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#120 Grey/Black


#488 Roll and Carry 1 Piece Roadcrafter

Water Resistant Zipper Testing

Emergency Rain Boot Covers

Men's Roadcrafter Classic One Piece Suit #120

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I bought mine 3 years ago... Review by Michael Chong
I bought mine 3 years ago, black with ballistic custom orange. Kinda pricey but worth every penny. I wear the one piece suit starting in fall when the rain & cold starts, thru spring when it starts to warm and it hits 80deg.F. Aerostich description is true in all counts, kept me dry in hard torrents til I'm almost at work then the zippers leaks where the knees bend, just like they describe(about an hours ride). Other than that in light to medium rains I'm bone dry(except where it drips down my neck opening). Custom made to fit, comfortable to wear all day on long trips. Now , if I could only figure out a way so that the rain doesn't run down my sleeves & into my rain gauntlets & down my neck it would be perfect but hey thats the adventure of extreme weather riding. Ape hangers on my Buell might solve the glove problem hahaha. Love all the pockets too. I give the one piece suit an Excellent rating well worth it. (Posted on 5/15/08)
I've had my Roadcrafter a... Review by Hirsty, UK
I've had my Roadcrafter about a year now & have commuted & toured in it almost daily. It makes travelling to work in a smart suit & tie a breeze - very fast to unzip out of, change into my work shoes & I'm ready to go.

Thankfully not tested the crash-protection, but I feel secure with built-in knee / hip / back / elbow / shoulder protection & very unlikely to get my work suit wet on the way there or back - no problems at all since Nikwax & I started doing up velcro fastners correctly ...

Recent 500+ mile day across France also proved the suit to be all-day comfortable on a 10-hour ride.

Customer service also second to none - Aerostich are a pleasure to do business with, I wish you every success. Thanks! (Posted on 5/15/08)
Bought my roadcrafter abo... Review by Skye Malcolm
Bought my roadcrafter about 1991 and it's still going strong. The roadcrafter for me has been the single must have ingredient for happy riding on all kinds of bikes from nakeds, to enduros to crotch rockets (sorry I just don't "get" cruisers) and my current Honda ST1100. The sole exception maybe was the '88 Goldwing and that was only due to the lack of wind and weather flying behind that barn door of a fairing.

Minor stuff like velcro has worn out on some of the pockets but I haven't bother fixing it because they still stay shut without the velcro due to proper design. Even the ultra-critical main zipper down the front and the right leg are still good to go every day.

Though it is grungy and in severe need of a bath after this long the only reason to get a new one is due to my expanding waistline. (Posted on 5/15/08)
Hay Andy & Co. Thought Id... Review by Don
Hay Andy & Co. Thought Id share this excellent review on the Roadcrafter with you. It just about says it all. Heres the link.

(Posted on 5/15/08)
I have read many good thi... Review by Harold Rozier
I have read many good things about the one piece suit and most of it very good except long hours in the rain leaks in the groin area because of the zipper design of the one piece suit. I wondered what the maker of the suit had to say about that occasional comment and also wondered how the suit would handle cold temperatures day after day in Spring rides on the Alaska Highway.


Harold Rozier (Posted on 5/11/08)
Last fall, I rolled my bi... Review by Jason Goray
Last fall, I rolled my bike in the middle of nowhere, SD.

I landed on the bike and the bike landed on me.

Thanks to the suit, I was completely uninjured. I'm so glad I was wearing it and the spine insert.

The bike didn't get off so lucky but with some macguyvering and a bunch of very cool guys with a workshop 40 miles later, I managed to keep going for the remaining 8 days of my trip.

Without the suit, I would have been done, and given the remoteness of our location and lack of any cell signals, I very possibly would be dead. (Posted on 4/21/08)
I bought a like new secon... Review by Billy Rodgers
I bought a like new second hand suit and I am glad I did. I low sided my R1150GS during and off road school and I was ejected from the motorcycle, thrown into the air, and landed exactly on the top of my left shoulder bone. I was wearing my one piece suit and the integrated shoulder pads distributed the impact, preventing serious shoulder injury. I was a 25 mile an hour lawn dart. My shoulder is sore but the xrays were negative. The shoulder pads did there job. (Posted on 3/5/08)
I started with a high viz... Review by Mike Pasley
I started with a high viz jacket 6 years ago. Then got the pants. After 30K it was time for a replacement.

