904 Courier Bag

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Aerostich Courier Bag

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I ride a sportbike and I ...Review by Jon Weeks
I ride a sportbike and I like this bag alot better than backpacks I've riden with. It's not restrictive in the shoulders/armpits like a backpack. Also if you have something hard and flat (like a laptop) it doesn't get pressed into your spine. Still a bit uncomfortable when heavily loaded but much more comfortable than a backpack if you ask me. There's no way around it, if you are carrying alot of weight you're gonna feel it if it's strapped to you. Seems like a really good bag so far. Lightly loaded you can hardly tell it's on (except if you stop and lean back and it gets wedged between your seat and the hump right behind the seat typical on sportbikes). I'm glad I went with this bag. I choose the hi-viz and man is it HI VIZ! Fits just enough stuff for a commute. Any bigger would be too big for me. I use the stabilizer strap and the bag moves a bit now and then but not much. Glad I went with this one. (Posted on 5/4/09)
Several years ago I order...Review by steve wilson
Several years ago I ordered a courier bag and when it came I found it to be much larger than I thought it would be, so I returned it and bought a dispatch bag which I have happily carried almost every day since. Sometimes though I needed just a little more room so I again ordered a courier bag (with stabilizer strap) and have found it to be so much more comfortable than the dispatch because with the same amount of guy stuff it wraps around the back better and stays put. So now I have the two best bags made in my opinion and would not want to do without either one. Both highly recommended. Thanks Mr. Subjective. (Posted on 2/24/09)
this bag in pink is the b...Review by beth hoxie
this bag in pink is the best..I have made it my regular purse and it does not get dirty like I had expected. It is a little difficult to open with one hand because of the velcro but because it is for motorcycling that is totally acceptable. good job. (Posted on 2/5/09)
I've been using the bag f...Review by Michael Coustier
I've been using the bag for three months now; going to the gym daily, keeping clothing, shoes, towels, and other biking stuff in it.
It's definitely tough, and the hi-viz yellow stands out in traffic.

I like the strap "buckle" adjuster... big and easy to use.

I like the shoulder pad - it works well as a pad, plus the hi-viz yellowness works as an additional bright spot in the front.

I would make one suggestion - add some sort of easier to get to outter pocket; perhaps zippered.

It's a bit of work to un-do both buckles and the long strip of velcro, then dig into the inner pocket to pull out my wallet ( used to get gas or get into works building (key fob in wallet) ), or garage door opener, or bike key. Yes, I know they sell *an additional accessory* that you clip on the strap. However, I think a simple extra exterior compartment (perhaps zippered on top flap) would add an enormous convenience when getting into/out of places quickly.
(Posted on 8/11/08)
I have used hi-viz courie...Review by Jeffrey Meek a.k.a Dr. et.al.
I have used hi-viz courier 10 months .. Check bag w/sky cap, wear nylon aerostich belt(labels of each are easily removed), Swatch watch and breeze through security. I am not the brightest bulb on the tree. I can spot my hi-viz courier on any baggage carousel.

One man's messenger bag is another man's purse. N/A

This is smart,serious,manly-man,multipurpose tool,spontaneously endorsed by more than one flight crew member. Looks & works great on my "I am Curious Yellow" Honda 599. Bright is Right! (Posted on 8/11/08)
I ride daily and use this...Review by bradford lauer
I ride daily and use this in my commute. The construction of this item is outstanding. The Velcro is very strong and the buckles add to reinforce the flap staying closed. The volume of this bag is what I would call perfect. Not to large not to small. Allows me to carry shoes (10 ½), pants (oversize cargo type), shirt, toiletries, and with the optional Courier Bag Organizer Pockets, ipod, work ids, registration documents, etc all very neatly and organized. With all that in the bag there is still plenty of room for my lunch (about have the volume of a grocery store plastic bag). You still have volume left in the bag for things you may need to get on the way home (about another plastic grocery bag in volume). The bag rides nicely, feels comfortable and rarely shifts while in flight. The strap is easily adjustable allowing for quick adjustment for positioning the bag based on the load. This also allows for positioning the bag so it rests partly on the seat which also helps relive some weight from you shoulder. Well worth the money.

P.S. Holds a 24 12oz cans, but I had to remove them from the case. It will shallow a 12 pack, case and all.
(Posted on 8/11/08)
This bag lasted longer th...Review by Paul Sawyer
This bag lasted longer than two of my bikes. I still use it to lug things around. Buy it. You can't go wrong. (Posted on 3/7/08)
The Courier bag is just t...Review by Chuck Mitchell
The Courier bag is just the ticket for my needs. I'm a Kidney Dialysis patient and often ride to Dialysis. I need to carry some bulky items to make the four hour treatment pass comfortably; a neck pillow, small blanket, reading glasses, book, etc. These things are a little too bulky to strap to my KTM, and too big for a tankbag. Courier Bag to the rescue!!

Thanks Aerostitch! (Posted on 2/28/08)
Truly waterproof and rugg...Review by Erik Hoover
Truly waterproof and rugged -it'll survive everything from a daily commute to airport baggage handlers. (Posted on 11/14/07)
It's just about the best ...Review by Jennifer Tworzyanski
It's just about the best bag out there; mine's been through it all, including rain, massive amounts of mud, baggage handlers, a curious peacock and sheep. Plus it's comfortable to ride with, which is a rarity when you're a woman. (Posted on 11/12/07)

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