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#120 Grey/Black


Roll and Carry 1 Piece Roadcrafter

Emergency Rain Boot Covers

Roadcrafter Classic One Piece Suit #120

126 Review(s)

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Customer Reviews

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Have had my Roadcrafter f... Review by frank mansfield
Have had my Roadcrafter for about 5 months now. Have
ridden in hard rains, to and from work and not getting wet.(15 miles a trip) The details that the suit has are awesome. A little tricking at first to put on and zip up, however a little practice and it is very simple to master.
In the summer months its a little warm, open the vents and keep moving. More enjoyable in the cool months. After reading about craig wheeler I got bought a Roadcrafter also. The two reasons I where my Roadcrafter, for my loving wife and 6 year old son. (Posted on 4/25/09)
Have owned my 2 piece sui... Review by Charles Babcock
Have owned my 2 piece suit for over 10 years. No failures. Blue with black trim, chosen to match my r1100rsa. Amazing piece of kit, superbly designed. As everyone notes, as long as you are moving, you can be comfortable in any temp. If/when I replace, I'll go with the one piece. I went with the 2 piece for flexibility, but find I NEVER take them apart. Thought I would use the pants with suspenders with a jacket, but never do that, and eventually bought a pair of BMW Summer II pants for the purpose. In addition, I don't like the extra bulkiness around the waist area. Will also go black/black. The blue look great on the bike, but looks like a snowmobile suit off. If you are tall in the torso like me 6'0" with a 32 inch inseam, you will need the ellipse or the suit will pull on your shoulders. I was a jeans and leather jacket guy before the suit, now that combo feels naked. A must have. Costly, for good reason. (Posted on 3/25/09)
I crashed a 1-piece Roadc... Review by Adam Wade
I crashed a 1-piece Roadcrafter in hi-viz yellow on grooved concrete at 80 mph. The suit had already been lightly crashed a few times, and had a few small holes and abrasions here and there. The suit let me get up and walk away without a scratch. And the hi-viz yellow works; in fairly heavy traffic on a 10-lane freeway, people a quarter of a mile back saw me fall off. When I finally slid to a halt, I looked back and saw the entire freeway had stopped dead. The nearest car was well over a hundred yards behind me.

After going home, I noticed that I mist have fallen on something in the road; a bolt perhaps. There was a hole on the outside of my left forearm (I fell to the left) that went through BOTH layers of ballistic, the regular Cordura, and the armor... And it stopped at the inner lining. I didn't even know that had happened until examining the suit later. Any less protection would have had me at the hospital getting whatever removed from my arm...

I sent the suit back to Andy Goldfine and the fine Rider Wearhouse folks. Andy told me that I had totalled the suit; not a single panel on the whole thing was unscathed. I had him send it back to me, and I keep it as a reminder of why we need to wear good gear. It has convinced more than one rider to upgrade their gear substantially.

I look forward to getting another Roadcrafter 1-piece -- soon! (Posted on 3/19/09)
Two words...Ridiculously ... Review by Mike Worsley
Two words...Ridiculously Comfortable!

I literally just received my Roadcrafter last night and wore it for the first time this morning to ride to work. The weather was crisp (according to Arizona standards) and it was the best ride I have made to work yet.

I have been wearing BMW gear which I thought was fairly gold standard but boy was I wrong! Additionally, the craftsmanship is beyond what I ever expected. A friend had been telling me this for some time but I never expected it to BE THIS GOOD. Wow. Kudos to the fine people at Aerostich.

I am a believer! Thanks for the great gear! You have made me a lifetime buyer! (Posted on 2/10/09)
This will be my 4th year ... Review by Shawn Blair
This will be my 4th year with this suit. Its the only one I want to use. Comfortable, functional, I've been very pleased. Have about 30k miles on it!
(Posted on 2/8/09)
My year-old Roadcrafter a... Review by Brian Wittling
My year-old Roadcrafter and I experienced 75mph get-off on the interstate together. I walked away without a scratch or bruise to show for it. THANK YOU AEROSTITCH! Best $ I've ever spent on riding gear. I'll be buying another. (Posted on 12/13/08)
I am on my second suit (I... Review by bobby klee
I am on my second suit (I bought a third for my wife & daughters to use when they ride pillion - they are all the same size fortunately). Lost weight so sold the first one.
Only issues so far are broken snap at right ankle and broken zip pull on left cuff. Similar things happened to first suit- I replaced cuff zip pulls with keyrings - easier to close with gloves on.
Aerostich sent me a repair kit to repair the snap on my first suit so I had a couple left over.
Can't fault the suit or the service even though postage & import tax to UK is ridiculous! (Posted on 10/16/08)
I've had my hi-viz suit f... Review by bobby klee
I've had my hi-viz suit for four years / 60,000 miles. It is great, superbly made and comfortable in rain or 'shine. The pockets accommodate plenty.
Occassional leak from front zip, velcro on neck closure is going weak but it has seen alot of action. If Iride to wrk I wear a suit and tie under it, great in all weathers with an electric vest underneath it.
The only problem is that the hi-viz attracts dirt that sticks! I cannot get it clean or hi-viz anymore. If I start commuting again then I may replace it with a new hi-viz simply for safety's sake. (Posted on 9/21/08)
I really love the one-pie... Review by Randy Willoughby
I really love the one-piece and recommend this suit to anyone who rides a motorcycle or scooter. There aren't many things you can buy for motorcycling that offer as much value and utility as this piece of riding kit. I'm on my second suit after my fist one gave me over 60K miles of great use. In fact, the old suit is still serviceable... I just wanted a new one in a different color when I got a new bike. I could nitpick, but really this is a great piece of riding gear that I think should be given as much importance as a helmet when considering for a purchase. It could use a little more ventilation and better colors, but that's all tha bad I can really say. Worth every penny. (Posted on 8/28/08)
This is my second one pie... Review by David Clancy, Can
This is my second one piece. Just changed color and added upper body gusset. Really pleased with fit. Original was 10 years old and was still going strong although very gungie. I just wanted a new one. Other than a couple of parking lot spills I have not crash tested the suits. I have not needed a rain suit even when caught in thunder storms. Venting flat works, although you have to be moving, it can be hot when stopped in traffic.

Great customer service from Aerostitch who delivered exactly what I was expecting. You may find a cheaper suit but you will not find better. (Posted on 8/28/08)

Items 91 to 100 of 126 total

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