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#404 Combat Lites

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Aerostich Combat Lite Boots

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Awesome boot Review by chad
I've had these for about 6 years. I bought these because I liked the longer version of these boots and I ride everyday in them. This is the boot I wear if I'm going on a road trip, I also wear them through the rainy season on the road. In the dirt I wear the longer ones. (Posted on 12/6/12)
Worth the wait. Review by John
I had to wait nearly three months for these jewels. Seems the SIDI folks were on a holiday or some such nonsense. Fortunately it was worth the wait.

There is much discussion on the break in of these boots. First to all the non-believers, these are real leather boots not some fashion statement. As with any high quality leather boot the break in will take longer than a pair of basketball sneakers. TIP: wear a pair of heavy padded socks the first 10 miles of walking and 1000 miles of riding. Honestly, I wore then every day, all day for over a month before they were totally broken in to my specs. Wimpy dress socks will not work and you will have blisters galore.
I can and do wear these all day at work even if is not casual Friday. They look nice if you keep them polished up. I polished over the grey colored sole with black polish and like them even more.
These should last for many years. (Posted on 11/25/12)
Good purchase Review by D. Harman
I pondered getting the combat lights for a couple of years. I ride my Street Glide to work almost year around and in Seattle, that means riding in rain. I was tired of getting a new pair of engineer style riding boots every two years and even more tired of wet socks! I picked up the CLs last month and even though I had read all the reviews, I was surprised at how stiff they were. It was like walking in ski boots at first. I pondered "casing" them but thought I would try conventional methods first. Short walks for a few days and then one just under two miles. Then I greased the hinge lines that had formed and let that soak in before doing it again. They are still stiff but are no problem walking in and are a joy to ride in. I have yet put them to the test of spead out on the highwaypegs while riding in a downpour but that is coming. The one complaint I do have is the laces. As many have said, the laces suck and constantly stick to the velcro. Problem solved with some parachute cord though and now they are the right length and no velcro stick. I do think that I will be adding the custom insoles once the boots get a little more broken in as I have a little too much room in the heal. Other than that, the sizing seemed accurate. All in all, a great product, seems bullet proof and I'm glad I made the purchase. (Posted on 9/27/12)
Love these boots Review by Randy
Great boots true to size and very durable!

From SoCal i rode up to the Bay area to do some camping. I had only a few days to break-in these boots. All i had to do was to flex the toe box by holding each boot vertically and kind of applying pressure on the heel.
Temperature ranged on this trip from 109* down to 40*. Athletic wicking socks work really well with these boots as well. I love how easy it is to put on and take especially with riding suit. The only thing that was irritating was the laces get stuck in the velcro but not a big deal.
Overall very stisfied with these boots. (Posted on 9/9/12)
the jury is still out on these boots ... Review by Ran
I agree with other reviews that said, "I wanted to like these boots." and I may still get to like them. The pair I received last month is very stiff, and I walked around the house in them for several days to try to loosen them up before going for a ride.

Even with a break-in period, it was difficult to move the boot around enough to shift when I took my first ride on my '92 R100 GS. It is also very hard (so far) to nudge the trans into neutral at stop lights - the boots are so heavy that there's no feel in the toe. Of course, heavy boots are a good thing for crash protection, so I'm going to live with that.

I also agree that the laces are awkward and get snagged in the velcro closure flap, so I cut the laces off shorter and I don't use the plastic "speed lace" fastener. The large velcro flap seems to hold the boots on tight, so the laces seem redundant.

And I agree with the review that said the boot's rubber "tongue" material has no structure and so you have to hold it out of the way with one hand, and use the other hand to put the boot on. Annoying.

The edges and stitching of the Aerostich labels inside each boot were really irritating to my calves unless I wore tall socks. I used some 120 grit sandpaper to smooth down the edges of the labels.

I like the protective height of the boot and the grip of the sole. The reflective patch on the back is a nice touch, and so far I don't have problems with the buckles.

I may try the overnight soak-and-walk technique and see if that speeds up the break-in period, and then update this review. (Posted on 8/10/12)
Disappointing Review by Robert
I waited to write this, because I wanted to like these boots. I REALLY wanted to like them. I wanted to own them for several years before I could afford to spend this much on a pair of boots.
They're very thick, stiff leather. I'm sure this is great in Minnesota winters or for riding off road. However, I live in Texas and if I go off road, it's because I made an error in a curve.
The description says: "More ideal for general touring, everyday urban riding and all day street and general purpose wear." I disagree. They are *awful* for general use. They're too heavy and too stiff. Like I said, I waited before I wrote this review. I wanted to make sure I gave them a fair shot and made sure to break them in well. I've owned them a year and a half now. Most of the time, I've only worn them back and forth to work and home - I left a pair of sneakers at work because these hurt my feet, my legs and my back.
I'm sure they're great for adventure-touring and off road riding, but sadly, they kind of suck for walking/standing in an urban/suburban environment.
Another positive note: they do seem to be pretty much waterproof.

Overall, this has been the most disappointing purchase I've made, second only to the H-D Sportster that spent more time in the shop than on the street. I think my pair is going on Craig's List soon. (Posted on 7/11/12)
good boot with liner Review by boatman
i ware a usa 8.5 and had heard that the boot runs on the large size. The size 8.5 is the european size 42 which has historicly been a bit large for my 8.5 foot. I got the 8.5 and it was to large but after installing a THIN foot pad the boot fits fine and seems to be breaking in easily. Ware them around the for a day or two b/4 putting into full use. I put four days on the boot in the dirt and prefoum well. A good product. You can replace the laces with 550 cord. (Posted on 6/23/12)
Well pleased Review by Morthwyl
First the bad:
I find the sole of the boots a little "Sticky" on cleated footpegs.
Then the Good:
Well made, easy on and off, stiff enough to offer protection but cut low enough to not be too hot (California). I was between sizes, so rounded up and put an insert in place with no problem.
Flexible enough in the ankle to not interfere with breaking/gear changes.
I went with the wedge sole to get a little more leg room as i am a little cramped for space on one of my bikes.
Very happy and will be getting a pair for my wife.
(Posted on 6/22/12)
Great boots Review by Genz
Just got my boots. CBT lite. They weren't as stiff as everyone says. I wore them all day. They fit great. I rode the GS about 200 miles and shifting and breaking was normal. Both sitting and standing shifting was no problem. I almost didn't order these because of all the posts about how hard the break in was. Just put them on and ride. It's really no big deal. (Posted on 6/17/12)
Crash report Review by dogFM
New bike, freshly wet road - grabbed too much front brake and down I went! Low speed crash but my combat lites are just a little scratched on the toe whereas my riding suit (not my Aerostich) is totaled. I just wish I had been wearing my 'stich because I have cut my knee and it's badly bruised too. The combat lives live on :) (Posted on 6/14/12)

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