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Men's Roadcrafter Classic One Piece Suit

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Daily Wear - Best CommuterReview by PhotoBiker
I bought my latest Roadcrafter in Feb/Mar of 2011 [ish]. It came with the new "RIRI" zipper (vs the older "YKK"). I had an older suit (Hi Vis & Black) with the "YKK" zipper and it would leak in the crotch in heavy downpours, something that I couldn't live with for commuting. I switched over to a two piece, the AD1 pants (100% waterproof) and jacket from a different vendor.

For commuting, a two piece adds to your routine, it takes longer to put on the suit and take it off. May not sound like a huge deal, but if you really commute, every day, sun, rain, snow, sleet, ice, etc, it adds up. The Roadcrafter suit is the ultimate commuting gear. I have estimated that I've saved 12.5 hours in the year & half I've owned the suit alone. That's 12.5 hours of more time riding, making my morning tea, staring at the ceiling, etc.

I've put a little over 20k miles on this new suit since I got it. I've ridden it in just about every temp and condition possible, save for a sandstorm. It does not leak. The only problem I have with getting my work clothes wet is when I get to work after a bad rain storm and I take the suit off, the water from the suit drips. This will happen with any gear, this is NOT a problem with the 'stich.

I've only had this suit down to about 5F and up to 102F. We had a mild winter ;-) The suit has virtually no thermal quality whatsoever, when it gets cold, you need a liner or liners, heated is preferred. With heated gear, you can run the cords out the pocket access openings on the side, I've never had any leaks with the wires sticking out and the zipper & velcro up as far as they can go.

Plenty of storage in the 'stich. I've finally found a use for the "Glove holder" thing on the left chest. I put my waterproof camera there (attached with a small tether) so I can easily grab it to take photos (even while riding, so I have heard...).

Aerostich service is great, I just got my suit back from service, they had to replace the zipper.

I have the Red & Black. I'm not sure if something has changed in the recent future, but the Red suits of old would fade to a salmon color within the first year or two, mine doesn't appear to have faded at all. Its gotten dirty from daily use, but not faded that I can tell.

For touring, I think I prefer a 2 piece. I would get to a stop and either leave the suit on or slide out of the top of the suit when sitting at a table. I will be getting a Darien to replace my other jacket and have my backup gear be a 2 piece (which it already is). If you are primarily touring and like to stop and walk around, ask yourself if you will really want to get in and out of this suit all the time or if you are ok with leaving it on.

(Posted on 6/29/12)
When you spill, Roadcrafter pays for itselfReview by Nick
I finally indulged myself in a one-piece Roadcrafter. In the fitting process I received two sample suits which were shipped out and back with no trouble, then I made my decision about custom sizing. In cold weather with heavier clothing under it, the suit fits fine. (Fortunately, the suit is not warm - you have to dress up.) In warmer weather the shoulders aren't padded up as far, and it has a small tummy roll. This is no problem; maybe I'll treat myself to a second suit with a shorter torso some day! I spilled recently on a twisty back road, broke an ankle, got a big scuff on my chinbar and some burns on the suit front. That happens at 30 mph over pavement. But my skin is intact, and the suit is still in perfect working order - it just looks experienced now. With that one stupid spill it more than paid for itself. Even in the hottest weather it is sufficiently vented, and it vastly reduces dehydration. (Posted on 6/26/12)
What R U waiting 4Review by skeeter
I've been wanting one of these suits for a long time now but never pulled the trigger because of the price. One day my wife caught me drooling over them online and decided to buy me one for my birthday. She used the sizing guide and the fit is perfect. My first impression when I pulled it out of the box was how well made it was compared to some of the other riding gear I've owned, the quality is really top notch. I immediately put it on and was more than a little disappointed at how bulky and stiff it felt. I walked around the house and thought there is no way this is going to be comfortable to ride in. I was dead wrong! This has got to be without doubt the most comfortable piece of riding gear I've ever used, this suit really shines as soon as you slip onto the seat of your motorcycle. The more I use it the more it breaks-in and the more comfortable it gets. I live in Alaska and I've ridden in temperatures ranging from 18 to 84 degrees and in pouring down rain. At 18 degrees I just threw a little something extra on my top half and I was fine. At 84 degrees I have all the vents open and at highway speeds the air flow is excellent, I'm very comfortable. I've heard people talking about how the zippers aren't water proof but so far I haven't gotten wet at all. To make a long story short I love this suit and regret not buying one years ago. Now stop reading these reviews and go buy yourself one! (Posted on 6/23/12)
Better than expectedReview by Chi-Ha
Finally got a 1 piece RC after years of debating, researching and saving. I've only worn it 2x so far, but the fit is better than I expected! Sizing tool worked like a charm. Not as stiff as I expected based on extensive research either, although the collar is taking a little getting used to.
My previous gear was a 3/4 length Joe Rocket jacket and mesh over pants by Olympia. I've used this combo for 7 years. The Roadcrafter instantly impressed me in quality of construction and materials, but what REALLY impressed me is the knee pads fit exactly where they are supposed to and they don't move! I was constantly struggling with the Oly knee pads, they didn't want to stay put.

