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Aerostich Courier Bag

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Aerostich qualityReview by Stephen
I was looking for something to replace the old gym bag I would use to take my stuff back and forth to my teaching job. Way better than having to fasten bags to my Blackbird and, after having been knocked off my bike on the freeway a couple of months ago, I appreciate the big reflective stripe. Very comfortable, stays in place and typical Aerostich quality. I expect this bag to last many thousands of miles. (Posted on 10/9/16)
Love This BagReview by Melanie
Bought the Courier bag (pink!) last year. I most often place it inside the side case on my Vstrom. I like it better than the side-case manufacturer's dry-bag. I can pack a weekend's worth of stuff, and be able to just pluck it out of the side-case, sling it over my shoulder and have my hands free for helmet or whatever as I head to the hotel check-in desk and thence to the elevator. Plus, if I collect stuff during a trip, that can go in the side-case, the Courier bag comes out and can be strapped to the rear seat or slung over the shoulder with no worries about weather. Maximum versatility! And pink rocks! (Posted on 6/24/15)
Bitchin BagReview by enduroed
Bought a Messenger bag on Ebay, and while nice it was too small for my Dell m6800. I now use it for a gym bag.

I then bought a Courier bag and a laptop sleeve from Aerostich. I live in Central Florida, own a small machine shop, and teach at a local tech college. I commute on my K1300S and always carry my computer and books in the bag. It rains in Florida, often quite hard. I've been through 5 torrential downpours and numerous rainstorms and all I can say is that I do not fear the rain getting thru to my computer, or any books I carry. I purchased the stabilizer strap and thru almost 40 years of riding bikes can honestly say this is the best gear bag I've ever owned. I sincerely believe in American craftsmanship and am proud to tell people this is a top tier example of that craftsmanship. The bag is comfortable, WATERPROOF, very sturdy, and with the reflective material my wife says is very visible at night.

Thank-you Aerostich for such a good product. As my gear purchases warrant, I will always stop by your site first.

Recently had a spirited ride alongside a Testarossa, spanked him and did not even feel the bag. 180+ with the bag and it did not budge.

Tks, Ed (Posted on 10/5/14)
Ten years of daily use and going strongReview by Alan
I'm a high school teacher and have used messenger style bags for my whole career thus far. Most of the fashionable ones I've tried lasted one to three years of daily use before disintegrating. Also, they proved to be irritating, requiring an intestinal jumble of bungees to hold them onto my seat while motocommuting. My 'Stich Courier Bag is superior in every way. It holds far more books, papers, etc. than "stylish" bags, and even swallows a laptop. It is easy to sling over my shoulder carry on and off the bike. After at least ten year of use, it shows very little wear other than a proud patina of road grunge. The authoritative "riiiippppppp" of the Velcro flap signal to all that class has begun. Parents of students who ride nod approvingly during conferences. . . (Posted on 7/19/14)
Huge!Review by John
I ordered the Courier bag for my daughter to use as a book/carry whatever bag for school.
The Courier bag is way huge! I could pack for a whole weekend in it. So I returned it (paying for shipping both ways, ouch) and downsized to the Dispatch bag, in pink (of course) Perfect fit. Well made, and should last her a long time!
With enough room for all her books, lunch, plus a raincoat or whatever she might need. (Posted on 2/27/14)
I Just Discovered One Huge Advantage Over BackpacksReview by Ted
Alright. I just commuted back home and pulled out my laptop to write this.

Today I made an unscheduled stop to do a little Christmas shopping. No worries about parking, I'm on the bike during the crowded holiday season here in Socal.

My Vstrom's two side cases already had work stuff in them & the topcase had this bag in it with my change of clothes for work.

This is important later.

So I walk into the store "just to look" and roll out with three boxes. I have a problem now though. Lot of stuff to carry on the bike. Courier bag comes out of the Givi E55, two boxes go back in the Givi.

3rd box still an issue.

No problem, I use the bungee net I ordered from Aerostich at max stretch factor to get the other box on the pillion seat. All cases are full. Pillion seat is full. Put the Courier bag over my shoulder. Stuff is handled.

Ok, cool.

Sit on the bike, and realize the Courier bag can't go to it's natural resting position with one corner resting on the pillion seat. So I move the bag forward and it then rests sorta on my side, but actually on my "hip crease".

Not all the way on my thigh or in front of my chest, and not all the way to the side with all the weight on one shoulder just dangling on the side of the bike.

In between the two positions.

To finish up, if I had a backpack like a Kriega or something, I wouldn't of been able to get all this stuff home-the pack would of stuck out into the pillion seat with the huge box strapped to it and I would of been not able to fit on the bike.

