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Men's Roadcrafter Classic One Piece Suit

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Don't leave home without it....Review by Layber
After a couple years deliberation, I bought a used one off Craigslist to make sure the investment was going to be worth it. This suit is fantastic. Two weeks ago, I bounced off the back of a Jetta that decided to back out without looking. My Versys, $2600 damage. Me, sprained thumb. 'Nuff said.
It does get hot on the 90+ days, but only when you are standing still, a very small price to pay in my book for this level of protection. Mine leaks very slightly from the crotch when riding for EXTENDED periods of time in the POURING rain (. Only the most severe weather makes it do this, and I think I may have cured it by adjusting the way the fabric bunches at the crotch so that the water cannot pool, but I've only been in one severe storm since this discovery, so I want to ride a bit more before I declare this foiled.
Please keep in mind I have been as SEVERLY CRITICAL as I could of this suit, these are the only negatives that I can find. I could write for pages about the positives of this suit, but I'm sure I wouldn't hit many points that havent already been hit. I'll wear this one til it wears out, and then I'll buy a new one to replace it. If you ride alot, this will please you. (Posted on 11/3/11)
Wish I'd pulled the trigger soonerReview by gromit
Considered buying a Roadcrafter for at least 10 years before I ever got one. Went through a bunch of lesser gear that always failed me in one way or another. Easily spent the equivalent price of the 'stich on the lesser gear. Finally bit the bullet and got a custom sized Roadcrafter. The folks at Aerostich made the custom process easy and, in hindsight, quick. (It does seem like forever when you are waiting) With well over 20K miles on mine now, I can honestly say it was a great purchase.

If you're thinking of getting the hi-viz, be warned - it gets dirty easily and is not as bright as some to the other hi-viz on the market. It does clean up pretty well and still gets the attention of many of the cagers.

Folks will tell you it's not comfortable over 90f and below 50f. What is? Colder temps are easier as layering and heated gear can make you quite snug. I've plowed my driveway (walk behind snowblower) many times wearing my 'stich, much to the entertainment of my neighbors.

(Posted on 10/22/11)
Good things do come to those who wait!Review by Eric
I have been curious about the suit for many years and been told how great it really is by all those people I meet that own them. They aren't cheap to buy, so I put off the gamble for many years. By chance, a good friend offered up the chance to try one he had bought, as a spare,off e-bay. It was the middle of summer here in Georgia and I thought it would never work in the 90% heat,but guess what, with all the vents open, I was getting as much air as I with all my vented jackets and pants. That was the first revelation. Getting it on and off was a snap and I felt totally protected padding wise. OK, so I want one. Hardest part was figuring out the color. I felt very confident in the help I received about sizing and went and placed the order. Short story after long, I really love the suit! It fits perfectly and is so well crafted that it reminds you that there are still people out there that take a great deal of pride in what they do. The forming and the stitching is perfect.Wished I hadn't waited so long. Thanks for a fabulous product. (Posted on 10/12/11)
Roadcrafter in ScotlandReview by Andrew
Like many folk no doubt , thought about this suit for a while and read , read many reviews. Took the plunge a couple of years ago and ordered . The fit was perfect and that says a great deal for the help I received on line and by phone, as I was wee bit wary ordering from USA without trying on , or getting a normal fitting done. The suit was hard to start with , but after a few months soon became softer without ever "feeling" soft or thin.
Easy to on and off and the design is great , and as for the number of useful pockets...still finding new ones..hee , hee. A LOT of thought went into this suit and design , and for someone who has ridden for 40 years and continues to do fairly high mileage it is by far the best purchase I have made in motorcycle clothing bar NONE.
Quality build , really comfortable on the bike , ( have done 1200+ mile days ) and the protection pads are exactly where the should be placed...perfect. I have had no issues with leakage , and living in a damp , wet UK that is superb...( always making sure overflap is secure ) I have machine washed the suit several times now with NIKWAX and this keeps both the suit looking like new and performing great in the rain.
Have worn in temperatures of nearly 100* whilst in France and with vents fully open it is OK on the bike , but with its protective weight it's a wee bit warm when off the bike..but that has to be expected in that heat.
Only issues after a few years and 40,000 miles has been the loss of a few zip pullers , and a little less "stickiness" of the velcro on the collar tap and main overlap.
Both easily sorted.
Overall , I fantastic suit , well worth the money , and when I wear it on the bike..FEEL SAFE !!! (Posted on 10/11/11)
Great quality, sizing can be a problemReview by Veloz
I've had my new one piece suit for almost a month and the quality is really remarkable. I Love the variety of pockets, and with the vents I've been able to ride in fairly warm weather (85) with no problem. I would like to see vents in the legs, though. as warmth collects there and is sort of "trapped" by the knee pads.

I will leave for a 10 day trip very soon, into much cooler, and rainy weather. I think the suit will be great for this as every opening seals up well and the material seems to shed water well.

