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Aerostich Standard Silk Scarf

Aerostich Standard Silk Scarf #1549

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Sweet Silk Scarf Review by Mike
Got my silk scarf from the Aerostich guys. It's a fabulous garment. I've been using it instead of my tube-buffie-thingie during the heat of Texas this summer. Kept my neck free of chafe and triggered remarks like, "classic...need to breakout one." Not to mention it reminds me of an original Army Air Corp/Air Force scarf that dad gave me, that was his. Sweet Silk Scarf. (Posted on 9/21/12)
Nothing beats silk Review by Richard
Very pleased with the scarf. Just returned form a trip in the Canadian Rockies and wore the scarf every day. It kept out the draft and prevented chaffing when constantly turning your head to look at the amazing scenery. Didn't have any hot weather on the trip but plenty of wet and cold and the scarf performed well in those conditions. Found an ingenious way to tie it on YouTube that improves coverage and avoids a lump at the knot (Posted on 7/5/12)
Go-to Gear Review by R184
At first felt kind of silly wearing a white silk scarf. But after a recent trip that went from the desert heat to the NoCal redwood forest and to the rain of the northwest, this scarf worked. Some extra protection on my neck, which made me happy and added to the enjoyment of the trip. This scarf, along with my "roper" gloves are two of my go-to pieces of riding gear. (Posted on 6/21/12)
Slick Review by Pat RI
Really nice product, I was surprised by how comfortable it is. Very effective piece. I commute, and at this time of year, weather is a crapshoot, so this scarf does a very good job of sealing the neck of my jacket, and feels good against my neck. I wish I found out about it sooner. I highly recommend this to all riders, an essential piece of gear, and way cooler and more effective than your old bandanna. (Posted on 5/23/12)
The biggest problem with this scarf Review by Prokop
is to keep it from my wife. I love it for riding, smooth and warm as needed without bulkiness. Nice, high quality silk.
(Posted on 5/3/12)
Andy Goldfine has done it again Review by gsharp
Aerostitch has come up with another winner.So comfortable and great looking. I suppose someone else sells them, but I have never seen them advertised as Motorcycle wear, The silk scarf looks great and feels great. It really does help to keep the cold air off your neck. Thanks Andy (Posted on 3/14/12)
Be kind to your neck. Review by Peter
This is a must for anyone who wants to look around. The silk scarf feels epic, seals your collar and allows very comfortable head swiveling. You don’t notice it after a few minutes. Ordering and delivery were effortless. Thanks for a quality product, I am going to buy some for presents.
(Posted on 3/8/12)
Dont leave home without Review by Joe
Silk is your friend. Blocks wind, manages moisture, helps prevent neck irritation, insulating, all round good stuff. Lost mine while riding, bought a replacement at the store, but silk was hard to find, and the quality was not there either, will buy from AreoS again, but try the Competition, and go with black (to hide dirt better) (Posted on 3/4/12)
So Cool Review by Ken
I like it! Almost elegant; feel I should be flying a bi-plane and have it flapping out. I prefer the wrap around rather than the loop. Classy, functional. But hard to iron out the fold creases! I wish Aerostich had not sewed on such a noticeable tab as I think it distracts from the scarf. Still, I bought one for my brother also. (Posted on 1/20/12)
Silk Review by PhilOH
Soft and warm. Not only is it good for writing, it's great for walking around on a windy day. (Posted on 1/18/12)

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Mil-spec 'big H' history...

Silk was so important that its trade probably changed the world history more than any other technology. The famous 'Silk Road' connected Europe to the Far East during the middle ages, and this brought together global knowledge that advanced civilization and helped begin the renaissance.

Strategic military considerations, not demand for fashionable garments, caused the establishment of this trade route. During the middle ages front-line soldiers lived, traveled and fought wearing coarse tunics and outer uniforms. Silk scarves allowed soldiers to close their protective battle (and outdoor survival) garments tightly around their necks without chafing or discomfort, so they could fight better and travel farther. This was a true battlefield advantage.

As recently as World War I this remained so. Early planes and cars were all 'open cockpit'. Soldiers still lived and campaigned outdoors for weeks at a time, and this meant wearing heavy gear. After the war civilian pilots, race car drivers, motorcyclists and movie idols (Douglas Fairbanks, Errol Flynn...) further enshrined silk scarves as garb synonymous with bravery, courage and endurance.

Then airplanes and cars became enclosed and military dress adapted. Soft, slippery scarves became unnecessary. Silk's swashbuckler history and function was not only forgotten, it became a laughable cliché. Something only worn by old men.

The last vestiges of the silk scarf's centuries-long military role evolved into the fashion of men wearing neckties with their sport coats, blazers and business suits. Silk scarves had become decorative neckwear. (Now you know where neckties come from.)

That's sort of a sad ending for such an important habiliment -- except once again riders have rediscovered how great these scarves work when worn with modern riding gear closed tightly around one's neck. Once you've tried wearing one, you'll never look back. Make some history.

- Mr Subjective, 12-29-13


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