#908 Parcel Bag

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Aerostich Parcel Bag

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Customer Reviews (5)

good bagReview by Frank
For about 20 years I had one of these Parcel bags, carried tons of stuff all over, and it handled everything without the slightest seam separation, slippage, stretching, never any problem (except when I went down with some brake disks in it which made a little cut when the bag hit the ground, but that was easily and permanently fixed with really good tape from the inside). The material with the yellow lining is waterproof (you just can't totally seal the bag - it's a messenger bag for cryin' out loud) Plus it was easy to clean, just soap it up and hose it off, let it dry in the sun, and it looked real fine. It will probably last forever, but I won't know since it got stolen. So I got a new one which looks every bit as good as the old one. This one will probably last longer than I will. Highly recommended. (Posted on 9/24/16)
more than for your motoReview by mr.paul
I bought the big one in 2009 because I am a big boy (6'4" 265). Hate to be limited. The bag has lived up to it's reputation, but even better, I have used it many times as a airline carry-on. It's somewhat triangular shape fits in the overhead bin like it was made for the job. It carries through the airport with ease. And I just loved the conversations from the "knowing' when they say "Hey, that's a Stich isn't it? What bike you ride?". I am buying a couple more! (Posted on 2/22/10)
Just what Valentino (TheDoctor) OrderedReview by Joshua
I've had a Courier bag since about '97, and going back to college after 15 years away has me carrying more than I did in the Army at times. I would stuff the Courier so full that the quick-release straps would barely latch. Well, not anymore. At 5'10" and 175 lbs. I consider myself about average size; this bag fits well and lets me pack my books and my cold weather gear with no problem. You could take that overstuffed Courier, put it inside the Parcel bag and still fit your lunch, or just carry a CASE of your favorite cold beverage in BOTTLES! Still way more comfortable than a backpack. 22 miles to and from work, another 60 miles round trip to school, with about 30-40 pounds of stuff with no discomfort. Maybe not water proof, but I've never had anything get wet after 8 hours in precipitation. If you can never carry enough, this is the bag for you.
Made in the U.S.A. (Posted on 2/17/10)
tough and will fit just about anythingReview by JasonDoubleU
Super bag. I use it primarily to commute by bicycle. I am 6'2", 190lbs and agree that it IS big, sometimes too big for my use, but that is my problem ;) It has survived a couple of adventures over the handlebars and padded my fall with minimal damage due to its tough Cordura material. The huge reflective stripe works well on the moto, but is a bit too high to be very visible on the bicycle. Strap pad is wide and comfortable but it does slide around a bit as the previous reviewer mentioned. The only complaint I have with the bag is that the double seam/stitch which attaches the top flap, and sometimes the buckle too, tend to dig into my side causing some discomfort. This happens on the moto through my textile jacket, and most noticeably on the bicycle because there is nearly direct contact with just a thin shirt between the buckle and my torso.
Overall I like the bag and have been pretty happy with it, but am considering getting another, more comfortable, bag for bicycle usage. (Posted on 8/6/09)
I'm a large rider (6'4&qu...Review by J Hank Murphy
I'm a large rider (6'4", 280) and this is a good size for me. As the copy says, it wraps around your back comfortably. With the optional stabilizer strap - which I strongly recommend - I don't notice it much while riding. I think that it's possible to load this down with more weight than you should carry on your back, so some restraint is advisable. Mine was in putrescent hi-viz lime yellow, truly repugnant, but at least they can seem me while they are revolted. My unit included two interior pockets. I'd suggest getting the interior organizer, or some of the Aerostich packing bags if you want to carry a lot of miscellaneous stuff rather than a few larger things.

The shoulder strap is wide, and the pad is excellent, although it won't stay in one place on my unit. The carrying handle is useful for carrying the bag, but it seems a little wimpy for carrying it if it's full of stuff.

Made in USA.

Overall, recommended. This can carry enough stuff for a multi-day trip, although not waterproof. Just don't overweight it with anything you would not want on your back in an accident. Dirty laundry, ideal; concrete blocks, not so good. I'm happy with mine. (Posted on 7/19/08)