All I had to do in this case is slide the Courier bag forward a little bit, and I rode 15 miles in total comfort with no shoulder strain and zero impact on riding or controlling the bike.

Everything made it home in one go. Saved time and saved gas all while doing a task that I normally dislike.

Motorcycles are awesome. Use one as a car replacement and you won't go back. Challenge yourself to only use your bike for six months. I did and haven't looked back.

Aerostich products make it easier. Like this bag. (Posted on 12/12/13)
Serious bang for the buckReview by SteveW
For about a month now I have been using an Aerostich Courier bag when commuting to work on my 2007 Suzuki V-Strom 650 and my 2012 Suzuki GSX-R750. As you can imagine, the body position is rather different between these two bikes. The V-Strom has an upright, neutral position and the Gixxer has me leaning forward with my elbows practically touching my knees.

I use the Courier bag to carry my lunch, an iPad, an external hard drive, and a few other miscellaneous items. The total weight is around six pounds.

The bag itself is one large compartment. I purchased the additional pocket organizer that attaches to the inside panel (that presses against my back) with hook-and-loop fasteners. In this I store pens, business cards, a small notebook, and a few other small miscellaneous items.

I switched from using a Targus backpack with traditional shoulder straps and several external pockets, and so far I think I like the one big compartment of the Courier bag much better. It's faster to get stuff in and out of the courier bag, and of course it's easier to see in a single glance what is inside.

My biggest concern was switching from shoulder straps (plural) to a singular over-the-shoulder strap. Once the bag is slung over my head to the opposite shoulder, it presses against the flat of my back and I don't notice it anymore after I get on the bike. Even when leaning forward on my Gixxer, the courier bag is comfortable and stable.

The hook-and-loop panel holding the main flap down is very wide and opening it can be rather loud.

I commuted to work through some serious rain the other day on my V-Strom while wearing my Aerostich Courier bag slung over my Roadcrafter one-piece suit. The bag remained stable and the contents were kept completely dry despite the heavy precipitation. I'm sold on the quality of this bag and wish I had purchased it long ago.

The craftsmanship of this bag is outstanding, just like that of my Darien jacket and Roadcrafter one-piece suit. The materials are solid and I can tell this bag is going to last me a very long time. Considering the very low price, I think it is an outstanding value. (Posted on 11/7/13)
Go-to courier bagReview by Keith S.
The bag due to the quality of its material is very stiff and unyielding and will require some break in time.(this is a good thing) It is cavernous and seems somehow magical in the items it seems to be able to carry, it just keeps expanding somehow. Yet when you only have a few things in it, it does not wear like a sea bag that is empty. It wears small.
The organizer is very useful especially the back zippered pocket which will hold a couple magazines. It could not have been easier to install with the Velcro already in place.
The stabilizer was tested on my BMW R1150GS at 100mph and it did not flop around or move around even though it was nearly empty (BTW, I am 5'8” tall, 185lbs with a normal build). My BMW courier bag would be airborne and become very annoying in any cross wind. In its defense I did not have the optional stabilizer strap.
Also, the strap pad is awesome! With about 30 lbs of weight in the bag it was not digging into my shoulder at all when I was carrying it around, off the bike, with just a T-shirt on. Amazing!
The con, and it is the only con that I have, no outside pocket. The BMW bag has a waterproof zippered pocket on the flap that can hold small items, I carry a small Bible in it so it would be accessible in a moments notice. Very convenient. With your bag, two clips and all that Velcro, (how many Velcro trees were killed in the making of this bag?) it is annoying.
In short, anytime I ride my bike, I grab your bag. The hi-viz yellow and the reflective material and the pad, oh the pad, I will use nothing else. I have yet to test it in the rain and don't even know if you claim that it is waterproof (?).
It is an outside waterproof pocket away from being sheer courier bag nirvana. If you come out with an bag with an outside pocket, you better take trade ins or I will picket! (Posted on 7/12/13)
If Chuck Norris needed a bag, he would buy this one!!!Review by Chris B.
Well made bag. It contains my earthquake bug-out gear and lives near my front door. This is the bag you want when the stuff hits the fan. I can live for two weeks with the contents inside this bag.

"Hey Chris, I thought this was a moto bag review?!?" Hey - shut up. Get on your bike and ride. This bag shifts all over the place when I ride and I found a better use for it. Stop reading this and buy it. Get the yellow one. (Posted on 7/4/13)
Still going...Review by Adam
After about 15 years I cracked one of the small plastic buckles on this bag. Today it goes back to Aersotich for repair. The buckle breaking was totally my fault, and it's awesome that I can get it repaired. This back has been through the ringer over and over again and still looks and functions great. This is awesome compared to all other choices. (Posted on 4/30/13)

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