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#488 Roll and Carry 1 Piece Roadcrafter

Water Resistant Zipper Testing

Emergency Rain Boot Covers

Men's Roadcrafter Classic One Piece Suit #120

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Great fit with a few drawbacks Review by Thmastr
I bought the Roadcrafter suit in March of 2010, after measurements and alterations my suit was ready at the end of april. The fit allowed me to stay warmer than with my previous riding gear; a plus for me since I commute year round on the bike rain or shine.
The suit was quite waterproof at the beginning, but after about 6 months and about 8000 miles the suit started leaking. Recently I was in the rain (very light and drizzling) for 5 hours and the suit ended up leaking. Considering that I only rode a total of 20 minutes in those 5 hours made me less than satisfied. I have done the same activity in similar conditions for 10 hours with my previous gear and gotten home dry. I expect better from this top of the line gear.

Again, great service, great fitting over the phone for custom alterations, and once again great customer service. The suit's fit is excellent thought I would like it to be more waterproof. (Posted on 10/29/10)
10 yrs and counting Review by JD
The absolute best money I have ever spent for motorcycling. Have owned my "stich" for over 10 years, it is used in daily commuting and touring. Basically anytime I'm on the bike I'm in the suite. It has stood me well in temps from 13 to 110 degrees. Rain, shine, sleet, and snow. I absolutely love this piece of gear. The zipper pulls could be better, I've replaced almost everyone of them atleast twice. The zippers are still working great, as is the velcro. Some of the stiching is starting to fail (on the liner) and there are a couple of small holes (two slow speed get-offs) but it still functions beautifully. When I decide to replace it, it will be with a new "stich". (Posted on 10/25/10)
I should have bought one years ago! Review by Edward
For many years I've been riding with a First Gear Scout leather jacket (with a liner "electricized" by Gerbing), Gerbing electric gloves in the winter, and lighter gloves in the summer, and a first-rate helmet, of course. For the past several years I have been looking at that Aerostich web page or catalog, thinking "maybe one day ..." Well, I remarried about 3 years ago, and when my wife found out about the suit (and the body armor), she encouraged me to buy one! (I'm 65, and not as flexible as I once was.)

I wanted to order a one-piece Roadcrafter in the hi-viz yellow with burgundy ballistics, so I called Aerostich. The lady said that they would send out a suit in hi-viz yellow with silver ballistics. I was a bit confused until she explained that the custom ballistics would make the suit non-exchangeable, so first I should try on one or more suits until I was absolutely sure of the fit. I was astounded. "You people will actually DO that?", I asked. "Oh, yes sir", she said. "We want you to be completely satisfied with your suit." So after shipments back and forth trying on two different suits, I finally made my actual order. Even the people at Aerostich remarked on what a nice color combination the hi-viz yellow and burgundy is.

I commute to work by motorcycle every day, and I've now been wearing this suit for two weeks. The first surprise was that the material is much more heavy weight than it appears in the catalog, so at first the suit was very stiff. The second surprise was how quickly the suit wears in. Already I find it very comfortable, and I have the optional standard spine protector (#129) and hard shell hip pads (#1053) installed.

I'll keep the Gerbing gloves, and I'll be getting a new light-weight electric jacket to go underneath when it's really cold, but I'm NEVER again riding without this suit!

It IS a bit warm on a hot day, warmer than the old leather jacket was, but I think that's a small price to pay for the increased safety you get from wearing the Roadcrafter. (Posted on 10/2/10)
The Swiss Army Knife of Riding Apparel Review by Michael
This is how I describe my one and two-piece Roadcrafter suits to riders and non-riders alike. Bought my red one-piece around 1995 and with the exception of fading, the suit has held up very well. I accidentally crushed a zipper pull and shipped the suit to Aerostich for repair and cleaning/waterproofing. Aerostich made some other minor sewing repairs on the liner and the suit was like new. A low-speed get-off put me down knee-first, followed by a sort of somersault which brought me to my feet. Without a doubt, the knee pad saved my knee cap and the suit was none the worse for the spill. It is the most versatile piece of riding apparel I own, and riding without it is like driving without a seatbelt in my car - it just doesnt' feel right. (Posted on 9/19/10)
Time to Step It Up Review by 01gsxr1000
I totally agree with the reivew "Good but certainly not perfect". Love the suits!!!

Time to update and change zippers and tags and we don't need five different sizes and styles of zippers. They break and are not water proof.

The velcro wears out after short while and re-weatherproofing does not work.

I have had four one-piece Roadcrafter suits - handed down three to brother-in-laws. I ride day in and day out all year long. They could be much better. (Posted on 8/12/10)
Best Gear I've Ever Purchased Review by Daniel
My Roadcrafter is the most-useful single item of motorcycle gear I have ever purchased (new, September 2009). I have been riding since 1987 and do not shill for companies; in fact most moto gear bought over the years does not lived up to billing. The Roadcrafter is a significant exception: I'm sorry I waited this long to take the plunge, paying up-front only once vs. re-buying less-useful jackets and pants repeatedly across the decades. I ordered a custom color for the ballistics (black, with purple) and it looks interesting and different. Sizing and custom work were painless, between only a few phone calls and shipments.

At this writing, I have used my Roadcrafter about ten months. There wasn't much break-in time needed, an improvement on my Darien jacket experience ten years ago (another fantastic piece of equipment). So far, I'm weatherproof, including riding all day in driving rain during an IBA event last October.

