3 soles, I use a motocross resoler who has done a great job. The last time I sent them in, I asked if there was a limit to the number of resoles, he said nope, as long as the boot is intact otherwise. I prefer the cleated soles, they don't slip on surfaces and grip the pegs better on my supermotos. (Posted on 4/7/10)
Good Loyal Companions Review by Al in Oklahoma
This is my second pair of Combat Touring Boots, and I wish I had several more, in case there's ever a world Combat Touring Boot shortage. I gave my first pair to my Nephew after determining that I'd never be able to finish breaking them in. I thought it over better about a year or so later, and ordered another pair, in one size smaller. Bingo! Best boots I've ever had, along with my Lowa Trekkers. They were broken in almost immediately, and I found myself wearing them around, unaware that I was wearing my CBTs. I absolutely swear by them. It takes thought to get used to shifting with them on at first, but it could be that thinking about my bike while riding isn't really a negative.
Al in Oklahoma (Posted on 4/1/10)
Unbelievably durable, very comfy Review by josh
I'm getting ready to buy a second pair of CTBs. I bought my last pair in 1998, and they've been my primary footwear since around 2000, 2001. I've had them resoled twice - although I've never found a cobbler that knew how to resole them with the original soles. So yeah, the boots have lasted me 12 years. And frankly the leather is still good, and if I didn't mind that the gaiters have worn all away they'd probably be good for another 6.

After they were broken in, they were very, very comfortable and after several years they basically became heavy leather slippers that I wear everywhere. They're easier to get into and out of than most regular shoes, and are generally all-around awesome.

Yes, they're expensive at first. But amortize that $300 over the 12 year lifespan mine have had and they're one of the least expensive boots I've ever owned.

The only downside is that after 5 or 6 years the nice soft white leather lining started to fall away and it apparently can't be replaced, but that didn't really have any effect on anything other than that they weren't as pretty on the inside anymore. (Posted on 11/19/09)
Get it ! Review by dan in Evanston, il
I have put 20,000+ miles on these boots, many in the far northwest (Yukon. Alaska). If you expect the worst possible conditions, you need these boots because they will let you concentrate on the essentials and enjoy your trip. Wear warm socks. They're easy to walk in. Accept no substitutes! You'll have no regrets wherever you go. (Posted on 11/18/09)
Perfect Adventure Touring Boot Review by HowardM
At the time of this writing, I've had my Combat Touring Boots for 2 years. I use them on my KTM 950 Adventure and my KTM 640 Adventure bikes; the the boots are perfect for adventure touring; when you don't want to don a full-on Motocross boot, but you need/want more protection and support than a street boot. The stiffness of the soles gives you support for standing on the pegs for long stretches, but isn't so stiff that you can't walk in them. Same with the leather; I want stiffness for support but I want comfort as well. The heavier duty leather doesn't take that long to break in; and once the boot as conformed to your foot, you'll have the perfect combo of comfort and support/protection. Looking forward to many years from these great boots. They are made by Sidi for Aerostich - Sidi makes the best riding boots in the world. I Sidi for my sport/street boots as well as for my heavier duty motocross boots. The Aerostich pricetag on these boots is actually lower than what you'll pay for a Sidi branded high end boot (my Sidi Crossfires cost over $400). Highly recommended boot. Will last you a lifetime. (Posted on 10/26/09)
Resoling? Review by Craig
Love my boots..I've had them for about six years and would like to know how to go about having them resoled with original material since they have worn so well (Posted on 9/26/09)
Great boot for the money, except velcro closure Review by BK
Have had these boots for several years now. They are comfortable, the break in was not bad. Very watertight; have never gotten wet feet. A very good value. Only negatives: the velcro on the closure wore out; shoe repair store replaced it for $25. I have high arches, it is just a bit tight over the top of the arch. Otherwise fit is great. (Posted on 9/21/09)
Great Boot Review by Popeye
I have had the CTBs for about 9 months and 10k mikes. Could not be happier with them. If you follow the instructions break-in is not an issue. Very supportive and adjustable. I clean mine with saddle soap and apply Chelsey Leather Food. Recently rode through a downpour for several hours. Everthing but my feet was wet. Not a drop of rain reached my feet. Very satisfied. (Posted on 9/8/09)
still a little stiff Review by BC
Well I picked my boots up about 6 years ago and have over 100,000 miles on them. With three trips to the east coast and back to the west coast and many shorter trips in the north west and south west they are still a little stiff. I haven't replaced the soles yet but that is coming this year before the next 5000 mile trip. I have had many 250$ boots and these for what they are designed for are really super. I feel secure in them and always have them on when riding. Yes even in town. they are easy to get in and out of feel good on while riding and well are a well made boot. My wife picked up a pair but they are to big. she needed a size 6 she still has them on, on the long rides. Im sure there are more water proof (these are not) boots and a lot more supple boot out there but none that will take a rock in the ankle or shin and "really" protect you. So If you want something to take you to the ends of the dirt and oil with out getting your body beat up these are the ones. by the way these are for riding NOT walking. (Posted on 8/22/09)
Serious and Super Sturdy Boot Review by LWBCLARK
Being a loyal Aerostich customer, I wasn't worried about quality on these but I was concerned about the fit and break in. Neither was a problem I usually have a hard time getting well fitting shoes (wide feet with a high instep) but the CTs are incredibly adjustable due to the ratcheting buckle and speed lace system. It took a couple of wearings to get a feel for how tight to set them but now they fit like a dream.

