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#404 Combat Lites

Aerostich Combat Lite Boots #404-484

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I like them Review by Big dog
Like a lot of others, I waited a long time because of the price. I broke down a bought a pair. I couldn't be happier, I wore them for a week, then went on a 1800 mile ride. They worked out very good. I would recommend them. (Posted on 9/30/10)
Excellent boot Review by JB
I reviewed these boots on 9/25/09 after almost a year I like them even more great product. I treat them with leather food and polish regular keeps them soft and comfy. (Posted on 8/18/10)
Great boots..but break them in Review by Dgodin
I read that the boots needed a long break in but naturally I ignored that. Bought the boots while overseas and put them on a soon as I returned home. Wore them for 4 day and then went on a 2,500 mile trip. The boots definitely were stiff which caused me some shifting issues on my sport/touring bike but they did break in very well. 9,000 miles later the boots are very comfortable, and kept me dry. Rode 2 days in steady rain and torrential downpours that lasted several hours and my feet stayed dry. I had used the aquaseal on the boots and that may have helped both with waterproofing and break in. I have recommended these boots to anyone who will listen. A great purchase that will last a long time. (Posted on 8/8/10)
Combat Lite Boot Review by TexasBestRider
I recently purchased the Combat Lite Boot. As the founder of a motorcycle safety school in Texas as well as a hard core sport bike rider I needed a boot that I can use for operating various types of motorcycles under many riding conditions.

After reading other reviews regarding the combat lite, I was not convinced that this is the bot that would best meet my riding needs. After all, there are many other brands available at lower prices.

I finally purchases the combat lite and have been very pleased that I did for the following reasons.

This boot will last longer than I will. At a young 48, that should be for a long time. The boot was stiff out of the box but has become more comfortable in the two days that I have been wearing them. The stiffness out of the box speaks to the quality construction and durability that one can expect from a boot like this.

The combat lite looks good and gives me excellent support while riding. I was surprised at how much more comfortable I was riding with the support offered by this boot.

As my personal bike is an Aprilia Tuono 1000 Factory with high foot pegs and a fairly forward riding position I had to work a little to adjust to shifting. Having said that all was well following a slight adjustment to my shifting technique. I suppose as I put some miles on these boots that the shifting will become easier.

All in all I am very pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend these boots. (Posted on 6/15/10)
Love These Boots Review by SV
CBT Lites are great boots. They were a little stiff at first but, I knew they would be after reading other reviews. All good quality boots require some break in. I wore them for about a week while riding and then some around the house and walking the dog etc. Then I treated them with Chelsea leather food, this really softened them up.
I really like the lace system, very easy to get the boots on and off. the laces also secure the boots really well, giving you great ankle support. Most street/touring boots I looked at only used velcro closure.
The boots also look great too, they do not have a lot of colorful graphics etc. They just look like really cool boots.
I got the wedge sole and they offer a lot of grip when putting your feet down on the bike and are very user friendly while using the shifter and the brake pedal.
When I first got the boots they were a little loose in the heal so I bought the low profile sizing insoles. These made a huge difference in the comfort of the boots. The stock insole is not very comfortable, the aftermarket insole was well worth the money.
They are not claimed to be waterproof but, so far mine have been completely waterproof.
One of the other factors why I bought Combat Touring Boots is Aerostich"s customer service, I know if I have a warranty issue or need a repair it will be taken care of.
I look forward to many years of riding with my Combat Lites. (Posted on 6/8/10)
Great Riding Boots; OK Walkiing Boots Review by Jim
These are great riding boots. I have worn my on my trip to Deadhorse Alaska in all possible weather along the way and no complaints. The buckle is a bit hard to adjust and it does loosen some while riding. They are OK walking boots. Tip: to get your boots to really form fit you, soak them in warm, not hot, for a couple of hours and then wear them for 8 hours or longer. Room temp air dry them over night and wear again the next day if possible. A lot of work but proven method for great fit. Same method used by U.S. Forest Service smoke jumpers to break in the White's Fire/Logger boots, which are VERY stiff when new. Good luck and enjoy your Combat Lites! (Posted on 5/26/10)
Aerostich Customer Service Review by customerservice
Todd, I am sending you some Picard’s leather treatment. Work it into the leather where it folds and ‘hinges’, and also put some on the inner gusset. This should eliminate the squeak you are experiencing and soften the leather around the ankle area. -- Aerostich Customer Service. (Posted on 5/10/10)
Break-in Review by Todd
I have been wearing these boots for over a year now almost daily. I am still waiting for the so called break in of the boots. They are still versy stiff and difficult to walk in. I have the cleated sole and the sole itself is great and long lasting but still very stiff and doesn't seem to bend easily when I walk.

