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Men's Roadcrafter Classic One Piece Suit

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Customer Reviews (131)

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Just got my suitReview by Will
Just got my suit! Thank you! The best suit I have ever owned! (Posted on 5/11/17)
R3 One piece suitReview by John
This is my second one piece suit. The first was a Roadcrafter Classic that I just got too fat to fit. The new one is a R-3 and I just love it. New design and features but and there is a but, In some areas it is way to big and in others it is tight. It is long in the legs and big in the butt tight in the stomach, other wise it fits fine. (Posted on 2/15/17)
A great suit, but an R3 is betterReview by Adam
I have owned 3 Roadcrafters (now the classic) suits. They are great suits and I have loved all of them. I outgrew 2 of them and crashed one, twice in the same day and both times I touched down at over 50 MPH.

This happened at a track day, and I should stress that the speed I hit the ground at was over 50 MPH, not the speed the crash started at. The suit was fine in both cases.

I loved my Roadcrafters unconditionally, and there could be no other. Sure they were sort of hot in the hot weather and kind of bulky to get into a saddle bag, but the suit was so versatile and very easy to use. I wore them in every condition from super hot to below freezing. I even skied and snowblowed in them. The best!

The I got an R3 and now reserve my Classic for cooler weather. It's still a fantastic suit but it has been superseded by the R3. The classic still feels more robust and, given a choice I would crash wearing a classic, but day to day I reach for the R3.

(Posted on 10/6/15)
Suit Saved my LifeReview by Matthew
I was rear ended going 55mph into my left side box. The impact caused me to pass out but I stayed on the bike. GPS history says I hit the guard rail at 52mph. I flew about 40 to 60 foot. Only damage was a broken ankle and Schuberth helmet cracked. As far as the stitch no noticeable damage except about an inch worth of teeth on the zipper pulled free around the crotch. I wholly believe had I not been ATGATT my number was up. Thank You Aerostich. Now, to get this zipper repaired! (Posted on 9/16/15)
One Year In...Review by MnBueller
I had the same reservations as so many before me; $1000 is a lot of money for a piece of clothing. So it took me two full years of thinking, dreaming, analyzing, fittings, and rationalizing before I placed my order last spring. And yes, it was stiff and hard to get into at first. And yes, I have had to endure plenty of ribbing and unimaginative comments (going snowmobiling? hey, it's a Power Ranger!). But after riding the past 6 1/2 months in this suit, I am convinced it is the best money I have ever spent on any single motorcycle related item...ever. It does exactly everything promised, a rare quality today. Or maybe ever. I am more comfortable than ever, and more importantly I finally feel I am as safe as I can be while enjoying my favorite pastime. I will never get rid of this suit, and will be looking forward to enjoying more of Mr. Goldfine's products. I'm sorry I waited so long. And yes, I am still riding to work in mid-October in Duluth, MN. (Posted on 10/21/14)
4 weeks old and already crash testedReview by Steve
After many years of purchasing Textile gear, I finally stepped up and purchased the 1 piece Roadcrafter in Hi-Viz and Grey. I had been coveting this suit for numerous years and my wife finally got tired of me showing her the suit and told me to "just get it"!. Well not to argue I immediately placed my order. I received my suit mid February after only one alteration. I must admit it is a little stiff, but it fits perfectly!. Well last week moving the bike out of winter storage, I hit a patch of ice, and down I went with be bike. Damn that hurts, not only my pride but scuffs on the bags of my FJR. Only a little dirt on my suit, no rips, tears, or abrasions. It's now crashed tested, but for certain rider approved. Right Knee, Right shoulder pad did their job! Love this suit! (Posted on 3/17/14)
Best piece of riding gear I own. Review by Timothy
I keep hearing (reading) two chief complaints about the Roadcrafter. It's said to be too expensive and unattractive. The suit would be a lot cheaper if it weren't for all the gear in my closet I no longer need. My leathers, rain, mesh and insulated apparel, about $2000.00 in all, stay in the closet in favor of the Roadcrafter. As for the look, I ordered mine in all black and requested a 4 inch American flag sewn on the left shoulder. The flag adds that sort of astronaut / Steve McQueen race driver detail. I get compliments on the look everywhere I go. My 18 year old daughter says I look hansom in it... (From the neck down, I'm sure.) It's the best piece of riding gear I have ever owned. (Posted on 12/23/13)
My new Roadcrafter One Piece Suit is a life changer!Review by Kent
When I ordered my Roadcrafter One Piece Suit back in October I expected a lot. The suit is a lot of money and Aerostich has a reputation that puts them at the top of the pile of manufacturers of riding gear that works in real world conditions. So my expectations were very high and I was a bit worried that the suit wouldn't live up to those expectations and I would be disappointed. After receiving my new Roadcrafter in November and after commuting nearly every day on my bike since then, I am writing this review to say that I am not one bit disappointed and that the Roadcrafter is worth every penny! I am required to dress "business casual" for my job. That is, no jeans. No boots. No sweat shirts, etc. I needed an all weather riding garment that I could put on over Khaki pants and a button down shirt and maybe a sweater or sport coat, and KNOW that I would get to work dry and warm. The Roadcrafter is the first riding garment that claimed it could do that, and actually followed through on the claim. On top of that I'll never have to worry about abrasion resistance or visibility, and believe me, visibility is a big issue during our wet, gloomy Fall and Winter months. Even though I bought a "black on black" Roadcrafter, I will never have to worry about being seen! I live near Portland, Oregon. We have cold, wet Autumns and Winters (not to mention Springs) that are the stuff of legend. We don't get a ton of snow around here, but we get oceans of rain and lots of 35 degree days. The Roadcrafter One Piece Suit has so far kept me COMPLETELY dry and is warm enough that I can make my 45 minute commute with my regular work clothes on under it, and perhaps a sweater or fleece jacket over my shirt, and be dry and comfortable when I get to work. I step out of my Roadcrafter, change my shoes, and sit down at my desk. That's all there is to it. It is nothing short of perfect. When I was ordering my Roadcrafter the service team at Aerostich was always there when I had questions. After I used the sizing tool online they promptly sent me a suit to try on so that we could determine what changes needed to be made so that my suit would be a perfect fit. And once that was determined, I sent back the "test suit" and they made me my suit, all in just about a month! My suit fits perfectly! I ride a Triumph Thruxton with clubman bars, so my riding posture is pretty aggressive. But the suit has just the right amount of length in the arms and legs, and the torso fits just right. When I am just standing around the legs look a bit long, and the butt looks a bit baggy, but when I am on the bike riding it fits like a glove, and that's when the fit is important. I have said enough here. The only additional thing that I would say is, if you are on the fence trying to decide if the Roadcrafter One Piece Suit is worth the investment, stop deciding and order the suit. If you take the time to carefully talk through the sizing and fitting with the service people, you really can't go wrong. Once you have the Aerostich Roadcrafter on, the suit will speak for itself. (Posted on 12/14/13)
Last Piece of Riding Gear I will BuyReview by Grant
Let us start off with the fact I am 23 years old. In the last 5 years I have owned every sort of riding gear known to man. Adventure, sport, track, supermoto etc and all the bikes to go along with the gear.