Ups include: ease of entry and egress, obvious high quality, great ventilation, Aerostich customer service. A small nit is that a pant leg bottom snap cut loose shortly after arrival, but I'm sure customer service will address it quickly when I send my Roadcrafter in for service this coming winter. I find it a bit warm in the summer, but that is to be expected and the vents cool things down quite well. Thanks Aerostich! -=DRB=-, Seattle WA USA (Posted on 7/25/10)
Don't leave home without it Review by James Oliver
I've had the suit for 5 years now and feel I can submit a review. Zero problems with the suit, keeps me dry, gets hot in anything over 80F, but what doesnt? Wish it were a little more stylish, I feel like I am wearing a 70s snowmobile suit, so I get alot of dumb questions about it at gas stops. I feel like I am ready for anything when I have it on. Great product, I think I am still finding pockets. (Posted on 7/7/10)
I love my roadcrafter one piece Review by Charles
When I decided to get my Roadcrafter one piece suite, I would have had to wait to get my original choice of colours so I picked what was available. Hi Viz yellow/green with Grey Ballistics. I love it. I wanted the Hi Viz and was inspired and totally agree with a testimonial about how we don't question wearing a flying suit when we fly a combat fighter jet but get caught up in making fashion statements when choosing gear to wear on a bike. When I wear my Hi Viz suit I am making a statement that I am a responsible road user, want to be seen and wear my suit like a seat belt. Let’s not hear ever again the lame statement of ” I just didn’t see him”. It really is quick to get off and on and I can wear a “T” shirt underneath at 14 degrees Celsius and not feel cold. I recommend the Transit Back Pad Adapter Sleeve that gives just that little bit extra protection that could make all the difference.
Regards Brett from Australia
(Posted on 6/25/10)
Good but certainly not perfect Review by Mick
I'm now coming to the end of life of my second one-piece Roadcrafter, after it has done daily year-round usage in Europe for about 80,000 miles in the last 2 years. All the velcro was worn out after 6 months, all the handles came off the zippers (after 6 months, replaced with paperclips) and now, despite the recommended re-weatherproofing with Scotchguard, leaks like a sieve after 10 minutes in the rain. Still the best commuter suit ever made, but in serious need of an upgrade with fit for purpose velcro, zipper handles and modern waterproof zips. (Posted on 5/27/10)
I bought my Roadcrafter when I was poor Review by bmwloco
I was poor; a student trying to make it with only an old BMW. Both parents were ill. I did a computer job and got paid - with just enough to buy a Roadcrafter. It was new then, only out for a couple of years, but the reviews were stellar. I bought my suit.

I have been wearing now for nearly 20 years. It has been repaired. As my economic situation isn't stellar now, I will buy another when able. (Posted on 4/30/10)

Items 61 to 70 of 127 total

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How to Get a Functional, Comfortable One-Piece Suit Fit:

Start with your height and body length…For a person’s given overall height, some will have longer-bodies-with-shorter-legs, and others have shorter-bodies-with-longer-legs. And after a suit is sewn and assembled, essentially, there is no simple way to then make your suit’s torso length (the distance from crotch to collar) either shorter or longer. A few specialized alterations can help slightly, but they are Band-Aids.

Garage mechanics and others who wear coveralls for a living know a lowish crotch and baggy seat means they’ll be able to raise their arms upward fully and comfortably. When you do this arm-raising, the torso section of a riding suit slides upwards about 1.5". The shoulder pads pull it that way. When you lower your arm the torso should slide back downward.

If you are a borderline size, part-way between an ‘S’ (short) and an ‘R’ (regular), go with the longer body length of the ‘R’. And if you are between an ‘R’ and an ‘L’ (long), go with the longer body of the ‘L’. Consider the extra body length of an ‘R’ or an ‘L’ in each size, which is about 1.3" more than that of an ‘S’ or an 'R' if you are between lengths and ride a sport bike or want maximum freedom-of-movement. Then adjust/alter leg and sleeve length as needed to your size. For a comfortable coverall fit, with your raised arms out to your side and horizontal (both at the same time), you should still have slight room at the crotch.

The suit’s torso, sleeve and leg diameters are exactly the same for each ‘S’, ‘R’ and ‘L’ version of a particular size. For example, the 38S, 38L and 38R dimensions around your body are identical. The circumferences of legs, sleeve and torso are the same.

The suit’s leg lengths are correct if, when standing normally, the hem breaks (wrinkles) slightly against the front of your riding boot, just above the foot’s arch, and the top edge of the TF knee impact armor cup is positioned near the center of your kneecap. Then, as you sit on your bike, the hem will rise about 1.5” and the knee armor cup will slide upward and center itself over your bent knee.

The suit’s sleeves are the correct length if, when standing normally with your arms hanging loosely by your sides, they end about mid-way between your knuckles and your wrist, measured at the back of your hand. The center of the TF impact armor elbow cup should be centered on, or very slightly below, your elbow.

Specialized Motorcycle Configuration Considerations:

For comfort with low handle bars and higher positioned rear set footrests, all one-piece riding suits fit better with the ‘Extra Forward Rotated Sleeve’ alterations, and may also benefit from an ‘ellipse’ added to the center of the back. In addition, an ‘expanded knee’ alteration is available which provides slightly more space for knee armor when knees are bent more sharply.

For active off-road riding requiring maximum freedom-of-movement and upper-arm ease, underarm ‘V’ gussets may be added to increase upper sleeve diameter and provide extra room across upper chest and shoulder areas.


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