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#404 Combat Lites

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Aerostich Combat Lite Boots

97 Review(s)
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Customer Reviews (97)

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Aerostich Combat Lite BootsReview by John
I've ridden is Combat Lites for the past 5 years and for me, they are the best boot going. I ride mainly on the pavement and occasionally wander off on dirt and gravel roads on my R12RT and these boots hold up very well. They take a while to break in but after they do, you'll have all day comfort. The best way to break them in is to wear them everyday. When your SO tells you they are sick of looking at your feet in your Combats Lites, you're almost there. I've never had any problems with blisters.
While not being waterproof they are very water resistant. My experience has been to keep them that way, black boot polish works the best. (Posted on 11/2/15)
Great bootsReview by Alan
I was originally reluctant to buy these boots because they have laces and my current boots have a zipper. But the speed lace system is as easy and quick as a zipper and the boots are great! Very high quality constuction, comfortable and supportive. Be aware that they require some breakin, but after only a week of heavy use, they are fantastic. (Posted on 10/29/15)
Combat LiteReview by David
Best boot out there for the money. (Posted on 8/21/15)
Combat Lite bootsReview by Oosik
Well - after duck walking around the house for the last five days & greasing them a couple times - they have loosened up quite a bit. Still somewhat stiff - but I've worn them riding for a little over 500 miles also. Surprisingly even being stiff they are very comfortable on the bike. Been riding in some hot wx, for our area, and they are no hotter than any other boot.

The nice thing - I can actually feel them breaking in - walking has become much easier and shifting is slowly returning to my "normal" feel/method.

These are becoming some really fine riding boots. (Posted on 7/29/15)
BlistersReview by That Guy
Received my Combat Lites yesterday, couldn't wait to open the box. While I haven't rode in them yet, I tried the soak/break-in routine, to get them ready for riding. Ended up with major blisters on both heels. I used a heavy wool sock and a short two mile walk at a slow pace. Checked both boots and couldn't find anything that should have caused the blisters. Still had the stock inserts, I didn't want to use the new ones in a wet boot. Maybe the stock inserts were the cause, don't know. But boots look well made and I thought fit me pretty well. Got them for riding and not walking, so guess I'll wait and see how then feel with a proper break-in. (Posted on 7/29/15)
New bootsReview by Oosik
In my earlier review I forgot an important item. The new boots with a new paper thin insole replacing the OEM insole are a perfect fit.

My "normal" size is 10 1/2 - - 3E. I ordered size 11 for my Combat Lite boots. (Posted on 7/23/15)
New bootsReview by Oosik
Five days after I placed my order FedEx delivered the boots. I've never owned a pair of boots with such thick leather. However - I've worn them around the house for about three hours and I can already feel them loosening up. Contrary to most folks I took the insole out and replaced it with a paper thin insole. I've got a real case of what I call "Norwegian fat foot". Very wide and super thick - kind of looks like a duck. The boots look very nice and have very nice workmanship. I can see what folks say about the laces tangling in the velcro. Just have to remember to tuck them in on the side. Just a note on the fit - my normal size is 10 1/2 - - 3E and these boots with the thin insole are a PERFECT fit.
I'm extremely pleased with my new boots.

Again - Thank You Aerostich for a great product. (Posted on 7/23/15)
Boot-tifulReview by Mike
This is a review after six weeks, so I'll touch on fit, break-in and initial quality and leave longevity for another time.

The initial fit was spot on per my usual boot sizing and I'm fortunate to not need insoles. I'm of shorter stature (5'7"), with cycling calves, and the height of the Combat Lite comfortably sites and mid calf for me. The quality of the leather, sole and overall construction is fantastic.

As many, many other have stated (including Mr. Subjective, himself), they are very stiff out of the box. I used both Shea Butter and Aqua Seal to soften and improve water resistance, respectively. After application of those substances (not at the same time), I'd walk around for a bit, do some knee bends, and a variety of other funny walks that were apparently of endless amusement to my significant other. Fortunately, the boots began to break-in well before my pride. After needing to be extremely deliberate while shifting during the first couple of rides, it only took a week or so of commuting before they had enough dexterity for my shifting method to return to normal attentiveness.

While the boots continue to break-in with every ride, the initial period passed must quicker than I anticipated and have been one of my favorite motorcycle related purchases of all time. The are amazingly comfortable, the speed lacing concept and single buckle work like a charm and they look phenomenal with all bottom wear, from kilts (just guessing), to bermuda shorts and any and all Aerostich pants.

The only area of improvement I'd like to see, would be the inclusion of the upgraded laces. Previous reviews mentioning the propensity of the laces to catch on anything that remotely resembles velcro are spot on. They're easy enough to replace, but with every other facet of the Combat Lites screaming quality and attention to detail, it does seem out of place.

These boots offer all day comfort, and I am very much looking forward to wearing them for many years to come.

(Posted on 7/18/15)
Great boots, but...Review by Milt
I've had mine for about 18 months and have worn them mostly off-road. They are great while riding on or off-road: great protection, great comfort, great quality. But, why would the maker put a sewn seam up the center of the heel cup? The first time I walked around for an hour, my heel developed a deep blister that's still a tender spot. I tried moleskin pads, athletic tape, and a large bandage, but nothing can cover up the ridge that makes walking torturous. I love the boots for riding, but have to take them off when off the bike. (Posted on 7/15/15)
Solid boots that absolutely ooze quality.Review by Sam
I'll start this off by saying as a motorcycle courier I practically live in my gear. I demand a lot out of it - it's gotta be easy to put on and comfortable on the bike so I'll actually use it, it's gotta be comfortable enough off the bike that I don't feel the need to take it off every stop, it's got to have quality construction so I don't need new stuff every couple months, and it's got to keep all my favorite body parts where they belong. Sounds easy enough - but it seems only Aerostich can get it all right.

Alright, so Sidi makes these boots, but they make them the way Aerostich wants them. The opening comments all apply.These boots are at least as well put together as a solid pair of old-school Redwings, like my Iron Rangers, except that they're probably even more well-made. The leather is VERY thick. The stitching is heavy-duty. These boots just ooze quality craftsmanship.

There is most certainly a break-in period, however after reading the reviews I was expecting way worse. Right out of the box, after making reasonably sure I had a proper fit, I wore them to work. Stiff, sure. Too much to deal with? Not by half. I had around 12 start and stops, on and off, pounding a little pavement in between. Day after, and my feet are no worse for the wear. I missed a couple shifts due to the stiffness. I can already feel them becoming more flexible, so I'm sure that'll be gone within a few days of work. I have the wedge sole. The grip is excellent, but living in California means it'll be a while before I get to test them in any "real" weather.

I was most impressed with the feeling of these babies on the pegs. The most on-the-bike comfort I've ever had out of a boot. I didn't even know what I was missing.

The stock laces do kinda stink. I will attempt to clip them to a more manageable length but will probably have to replace them with something more substantial within a few months. Does this hurt my experience? None at all. Laces are cheap and now I get to be picky about things like length and quality once I get it sorted out.

I'm looking forward to many miles in my new favorite boots. Thanks again, Aerostich! (Posted on 7/12/15)

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