First ride in the RC was a 60 mile commute in moderate rain. Collar leaked, but I'm not sure I had it closed properly.
Cuffs of my pants got wet too. Don't think I had the RC's cuffs secured properly either (it was my first ride in it! there is a lot to get used too). Some rain leaked through zips, but not much. I understand its not "waterproof" so I didn't expect it to be.

Overall, I'm so glad I finally pulled the trigger on the RC and wished I did it sooner. (Posted on 6/8/12)
Serious Riders WantedReview by SoWiRider
Have been a long time user of this Road Crafter, can't even begin to recall how long I've had the suite, say more than 10 years! Problem is, the suite will not ware out, so I can't buy a new one. About the only negatives are, in very hot riding conditions... it is hot, but then again t-shirt and jeans are not good protection. Suite will provide protection in light - moderate rain for a while, but if the sky is falling, it can fill up like a bucket. (Posted on 5/23/12)
Like a Thick Skinned BananaReview by eric
I've had it for about 5,000 miles now. The suit is of great quality. Yeah, it's stiff at first, but it conforms to you and softens up over time. The hi-viz is a must have in the DC Metro area -- you gotta have a thick skin walking around in it though. I walked into a couple places, and they've thought I was the fire brigade or something. Lol. The "bikers" make fun of me too. Shwateva. Being seen is huge for safety. The protection seems great though I haven't been down in it yet. (Knock on wood.) The quick on and off helps me to maintain my motivation to practice the ATGATT philosophy. The new zippers are definitely not waterproof -- can you say lap puddle? I've ridden in this suit from the 90s Farenheit down into the 20s. The cold spots are the thighs, the chest, and the biceps as usual. With some Under Armour Extreme ColdGear, the 20s are no problem. I've also used the windbreaker that came with my mesh Joe Rocket summer jacket to break the wind on my chest, which worked nicely. The vents effectively circulate the air in the heat, but your back will blow up like a balloon. Lol. Don't get stuck in traffic with this thing on above 85 though -- you will have a religious experience. I wouldn't wear my work clothes under it -- wrinkle city. Also, wearing jeans or pants under it limits my range of motion, so I wear shorts, which they advise against. (I have tree trunks for legs.) If you get the hip pads, the velcro doesn't come sown in, and the hip pads kinda get in the way of your hip motion. Knox makes some riding under shorts with CE certified coccyx and hip protection, but again, it makes the suit too tight. I tried using a Knox CE certified chest and back protector under it for a while, but there wasn't enough room, so I got the competition back pad -- seems okay -- no coccyx protection though. (Posted on 4/14/12)
Finally put my leathers away wish I did it soonerReview by Ash
I've been wearing a 1 piece leather suit for 20 years, but needed something to commute 100 miles a day in while wearing dress clothes for work. I decided on a Roadcrafter 1 piece in gray & black.

I used their online sizing guide and it fit perfect once it arrived. Only took 2 weeks for them to build, and I have to say I am absolutely happy with the fit, finish, and level of quality evident in even the smallest of details.

I opted for the back protector and hip pads, which really made the suit feel a lot more robust.

The customer service was outstanding in regards to answering all my concerns/questions before I bought.

10 out of 10...I would highly recommend these suits to anyone that is considering one! (Posted on 4/4/12)
60 mph slideReview by Marior97
I've had my roadcrafter for 5 years now , last week we did a 60 mph slide on tarmac, about 180 ft on one side of the roadcrafter. Now that its washed I checked it and no damage at all is done . Great protection !! thank you (Posted on 3/30/12)
As good as they sayReview by T-Bills
I did have trouble getting the correct fit; however, Aerostich made it right. I've not had the suit for about 6 weeks. It is just as good as they say. The suit is breaking it quite nicely. The massive amount of pockets are great. The ability to get into your regular pants pockets is possibly my favorite part of the suit. (Posted on 3/27/12)
I Joined the Roadcrafter ClubReview by Jack
I first read of the Roadcrafter in the mid-eighties. They intrigued me, but they didn't seem like a good idea. Over the years, I saw mostly Darians and they seemed like a better deal, but they didn't turn me on. This winter, I signed up for the Total Control motorcycle rider's course and they require a motorcycle jacket and pants. I needed pants and decided what I really wanted is a Roadcrafter. I ordered one and it arrived a little more than a week later. It fits great. It's been about a month since my suit arrived and Aerostich requested a review. It is winter coming on spring, and I've only managed 2,312 miles in the suit, but I am in love with it already. From temperatures just above 20°F to 78°, in rain, wind, and fine weather, I've been cozy. If someone stole my Roadcrafter tomorrow, I'd order another.

Thanks, Jack (Posted on 3/11/12)

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