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WileyX Eyewear XL 1

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WileyX Eyewear XL 1

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Customer Reviews (8)

Great riding glassesReview by Brian
Great glasses for riding. Purchased these for the rare circumstance when I need to finish my ride after dark. I wear a dark smoked helmet shield and carrying (and changing to) a clear for the last 30-60 minutes of a ride is a pain. I wanted a pair of clear glasses that fit well enough to block out dust/debris and provide some safety for my eyes, so that I could ride with the face shield open if needed.

I got to try these out a week ago when the sun set and I still had 90 minutes to go to home. The foam gasket helped a ton and my eyes were able to relax and focus on the road, instead of being subjected to wind and tearing. I carry the dark lenses in case I need sunglasses during the day but that is rare.

Great purchase. I've tried lower priced, basic "safety" glasses before and it was tough to see above 25mph in the dark. I could've ridden another hour with these on! (Posted on 9/12/12)
Great riding lensReview by PhotoBiker
I love these glasses. The foam pad make these into a low profile goggle, I regularly ride with my shield up (XD3) and don't have to worry about dust getting into my eyes. I can also use these in lieu of goggles for some mild off-road activity.
Peripheral vision is diminished a bit, so you have to exaggerate your head turn when changing lanes, turning, etc.
My biggest beef is that they scratch too easily. Luckily replacement lenses are plentiful and not too expensive (unless you opt for the light changing grey).
My review is for the XL-1 which do have replacement lenses available, the older model does NOT have replacement lenses available anymore. (Posted on 6/1/11)
comfy but not for ridingReview by Dave
Got these as a gift and had wanted them for years so was anxious to try them out. They are comfy and look cool, but... i would never wear them on a bike because they block peripheral vision! Maybe it's just my fit - i have a tall bridge so glasses tend to fit away from my face, but these do curve so that should not be a problem. I don't see this comment from anyone else, so it must be my fit. I use an Arai Quantum 2, and these glasses block quite a bit more vision than the helmet itself. They've now been passed down to my favorite passenger (the wife). (Posted on 4/9/11)
Love ThemReview by MartyB
These are great glasses. There are a couple of things that will make them better. The first is to get them with the photochromatics (Transition Lenses). Then ditch the narrow Wiley's elastic strap. A pair of "Chums" works better and won't squish up against your head. You can also get the photo chromatic/transistion lenes in perscriptions as well That saves you from having to carry two different sets of around with you. (Posted on 10/31/10)
I have gone through two p...Review by David Baril
I have gone through two pairs of these and recommend them highly. They
are my favorite motorcycling glasses by far; the small foam strip does a
great job of keeping irritants out without being too noticeable or
"dorky" off the bike. Being able to swap out the lenses is nice. In
addition to riding, I found them indispensable over two tours in Iraq -
one spent with my face in the wind most of the day. I replaced the
first after years of abuse (not just "regular use") left the lenses
scratched, but how much can you really expect a pair of shades to take? (Posted on 2/10/09)
These look nice and the o...Review by Robert Netzer
These look nice and the optics are superb (crystal clear), but the frame was too small for my head (I wear a size large helmet). Whether or not the strap was used, these were too uncomfortable to wear for very long and had to be returned. Panoptyx makes similar products but in several sizes to accommodate larger heads. (Posted on 12/3/08)
I have these and found a ...Review by John Reitsma
I have these and found a couple of issues, firstly they cut down on your peripheral vision so when you are doing a shoulder check when lane changing the frame gets in the way and you have to almost turn around in your seat to see back. Secondly I stupidly dropped them off of a moving bike and that scratched one of the lenses and now I can't get replacements. The light changing thing is great and you can even wear them on cloudy and rainy days. (Posted on 11/28/07)
These are REALLY nice... ...Review by Edward Howe
These are REALLY nice... They break in a little slowly over the first three days or riding, and are a TOUCH too big for my head, but they get squeezed into just the right position under my helmet, sealing around my eyes nicely. I like having shades under my helmet as an extra level of ballistics protection and another layer of brightness control. At lower speeds, I also flip up my visor, so the eye protection is very important, and the added layer of padding around my eye to seal the wind out is great. (Posted on 10/10/07)