Aerostich Boot Dogs

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Aerostich Boot Dogs

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Customer Reviews (5)

MehReview by Blaine
I wanted these to work, but they're just not that effective. I guess I got the impression from the description that they would absorb smells (while ALSO aiding in drying). I bought them primarily to ABSORB SMELL. They don't do that very well. For one, I have Gore-Tex boots and they only ever get SLIGHTLY damp from sweat, and only on warmer days. So, "drying" my boots isn't really what I'm trying to achieve, so much as absorbing smell. The dogs did smell great when then first arrived, but they just never seemed very effective at making my boot smell like cedar. What I do when I get home, instead of bothering with these "dogs" anymore, is just put my boots outside as soon as I take them off, and let mother nature "freshen" them. IF you have combat boots, where it's just a basic leather boot (no waterproof membrane), that type of boot certainly could "wet-out" in a hard rain, then I can see how the dogs MIGHT be better than stuffing newspaper in your boots to dry them. Maybe. They even say in the description that they'll be effective for a "long time" and refer to that as "more than a year", as if that's a long time. So, every year or two I buy new ones to be marginally effective? Save your money and give your sweaty boot smells to Mother Earth the old fashioned way. (Posted on 2/4/17)
Works as AdvertisedReview by Mark
I used this on a 15-day, 8000 mile cross country trip on my K1600. I went through a few heavy rain storms, wearing my Combat Touring Boots. Although the boots were nicely water proof, my feet did sweat a lot during my 12 hour rides. In go the boot dogs every night, and the boots came out dry with no smell each morning when I was ready to suit up again.

My only 2 criticisms are: the strap could be long to accommodate tall boots such as these (or consider a hook and loop modification so that one has the option of separating the boot dogs. As it is, the strap did not allow for the dogs to reach down into the toe of the boots. 2. Make the actual dogs themselves longer, say by about 2-3 more inches. Nth at will help with my Herman Munster-sized needs.

Otherwise, I will keep using these and strongly recommend them. (Posted on 6/7/16)
dry bootsReview by Charles
Very easy to use and works Great no power needed. You pay for this once you do not have to pay for electricity to use it. This also works in your shoes. I will be carrying this on my bike when doing weekend or longer rides. It is so nice to have dry riding boots. (Posted on 3/17/14)
Aerostitch Boot DogReview by 1969lhs
Another worthwhile purchase from Aerostitch. No more funky, sweaty boots. It works perfect. I even use the boot dog in my sweaty gym sneakers. It dries them out overnight and no more stinky sneaks. A well spent twelve dollars. (Posted on 8/2/13)
Not just for riding bootsReview by Hotjockus
Not only are these great for your riding boots but, also for general use. My teenage step-son has had issues with POWERFUL shoe ordor! I purchased another pair of these for him and issue solved! Even his mother noted how good his shoes smelled after the dogs spent the night in his shoes. Thanks! (Posted on 7/13/12)