I think the break in effort was pretty exaggerated. They are stiff when new, but anyone who's broken in a pair of Corcoran jump boots, Herman Survivor work boots, or Chippewa mountaineering boots has dealt with worse. I've got about a dozen wearings, totaling about 48 hours, and they are already very comfortable. They had softened up and begun to flex by the end of the second wearing. These are still a fairly stiff boot and I expect that they'll stay that way (just like the ones I mentioned above).
The only nuisance I've found is that, with the stiffer sole and thicker toe box, it's a tight fit under the shifter (I'll probably adjust the lever eventually).
Overall these are superb boots with excellent protection (and they really do disappear under a regular pair of jeans). They're pricey, but well worth it; besides, when's the last time you fell in love with a piece of cheap kit? (Posted on 8/20/09)

Items 31 to 40 of 40 total

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The brief CBT History...

These were the first general purpose riding boot of this style in the world. Their origination story is simple: We wanted a basic old-fashioned heavy-duty rider's boot that provided support like an MX boot, was fast and easy to get in and out of,and held onto one's foot well -- but without all the added-on MX boot armor. More supportive than the classic 'engineer' style boot, and much heavier-duty than the typical zippered race, street or touring boot. A de-contented MX boot.

In hindsight it's hard to believe that twenty five years ago there wasn't anything else like this available. The CBT boot was the original. A new type of hybrid existing halfway between a street boot and an off road boot. It created an entirely new product category.

After about ten years we'd sold a good number of them and (also as 'adventure' style bikes became more popular) other boot companies started to make their versions of the CBT boot. Even Sidi came out with a version. All these subsequent versions from others were more complicated or 'improved' in some way: More buckles, pleated areas, waterproof liners, etc. The others wanted to be able to say they were better than the CBT boot.

This is like the way designer jeans manufacturers sometimes say they are better than original Wrangler's, Lee, and Levi's 501's maybe. Every market works like this. There's an original...and if it's successful there are others that are similar but supposedly 'improved' in some way.

Mr. Subjective 11-13

CBT Boot Break-In:

Breaking them in? I did it last week, to have a pair to leave with a motorcycle I co-own in Arizona. This was the fourth time in twenty years I've had to break in a pair. I ride in the third pair every day. The first pair are still in use by a friend, after 20 years. They were the prototypes. The second pair are also in use.  My feet got longer and this pair went to another friend. This time and the last time (#3 and #4) I soaked the boots in a sinkful of water, let them drip dry for a couple of hours, then went for a two mile walk in them. And got blisters. Then I left them for several days to air dry fully, with the tops propped open with a chopstick. The I oiled the folds and hinge lines, and let that soak in for a couple of days. Now I've worn them for about the last week on a motorcycle trip (I'm in the middle of it now...) and they are perfect. I added our fancy semi-orthotic insole and I'm set for life, probably. A pair in MN and this pair which will stay in Arizona...

Executive Summary: They need two things: 1. A two week break-in, starting with soaking overnight in water, draining for an hour, walking in them wet for a couple of miles, then slow drying for several days, propped open.  Then lightly lubricating the hinge folds (or the whole boot) with a soak-in leather dressing. 2. A higher quality insole. I use the more expensive of the two we sell.  The standard insole is not supportive enough for me.

Mr. Subjective 12/09

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