I did the same thing again, I ride every day in California, where this year it has been monsoon season. This high viz suit has over 30 K on it, I ordered it big for layering so no matter how cold it is, I am toasty with a BMW heated vest and hand grips. The suit is not that comfortable to go shopping in, but that is what it is made for. It is made for protection from cages and weather and it does the job. I arrive at work neat and safe.

The high viz and retro reflective tape make me a road warrior with a brain.

It has so much storage that it is like a suitcase you wear. I will never change and the customer service is not an oxymoron. Another benifit hey it is made in America by Americans and they had no problem putting a bunch of USMC patches on the back of my suit. :)

Semper Fi (Posted on 2/7/08)
My Roadcrafter is the BES... Review by Chuck Mitchell
My Roadcrafter is the BEST piece of riding gear I've EVER used. I wish I hadn't waited so long to finally get one!! (Posted on 2/2/08)
I put 20,000 miles on m... Review by Andy Kenny
I put 20,000 miles on my one piece suit in one year with two crashes (one low speed turn in the pouring rain and one highside at about 50 mph). Each time I was able to get up and run back to the bike to get out of the road. I never suffered so much as a scratch, only a bruised shoulder on the high speed get off.
All the flack I took from people was worth it in that one minute of sliding down the highway on my back.
If my suit can't be repaired I'll be buying a hi-viz yellow one piece, which is a change from my current solid red.
That suit saved me thousands of dollars in medical bills and missed work. I can't say enough good things about the suit. 14 degrees was my coldest ride in to work (37 miles) with no electric fleece.
I will not even go down the street for a quart of milk without my roadcrafter suit.
(Posted on 11/20/07)

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How to Get a Functional, Comfortable One-Piece Suit Fit:

Start with your height and body length…For a person’s given overall height, some will have longer-bodies-with-shorter-legs, and others have shorter-bodies-with-longer-legs. And after a suit is sewn and assembled, essentially, there is no simple way to then make your suit’s torso length (the distance from crotch to collar) either shorter or longer. A few specialized alterations can help slightly, but they are Band-Aids.

Garage mechanics and others who wear coveralls for a living know a lowish crotch and baggy seat means they’ll be able to raise their arms upward fully and comfortably. When you do this arm-raising, the torso section of a riding suit slides upwards about 1.5". The shoulder pads pull it that way. When you lower your arm the torso should slide back downward.

If you are a borderline size, part-way between an ‘S’ (short) and an ‘R’ (regular), go with the longer body length of the ‘R’. And if you are between an ‘R’ and an ‘L’ (long), go with the longer body of the ‘L’. Consider the extra body length of an ‘R’ or an ‘L’ in each size, which is about 1.3" more than that of an ‘S’ or an 'R' if you are between lengths and ride a sport bike or want maximum freedom-of-movement. Then adjust/alter leg and sleeve length as needed to your size. For a comfortable coverall fit, with your raised arms out to your side and horizontal (both at the same time), you should still have slight room at the crotch.

The suit’s torso, sleeve and leg diameters are exactly the same for each ‘S’, ‘R’ and ‘L’ version of a particular size. For example, the 38S, 38L and 38R dimensions around your body are identical. The circumferences of legs, sleeve and torso are the same.

The suit’s leg lengths are correct if, when standing normally, the hem breaks (wrinkles) slightly against the front of your riding boot, just above the foot’s arch, and the top edge of the TF knee impact armor cup is positioned near the center of your kneecap. Then, as you sit on your bike, the hem will rise about 1.5” and the knee armor cup will slide upward and center itself over your bent knee.

The suit’s sleeves are the correct length if, when standing normally with your arms hanging loosely by your sides, they end about mid-way between your knuckles and your wrist, measured at the back of your hand. The center of the TF impact armor elbow cup should be centered on, or very slightly below, your elbow.

Specialized Motorcycle Configuration Considerations:

For comfort with low handle bars and higher positioned rear set footrests, all one-piece riding suits fit better with the ‘Extra Forward Rotated Sleeve’ alterations, and may also benefit from an ‘ellipse’ added to the center of the back. In addition, an ‘expanded knee’ alteration is available which provides slightly more space for knee armor when knees are bent more sharply.

For active off-road riding requiring maximum freedom-of-movement and upper-arm ease, underarm ‘V’ gussets may be added to increase upper sleeve diameter and provide extra room across upper chest and shoulder areas.


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