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Men's Roadcrafter Classic One Piece Suit

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Customer Reviews (129)

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I've had my hi-viz suit f...Review by bobby klee
I've had my hi-viz suit for four years / 60,000 miles. It is great, superbly made and comfortable in rain or 'shine. The pockets accommodate plenty.
Occassional leak from front zip, velcro on neck closure is going weak but it has seen alot of action. If Iride to wrk I wear a suit and tie under it, great in all weathers with an electric vest underneath it.
The only problem is that the hi-viz attracts dirt that sticks! I cannot get it clean or hi-viz anymore. If I start commuting again then I may replace it with a new hi-viz simply for safety's sake. (Posted on 9/21/08)
I really love the one-pie...Review by Randy Willoughby
I really love the one-piece and recommend this suit to anyone who rides a motorcycle or scooter. There aren't many things you can buy for motorcycling that offer as much value and utility as this piece of riding kit. I'm on my second suit after my fist one gave me over 60K miles of great use. In fact, the old suit is still serviceable... I just wanted a new one in a different color when I got a new bike. I could nitpick, but really this is a great piece of riding gear that I think should be given as much importance as a helmet when considering for a purchase. It could use a little more ventilation and better colors, but that's all tha bad I can really say. Worth every penny. (Posted on 8/28/08)
This is my second one pie...Review by David Clancy, Can
This is my second one piece. Just changed color and added upper body gusset. Really pleased with fit. Original was 10 years old and was still going strong although very gungie. I just wanted a new one. Other than a couple of parking lot spills I have not crash tested the suits. I have not needed a rain suit even when caught in thunder storms. Venting flat works, although you have to be moving, it can be hot when stopped in traffic.

Great customer service from Aerostitch who delivered exactly what I was expecting. You may find a cheaper suit but you will not find better. (Posted on 8/28/08)
I received my Roadcrafter...Review by John Madden
I received my Roadcrafter one-piece about one week before a major trip of 6,500 miles -- Seattle to Texas then up to Alaska. 2200 miles on Interstates and 4300 miles on two lane roads. Fourteen hours each day for 10 days. The hottest was 110F in West Texas and the coldest was 37F in Yukon.
I wore the suit religiously. Even in the high temperatures I could adjust the air flow enough to be almost comfortable. Through a three hour thunderstorm in Kansas, not a drop penetrated the suit.
The only failure was the zipper on the right wrist. I pulled too hard when adjusting while riding and snapped off the metal pulltab. It was my own fault and not the design. I juryrigged a fix that night that is still working.
I started with the optional hip pads but removed them within a few days as unnecessary and a bit uncomfortable.
As for size, I am an off-the-rack size 42 but ordered a 44 Roadcrafter. With a sweater or vest underneath, even the 44 was a bit tight but not restrictive.
I was very appreciative of being able to put on and remove the suit within 10 seconds to minimize the heat buildup when stopped.
After some experimentation, I found the perfect place for all essentials with the pockets. (Posted on 8/18/08)
I use the one-pc suite fo...Review by Peter van Heulen
I use the one-pc suite for more than 10 years. In 2004 I bought a new one a High-Viz yellow. I can tell you every body complains about it, WHY, beacuse I am so visible on the road.

Form em there is no other suite that the Aerostich. I drive more than 20 K a year in Europe most of the time in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Also in the winter time and summer. In the summer I put my Airco on, all the zippers open en my back also and even in 32 C it is wearable.

It is a pitty that there is no Aerostisch shop in Europe maybe I going to ask the mannagement to open a shop here.

Greetz Peter van Heulen, Netherlands (Posted on 8/13/08)
I've had my one piece Roa...Review by Randy Armel
I've had my one piece Roadcrafter for about 10 days and nearly 1000 miles now. My initial impression when I opened the box was very positive concerning the quality, but also that it was heavier than I expected. I was concerned about the heat when riding here in N. VA. I was pleasantly surprised that the suit flows a lot of air thru it and is no warmer than my mesh Vanson jacket. Standing still of course you are going to sweat but you would wearing most any jacket. I also got to test it's ability to resist rain in a very good hour-long ride. Some leakage but I had left the underarm vents open, so no complaints. Overall, I think I have found a new "best riding partner". Thank you. (Posted on 7/31/08)
I have two Roadcrafter su...Review by Robert Cyr
I have two Roadcrafter suits. They are some of my best pieces of my motorcycle gear. I use them in the summer instead of a rain suit and I use them with a BMW heated vest the rest of the year. With a full face helmet and the Roadcrafter I stay comfortable and dry. I use them in temps from 20 deg. to 80 deg. I love them. (Posted on 6/2/08)
I have had my one piece s...Review by FastFred Ruddock
I have had my one piece suit for a week and a half. So far I have 1,500 miles on the suit in weather from mid 20's to mid 60's. My first ride in 40 degree rain was not happy as the suit leaked in just over 20 miles. However I have since applied wax to the zipper and it seems to have corrected the problem. I'm looking forward to a hard rain to test the suit further.

The color is a little off; more of a navy than black but road grime will soon make that moot point. I have had one low speed get off and the suit performed great although I did slide further than expected.

If this suit wears as well as my old combat touring boots I expect many happy miles of use. (Posted on 6/1/08)
I've had my Roadcrafter a...Review by Hirsty, UK
I've had my Roadcrafter about a year now & have commuted & toured in it almost daily. It makes travelling to work in a smart suit & tie a breeze - very fast to unzip out of, change into my work shoes & I'm ready to go.

Thankfully not tested the crash-protection, but I feel secure with built-in knee / hip / back / elbow / shoulder protection & very unlikely to get my work suit wet on the way there or back - no problems at all since Nikwax & I started doing up velcro fastners correctly ...

Recent 500+ mile day across France also proved the suit to be all-day comfortable on a 10-hour ride.

Customer service also second to none - Aerostich are a pleasure to do business with, I wish you every success. Thanks! (Posted on 5/15/08)
Bought my roadcrafter abo...Review by Skye Malcolm
Bought my roadcrafter about 1991 and it's still going strong. The roadcrafter for me has been the single must have ingredient for happy riding on all kinds of bikes from nakeds, to enduros to crotch rockets (sorry I just don't "get" cruisers) and my current Honda ST1100. The sole exception maybe was the '88 Goldwing and that was only due to the lack of wind and weather flying behind that barn door of a fairing.

Minor stuff like velcro has worn out on some of the pockets but I haven't bother fixing it because they still stay shut without the velcro due to proper design. Even the ultra-critical main zipper down the front and the right leg are still good to go every day.

Though it is grungy and in severe need of a bath after this long the only reason to get a new one is due to my expanding waistline. (Posted on 5/15/08)

Items 101 to 110 of 129 total

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