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Darien Jacket

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Ventilation could be improvedReview by Matt
I've had my Darien Hi-Viz for 4 years now and doing mostly commuting and weekend rides. It is the only jacket I wear in all weather and on every ride. The construction is impressive and it does wear great in nearly every weather. That being said, I'd like to see a couple things:

The rear zipper vent and side zips are good. I ride a standard/naked bike w/out any fairing so the wind hits my chest and at speed I struggle to get really good wind flow through the jacket when it's warm. I have to unzip the front a bit to get flow but even then the wind will often push the jacket to my chest, closing off the ventilation and rendering the sides and rear nearly useless. I'd like to see some chest-side air vents that stay open regardless of the position of the rider. This would also keep the bugs from hitting my open chest area, needing to lower the main zip.

One other small note, I see over and over again on your site about the Darien and other products (Roadcrafter, etc) how they were the FIRST in many tech areas or design. That's great and a nice point to note, but honestly, in the world of gear and tech it's all about, "What have you done for me lately?" I feel that sometimes, perhaps Aerostitch relies too much on tried-and-true and does not iterate on new ideas enough, perhaps? Please keep researching and incorporating new products! I love supporting your company.

Ride safe,
Matt (Posted on 6/1/15)
FitReview by John
Great jacket features and construction details. I live in Maine and wanted a suit that I could layer with a fleece jacket, electric vest and long underwear for an extended riding season. I found it. It took a while @ 2.5 months and three different sizes to get the best fit. Probably I need a custom. I am 6'3" and 198lbs. I used the sizing guide after performing all the measurements and reviewed these with Aerostich staff on the phone. Got a 40 HiViz first which was way too tight and short in the sleeves, then a 42, stiil too short in the arms and tight across the chest (couldn't get hands in the hand warmer chest pockets) finally tried the 44 which I think fits pretty well. Pants were pretty easy, got the 36L (normally wear a 34x34). Interestingly, I have not changed suit sizes and still wear a 40L suit jacket. Admittedly, I have the wing span of a turkey vulture and should have probably gone with a custom sleeve length; trying to decide on that now. My advice is if you are tall and relatively thin, have 2-3 sizes sent and keep the one that fits best. That will save a ton of time. I have had this jacket in 32 degree weather with sleet and rain at 60-70 mph and found it warm, well sealed and dry, now for the heat! (Posted on 5/7/15)
Darien Jacket #132Review by David
Cold! That's the first thing you notice. Wear this in 50 degree weather and you'd swear it was 35 degrees. Of course there's always a liner, but my Carhartt Detroit Jacket with a flannel liner but no insulation, was much more comfortable. On the other hand, if I get bumped off by a soccer mom, I'm more confident that I will be scuff free from the thighs-up. To combat the discomfort I bought a Mountain Hardware Monkey-Phur liner from REI for under a C-note that makes a big difference. Also, it's not as stiff as some people would have you believe, not too bad, actually. 4 out of 5. (Posted on 11/26/14)
Above and beyond!Review by Mark
I had previously posted a review (April 30, 2011) where I identified a problem with loose Velcro strips. In a long overdue followup I would like to thank the Aerostich service team(Cam, Matt and Ida) for an exceptional job. They went above and beyond what I ever expected. They more then stood behind their product. Much appreciated! (Posted on 3/28/14)
The work horse of synthetic motorcycle geatrReview by Nick
I have had my (light blue) Darien since 1997. It has been used for everything... touring, off road, dualsport riding... the lot. It has definately 'matured' with age and now fits like the proverbial glove. I have never had to test its crashworthiness but the 'armour' is certainly still re-assuring. Best of all it cleans up well in the washing machine and still looks like new. A great product. (Posted on 2/3/14)
The Swiss Army Knife of jacketsReview by John
I've debated buying the Darien for several years. In the mean time I bought several textile and a few leather jackets for riding. I am a touring rider and am very glad I bought the Darien. Since I live in south Florida I'll admit I don't wear the jacket for quick trips. But when it comes to long rides it has become my "go to" jacket. This one jacket does it all. Excellent protection from wind, rain and that dreaded unplanned "get off". Quality, US made and rugged enough to pass on to your ancestors, this jacket is head and shoulders above anything else I own. If you decide on the Darien I strongly suggest you use the online fitting guide or call and talk to someone who can get you the right size. Also I think the back pad should be standard equipment but since it isn't, buy one anyway. (Posted on 12/24/13)
Darien Jacket IS Improved and More Better :-)Review by Mac
This is my 3rd Darien jacket and pants (don't ask :-)
The last pair just were beyond repair after 13 years and untold miles all over the place. I never washed them! Yea, I know...

The newest jacket is even more better than its' predecessor IMO due to the softer collar and the fabulous idea of using magnets to hold the collar down to the jacket when the collar is not velcroed closed. More waterproof zippers too.
Wonderful (Posted on 12/24/13)
Best Riding Gear I've Ever HadReview by Sjaak
I ordered the Darien from Holland, having had the Aerostitch brand floating in the back of my mind for ages; their gear seemed to feature everything I wanted as a daily rider come rain, sleet or shine. I submitted my sizes, but on arrival the sleeves were an inch short, falling on the bony wrist protrusion. However, sans shoulder and elbow pads, sleeve length was spot on. As good fortune had it, I soon decided anyway to use the Darien without the pads, but with the optional Competition back protector. An injured spine gets you in a wheel chair. Used thus, the Darien is extremely comfortable and leaves room to move without the jacket pulling. All pockets, adjusting tabs and the collar are extremely functional. I'm totally happy with the jacket. Two caveats are the sizing for longish limbs which is tricky or somehow missed by the sizing dept., in my case with luck no problem, and the two lower front pockets have nicely angled entrance, but their zippers are very hard to pull close (direction belly button) becaus the jacket "gives". You really need two hands, one to hold the jacket tight when you pull the zipper with the other. Recommended! (Posted on 12/17/13)
Performes as promissedReview by Jeff
This jacket performs as promised. Took it on a 5500km round trip across the Trans-Labrador HWY and Newfoundland in September (not recommended). 8 of the 10 days were wet. Most just a constant light rain. But 3 of those days saw long heavy downpours. I was the only one in the group to stay dry.
Only complaint is the chest pockets do get wet. Had some papers in there that didn't survive. (Posted on 12/17/13)
Darien Crash resultsReview by Bob
Last week a buck jumped into my st1300 from the side of the road. The deer was killed, my bike totaled so I thought I'd give a report on the performance of the Darien jacket. The jacket was about 2 years old with 71k miles on it. I hit pavement at about 50-60 mph and slid a considerable distance ending up on mt stomach with the bike another 30 or so ft down road.
The jacket did sustain damage almost all of which was on the left side which il landed on. The lowest outside pocket had several rips and holes which I attribute to their having been a spare clip for my 32 in it. The clip itself was destroyed. The damage was limited to to
He outer layer of the pocket and did not pierce the part of the pocket touching rider. This should be very repairable there was a lot of abrasion on the left hip but nothing all the way thru. The left forearm took a beating with two holes about quarter size. The shoulder took a significant hit but did not tear. The only right side damage was on the elbow where the material ground down to the elbow pad. I had both shoulder and elbow pads in and they did an excellent job. Perhaps the most impressive thing is that I lost NO SKIN anywhere the jacket covered. I did get some good bruises, and I broke 10 ribs. I had on AD1 pants as well and they held up even better than the jacket.
If I ever head on a deer at 60 mph this is the gear I want on. I'll be an aero stitch customer forever (Posted on 8/12/13)

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