#421 Competition Elkskin Roper Gloves

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Aerostich Competition Elkskin Ropers

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My Second PairReview by Steven
This is the second pair of Elkskin Ropers I have ordered. The first pair were actually too large. I never had that happen to me before as I usually take a 2XL in most gloves. Anyway I really like the way these gloves feel.They are light and flexible and break in very quickly. I took my brand new pair and rode a Saddle Sore 1,000 with them and never gave them a second thought. They always say that you should not do a long ride with brand new gear as it could cause issues, but these gloves were good from the first mile! (Posted on 9/8/15)
New Roper GlovesReview by Mark
First time I put them on I thought OH wow are these to tight. I went on a full days ride this past weekend and half way through the gloves were perfectly comfortable. I can't say enough about this product on the comfort side. I also got a lot of positive remarks about them from my riding buddies. I'll never buy deerskin gloves again, buy these gloves you won't be disappointed. (Posted on 8/28/15)
Competition Elkskin Roper Gloves #421Review by Daniel
Had to re-order the gloves because somehow how the originals disappeared imagine that, either way I ordered a size up as suggested by the great staff at Aero stitch and they fit perfect like the last ones I wore for six months straight out of the box...can't wait to get some great riding in.
You guys ROCK!!! (Posted on 7/12/15)
Great glovesReview by Rolf
Just got the Competition Elkskin Roper Gloves and what a fantastic fit. Probably the only pair of gloves I've ever owned where all my fingers go completely to the end of the glove fingers. I usually have little "winglets" or "flappers" at the end of each finger. Makes attempting most tasks next to impossible. Not with the new gloves - I can easily pick a dime off the kitchen table.

This is going to bring a new level of enjoyment to riding. Thank you (Posted on 7/6/15)
Best Gloves Review by Markus
This is the most comfortable gloves ever had. They are like a second skin. But there is more: Last week I have been crashed by a rear shunt and was slithering over an Italian mountain road for a few meters on my hands and knees. After that, the gloves are covered in scratches. But everything is perfect with my hands and the gloves are still useable. The expensive Enduro gloves from the other party are torn open. Elkskins are more the comfy; they are great in a really damage. Thank you for this outstanding product. (Posted on 9/28/14)
Competition RopersReview by Tom
Well, I just finished re-conditioning my old Competition Ropers (using Aquaseal).. They're showing their age. I think I'm going to order a new pair. 5 years is a long time! Lets see...that works out to less than $15/year! Great value, and great performance!!! (Posted on 8/25/14)
Roper glovesReview by David
Got the gloves a few weeks before riding to the BMWW rally in St. Paul. They now have over 4500 miles on them and have been comfortable from the first day. While in Minn. we went to the Stitch factory to check out other items and I'm going to order other gloves for the bikes and also the snowmobiles. Top quatity from Aerostitch. (Posted on 8/2/14)
Competition Ropers!Review by Wildcat_drvr
I'm on my second pair.Gotta say I really like them!
I have wide hands but short fingers.
The gloves seem to mold to your hand.
I wore my first pair for a summer,over 10,000 miles,them wore them through the winter of '12-'13(I live in northern Indiana in the Lake Michigan Snow Belt) when to broke for plate on car,and one time my wife did me a "favor"and dried my gloves,,,in the oven!
That's why I'm on my second pair,it dried the leather out and even though I got one more summer out of them they were dry and started to deteriorate.
If you don't ride year round you should get five seasons with proper care.
I Love my Ropers,so soft!
Yet tough!
Rich AKA Wildcat_drvr (Posted on 6/13/14)
Favorite GlovesReview by GEOF
Aerostitchs' claims are in my opinion accurate ! I plan to get a second pair before some unforeseen event makes that impossible. (Posted on 6/6/14)
Comp RopersReview by Wilco
I already own a pair of the elkskin gauntlet gloves that I have been wearing in what passes for winter in S. Fla. I did not realize how comfortable they were until I switched back to my old summer gloves. I decided to try a pair of Comp Ropers for summer use. The fit is great, which is a problem I have had with other gloves, as I have medium sized hands but long fingers. They are just as comfortable as the gauntlet version, except for a seam inside the left glove that rubs where two fingers meet; I pulled the glove inside out and trimmed the seam a bit, which helped, but probably will have to try a bit more trimming. Would liked to have them available in the natural/tan color, but not a big deal. All in all, great gloves and well worth the price. (Posted on 5/5/14)

Items 11 to 20 of 55 total

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