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Aerostich Dispatch Bag

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Great bag!Review by Skogs
I have been using one of your Dispatch bags for about 6 months now and have really enjoyed it. I live in Berlin, Germany and often ride my old Beemer into the city to work. I also picked up the organizer pocket (a must if you have pens and cell phone, etc.) and the stabilizer strap, which is really good at keeping the bag from moving around while riding. Having the bag enables me to carry a fair number of items without having to put panniers, etc. on the bike. The contents stay dry in the rain (which there is a fair bit of here!) and having the reflective stripe is also a great safety factor. The only things I'm not entirely happy with are the small carrying strap on the top, which could be made of the same material as the big strap, and the keychain holder, which is so robust and inflexible, I often have problems getting the keys off it (They will never get lost, though!) I have not seen another Aerostich product here, and several people have asked me about the bag and where to get one. I would highly recommend the bag to anyone and hope I can get a few more of your products before too long. Keep up the good work! (Posted on 10/11/17)
Awesome, carry it everywhere. Review by 240ADV
Since I've received this bag I have carried it everywhere. I did have a small incident where the top handle came loose and was only hanging on by a couple threads. Aerostitch sent me a shipping label and the bag was returned a couple days later as good as new. Great customer service from aerostitch. I will not hesitate to boast about aerostitch and their products to anyone who will listen. Thank you so much! (Posted on 6/21/17)
A Most Worthy BagReview by Black47
I finally broke down and ordered one of the infamously capable messenger bags.
I picked up a Dispatch model, and it is working out wonderfully for my commuting and modest grocery shopping needs.
On the bike it is comfortable and stable, and it holds a surprising amount of stuff. Off the bike it is a useful piece of carry on luggage, and doesn't attract attention like the very technical riding pack I was using.
It is impressively well made and of very sturdy materials.
Its quality, ease of use, and all around utility make it a very worthy investment! (Posted on 1/8/16)
The best you can getReview by Chris
I've only had this bag for a week but I already feel compelled to review it. The quality is top notch as expected and is what I have come to expect from Aerostitch. It feels indestructible and I am sure it practically is. It is super comfortable both on and off the bike and the pad in the shoulder strap is the best I have ever seen. You cannot go wrong with this purchase.
I recently used it as a carry on for a cross country flight and it was great in that application as well. I have two minor suggestions for future updates : a small Velcro outer pocket would be a nice option for holding things that you don't want to have to get through the main closure to get at. Along those same lines, a Velcro cover for the main closure Velcro strip (to disable it) might be nice for situations off the bike where you need to get in and out of the bag quickly and quietly.
In any case, this is one of my favorite Aerostitch products to date and if it ever wears out I'll be buying another.
(Posted on 7/10/15)
Fantastic qualityReview by Cheryl
I ordered the pink one during the mothers' day special, and I could not be more pleased. This may be the best-made bag I've ever seen! I really like the heavy canvas, the super-padded strap pad, and the extra-wide velcro strip. If you're on the fence about this bag don't be. It's awesome. Great purchase! (Posted on 5/14/15)
Quality in SimplicityReview by Sjaak
To start off, I'll refrain from commenting on the loudish velcro rip when opening the flap; suffice it to say the I consider it a foolproof pickpocket alerter, ear plugs and all, especially in combination with the adjustable click closures. The quality and sheer breadth and length of the velcro contact area alone would probably suffice to keep the lid closed at a 100 mph toss away. I am the happy owner of a black Dispatch Bag, which swallows everything I need for my work day, and that will somehow magically expand to take more in when needed while retaining a discreet presence. The afore mentioned tough plastic closures have ample adjustment and seem plenty sturdy to keep the lid down even without the velcro contact. A belt-and-suspenders approach if I ever saw one. Mine is black with a quite aesthetically satisfying yellow interior. The adjustable shoulder pad keeps the bag in riding position like it was glued, but will slide-adjust easily with the weight taken off. The deceptively simple looking closure seals off the bag in downpours, as noted my daily commuting experience. The material itself is outrageously tough and hard wearing; the seams ooze stoic high-end quality; it will take many miles and then some to achieve the "lived-in" look. If you are desperately looking for a downside to this bag, this could be it. The price certainly is not. Highly recommended. (Posted on 10/27/14)
Older dispatch bagReview by Tom
I have an older Dispatch (the more compliant material and strap). It's a great bag that has served me well! (Posted on 8/14/14)
Great bag!Review by Al C
Put off buying the bag and should have bought it years ago. A sale got me off my wallet, and I only regret not buying it sooner. It's a very well-made bag that's perfect for riding and perfect for while walking. And I'm sure it'd be great if you were on a bicycle, too. Bought the Dispatch size, and it's plenty spacious. I could probably haul home a ton of things from Trader Joe's with this bag, and I'll soon test that out. Stop waiting and buy this <bleeping> bag. It's why the word "Awesome!" was invented. (Posted on 7/15/14)
Can it be improved? Yes.Review by HondoTX
I agree with the other reviews. My wife bought me a Courier in Yellow. I bought her a Letter in Pink. She bought me a Dispatch in Black. While the hook-and-loop fastener on the flap is great for riding sometimes the RRRRIIIIIPPPPP sound can be annoying in quiet places like a library (that's a building where they store books. Book are . . . never mind) or on a bus or airplane. I solved that by attaching a strip of Loop on the Hook. I have two 1" strips on my bag, but if the fabric store had had it in stock I would have bought a 2" strip. If I need the extra security I just peel the strips off. (Posted on 4/20/14)
Great bagReview by Gregory
Love the bag it is exactly what I wanted and the quality is what I would expect from Aerostitch. (Posted on 10/8/13)

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