Now all of that said gear is in the attic or up for sale.

I have had my Roadcrafter for 3 months now. Since then It has seen everything from 100 degree mountain rides to 20 degree winter commutes. I have been comfortable every second! With the vents closed up and a few added layers on I am warm as can be. When the heat comes out throw on a T shirt and shorts. This is truly the last big piece of riding gear you will need to buy.

Did I mention that I bought it used 4th or 5th hand?! My suit is marked with a manufacture date of 1-31-1995! If that is not enough right there to buy a Roadcrafter right now, I don't know what is. (Posted on 11/29/13)
Saved my skin (literally)Review by Jill
Over the years, I've bought pretty much every type of riding gear and never found anything that fitted well, until now.
Aerostich customer service were extremely helpful in getting me a basic suit in the right size to try on, then custom altering the sleeves and pant legs.
For the first time ever, I had elbow pads on my elbows instead of my wrists, and knee pads that didn't sit over my shins.
I believed that would be the last riding gear I'd ever buy, since I was so happy with it.
Then I broke it, or rather the medics broke it when they cut it off me. I went down on the freeway at about 60mph. The only damage to the suit was a scuff on the knee pad. I would have worn it again had it not needed to be cut off. I had no skin damage whatsoever. Underneath the suit, I was wearing cotton/polyester hospital scrubs and they were completely unmarked.
My beautiful gray and blue suit was replaced with a red and black one, as soon as I was well enough to ride again. It's my only riding gear, apart from a mesh jacket and pants for those uber hot days.
I commute daily in my suit, in temperatures from the high thirties to about 90 degrees. Underneath, I wear either hospital scrubs, casual pants or sometimes even a dress and hose.
Getting in and out of the suit is as quick and easy as promised.
If you're thinking about buying a Roadcrafter, go for it. The best riding gear I've ever owned. (Posted on 11/26/13)

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