I also hate the squeaking, which has nothing to do with the sole or the crappy buckle. The squeaking occurs due to the rubber membrain that seals the tongue area of the shoe. Since I have skinnier feet the membraine sort of bunches up and absolutely rubs when walking causing an anoying squeak for myself and those around me. I had thought about cutting it out but that defeats the purpose of the boot being water proof. Which, by the way it definetly is. I have stood in 3 inch deep water without an issue. I have rode in terential downpours without my feet getting wet.

To sum this review, if you want a boot that will keep your feet dry and you are only wearing them for riding then this boot is for you. If you plan on walking around in them then forget it. These are too stiff and squeaky. Instead, look for a boot with more flexibility.

If you are looking for a long lasting boot I think these may last a lifetime, with perhaps the exception of the buckle. And who know, maybe they will break in this year.... (Posted on 5/4/10)
A Very Good Boot Review by JB
I love these boots. I had always purchased BMW boots in the past and was very pleased. These boots are better in my opinion even without the Gore-Tex liner in the BMW's.
I took the time to break-in before leaving for a 15 day trip wore the boots everyday including some rain, served me well. I ordered two pair one of each sole offered. I kept the wedge sole for a couple of reasons: 1) I like the pronounced heel and 2) the wedged was much easier to shift gears due the heel.
The cleated sole probably would do much better on concrete and asphalt than the wedge but I did not keep them for the reasons stated above.

This is a far better product than most other boots especially with the Norwegian style sole that is not just glued but stitched as well. The lining inside is very good quality.
The one thing I did was swap the laces which were constantly getting caught in the Velcro, this is an easy fix but you do need a hard lace to replace the only cheesy part of the boots. (Posted on 9/25/09)
Perfect everyday riding boot Review by J
This boot offers some serious protection with understated style. I've been wearing them for about a year commuting five days a week to work. Crash tested them twice on the street and they've held up remarkably. They look like regular boots underneath your pants. Even got compliments on them from a girl who is a professional stylist. They are not as comfortable walking around as sneakers but that's an acceptable trade-off. The buckle is fully adjustable and has never been a problem for me. These are superb boots. (Posted on 9/24/09)

Items 61 to 70 of 87 total

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The brief CBT History...

These were the first general purpose riding boot of this style in the world. Their origination story is simple: We wanted a basic old-fashioned heavy-duty rider's boot that provided support like an MX boot, was fast and easy to get in and out of,and held onto one's foot well -- but without all the added-on MX boot armor. More supportive than the classic 'engineer' style boot, and much heavier-duty than the typical zippered race, street or touring boot. A de-contented MX boot.

In hindsight it's hard to believe that twenty five years ago there wasn't anything else like this available. The CBT boot was the original. A new type of hybrid existing halfway between a street boot and an off road boot. It created an entirely new product category.

After about ten years we'd sold a good number of them and (also as 'adventure' style bikes became more popular) other boot companies started to make their versions of the CBT boot. Even Sidi came out with a version. All these subsequent versions from others were more complicated or 'improved' in some way: More buckles, pleated areas, waterproof liners, etc. The others wanted to be able to say they were better than the CBT boot.

This is like the way designer jeans manufacturers sometimes say they are better than original Wrangler's, Lee, and Levi's 501's maybe. Every market works like this. There's an original...and if it's successful there are others that are similar but supposedly 'improved' in some way.

Mr. Subjective 11-13

CBT Boot Break-In:

Breaking them in? I did it last week, to have a pair to leave with a motorcycle I co-own in Arizona. This was the fourth time in twenty years I've had to break in a pair. I ride in the third pair every day. The first pair are still in use by a friend, after 20 years. They were the prototypes. The second pair are also in use.  My feet got longer and this pair went to another friend. This time and the last time (#3 and #4) I soaked the boots in a sinkful of water, let them drip dry for a couple of hours, then went for a two mile walk in them. And got blisters. Then I left them for several days to air dry fully, with the tops propped open with a chopstick. The I oiled the folds and hinge lines, and let that soak in for a couple of days. Now I've worn them for about the last week on a motorcycle trip (I'm in the middle of it now...) and they are perfect. I added our fancy semi-orthotic insole and I'm set for life, probably. A pair in MN and this pair which will stay in Arizona...

Executive Summary: They need two things: 1. A two week break-in, starting with soaking overnight in water, draining for an hour, walking in them wet for a couple of miles, then slow drying for several days, propped open.  Then lightly lubricating the hinge folds (or the whole boot) with a soak-in leather dressing. 2. A higher quality insole. I use the more expensive of the two we sell.  The standard insole is not supportive enough for me.

Mr. Subjective 12/09

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