The only disappointment I've had is with sizing. From all the other posts, I got the idea that the company really prides themselves on sizing, yet I can't apparently get a suit to fit well.

I started with a size 38, which is one size bigger than my normal jacket size, to accommodate a set of cloths plus the addition of heated clothing. Without the heated clothing the suit fits pretty well, but the arms are snug, and the crotch is about 1/2" to "high". Aerostitch says these aren't things they can alter.

With the addition of heated clothing I feel overly restricted and have to work hard to keep the sleeves from my shirt from balling up as I put my arms into the suit. Once I have the suit on I feel like a mummy wrapped in tight cloth.

I talked to the company about this and they very quickly sent me the next size up. This solved the problems I just mentioned, but honestly this size suit is actually too big.

It hangs on me and I can tell that in the warmer months, whenI don't have layered clothing, it's going to be way too baggy.

I compared the dimensions of the two suits very carefully and determined that really I need a suit between the two suits. The two suits I have are a 38 and a 40. I'm convinced that a 39 would be "perfect" but alas the company says they can't produce a 39. Furthermore, they can't shrink a 40 down to a 39 and they can only partially "grow" a the 38.

This all vexes me. How hard can it be for them to offer in-between sizes? Fear a $900 piece of clothing you'd think you could get it to fit darned near "exactly" right, not just "sort-of" right.

Here's hoping someone there is listening and realizes that not everyone is going to fit into their predetermined set of sizes.

Sadly, aer (Posted on 10/10/11)
Its THE suitReview by Noel B of Orchard Park
I've had my roadcrafter for just over one month now, and have worn it on two bikes in many different kinds of weather (no snow yet...) both hot and cold, with and without rain, and it is everything I hoped it would be. The reviews and aclaim are well-deserved. Comfortable, cool in hot weather, warm in cold weather, secure, stable and good looking. Thanks, Aerostich! (Posted on 10/8/11)
Great suit for cooler tempsReview by Carl
I have had my new Roadcrafter for about a month now. It's still stiff but that will improve with with time, as some of the others writing here have noted. It is quick and easy to get into and out of (less than a minute) and I can wear it over street clothes. What I find best is how warm it keeps me in cool weather. I have been riding in the mid-40s and lower 50s at highway speeds with nothing but cotton chinos and a cotton flannel shirt on underneath. With a heated vest and warmer pants I can see no obstacle to riding in sub-freezing temperatures. (Posted on 9/19/11)
Better Suit = More MilesReview by David
I've now had the suit since late spring (i.e., newer model with new zippers) and have about 4,000 miles on it. I can say with absolute certainty that having the suit has increased the miles I ride, especially commuting. I normally wear nice slacks and sport coat, or even a suit, and live in Portland OR, where rain is common for most of the year. Having the Roadcrafter this spring and early summer really allowed me to ride a lot more often, safely. That is, with the one-piece step in/out functionality of the suit, I found that I was much more likely to "Ride There" with much less regard for the weather; just slip the suit on over my dress cloths, throw the sport coat or suit jacket in the trunk (a Givi on the back of my Concours 14) and off to work I go, along with several midweek trips for meetings. Add that fact that the Roadcraft is probably the most safe riding gear I own (my Shoei aside) and .... tada ..... more miles! I've also worn the suit while riding through the northern Nevada desert this summer, with shorts and t-shirt under the suit, and believe I did a lot better than my friend who wore a mesh jacket.

My only "complaint" is that I always have difficulty when riding with the top zipper down a ways. When I stop the zipper always has difficutly going back to the top (which is necessary to take the suit off). At first I thought it was just stiff, being new, but now I'm not sure what the problem is; e.g., bent teeth or crooked pull??

Anway, with with that minor glich, I still give the suit 9.5 stars. I'm selling much of the other gear (several other jackets, pants, etc.) so watch E-Bay! <LOL> (Posted on 9/6/11)
Works Great!Review by chriso
In short: Turn 6, Laguna Seca, Track Day, Low Side, not a scratch on me. My Roadcrafter worked exactly as intended. Sending it in for some minor repairs. The venting and the zippers make it convenient in the street as well. (Posted on 8/23/11)
Saved my life in JulyReview by MikeT-NYC
On 7/23/11, my rear tire blew out on the Palisades Parkway in NY State heading down to NYC. According to the police, I slid 225 feet at highway speed in my Roadcrafter suit, full-face Snell-rated helmet, gloves and engineer boots. The result -- a broken collarbone, a couple of cracked ribs, and a broken 5th metacarpal (or whatever they call it) for the little finger on my right hand, which wasn't the suit's fault.

I also had a LOT of bruises and am in rehab now for the collarbone, but without the Roadcrafter and other gear, I'd be dead now (and it would be a closed-casket funeral due to the corpse's condition).
(Posted on 8/5/11)

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