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#421 Competition Elkskin Roper Gloves

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Aerostich Competition Elkskin Ropers

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Customer Reviews (45)

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Snug Review by Pat RI
I have several pairs of riding gloves, including some bison gloves, and a ratty old pair of elkskin work gloves. The old gloves are comfortable, so I decided to try these competition elkskin ropers. I have never ordered a pair of gloves to an exact size, so I measured 4 times and ordered once. They are as advertised, however, I am right handed and measured my left hand. Result; the left glove is a perfect fit, and the right is a bit snug. I'm sure it will stretch more as they are worn, but with some forethought I would have measured my right hand. As for the comfort, they are great to ride with, and even have enough length and width at the top to gauntlet over my jacket sleeves, while being trim enough to fit underneath them without a lot of extra bulk. A great product and I'm sure to enjoy them for a long time, as they are extremely well made, and comfortable, right hand snugness aside. (Posted on 5/23/12)
Great GlovesReview by Matt In OZ
Great gloves - as advertised, super soft, tight initially but are stretching in and shaping to my hands, feel great and surprisingly warm in the Australian winter
Looking forward to more miles ( sorry-Kilometers over here) in these gloves
great feel
Also super impressed with the speed of delivery - sent on Tuesday (USA) and here at my door on Friday (Australia) - wow
(Posted on 5/23/12)
super glovesReview by Jim in New Mexico
Elkskin Ropers are great gloves--these are better. The added protection at the knuckles and the security strap are a significant improvement--I know from experience. My original Ropers won't wear out after 100,000 miles or more. These are now my first choice for all seasons. Comfortable, well-fitting, warm when its above 50F, not too hot when the weather is, and the price can't be beat. (Posted on 5/21/12)
competition elk skin ropersReview by chris
One word Awesome! My only complaint is the seam between the ring finger and pinky gets a bit annoying after a while. These definitely are some of the best gloves Ive owned through the years. (Posted on 5/11/12)
Way Good GloveReview by RD
These are right nice gloves!! I've been wearing elk skin gloves (not aerostich) for years, but they didn't have the knuckle pad and wrist strap. They both are nice additions. But the strap could use some help. If you'd fold the end of the leather strap over the end of the velcro and sew it, it would keep the velcro from ripping loose AND keep the strap from pulling thru the metal ring. Real good glove overall. (Posted on 2/10/12)
Excellent GloveReview by Walter
These glove are a step up from the regular roper's,..which were also excellent. The leather on these competition gloves is soft & supple and seems a bit thicker. The padding over the knuckles is great. After just a few short rides these gloves are really starting to form to my hands. If there's a drawback to them it might be that they are to warm to use as summer gloves in South Texas. (Posted on 2/9/12)
I have bought these gloves for summer use in the UK where I live and as such I haven't used them for riding yet. They are a really comfortable fit and look great. I am going on a motorcycling tour in India next month. The gloves will be coming with me and will no doubt get a good road testing then. (Posted on 1/6/12)
Just Right!Review by rench
I have been looking for a middle weight glove. I've got cold and hot weather covered, but when the temps were in the 50s - 60sF, my hands were either to hot or too cold. These are comfy from 55 to 85F. Like Goldylocks, I found the ones that are "just right".
I picked the competition ropers for the knuckle padding and the wrist strap to secure them on my hands better.
Ordered size 10, but the right hand glove was too large. left fit ok, but a bit loose. Returned and got 9.5 (both gloves are the same size this time) and I couldn't be happier with them, or the return process. My advice if you hands are between sizes, is to go for the smaller size. These will stretch a little over time. (Posted on 11/15/11)
Glove Review by RUGGER
I the beginning didn't look like much, but after a week they feel great in confort and safety. get them, they are made in the US and that is a big bonus. (Posted on 9/29/11)
Comfortable and versatileReview by pretzladay
After about 500 miles, and a couple of 50 degree mornings and 90 degree afternoons, I have found these gloves to be comfortable and versatile. I need to craft some device to keep the wrist strap from pulling through the buckle -- manufacturer needs to fix that. Thumbs are a little short for me, but most gloves are. Otherwise the fit is good. (Posted on 9/26/11)

Items 21 to 30 of 45 total

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