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#132 Hi-Viz

Darien Jacket #132

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Still satisfied after five years Review by Alan in CT
After using several other riding suits that I became discontented with for one reason or another, I bought a Darien jacket and pants about five years ago. The jacket is a size L from just before the switch to numerical sizing, and fits me decently at 6'2"' 180lbs.

I have worn the Darien jacket as my main riding garb almost daily in every kind of weather imaginable. I have never gotten wet in it even in biblically proportioned rainstorms. I have found it tolerable in 90+ temps, and with layers in sub-30 temps with layers. The pockets are useful and sensible, without a lot of excessive flaps, Velcro, or other frippery. I have been fortunate enough not to crash-test it, but it seems to hold up well for many who have.

After five years, the only appreciable wear is a few abraded spots on the Gore-tex laminate, but this does not seem to affect water resistance. Also, there is a layer of perma-crud that won't completely come out in its annual wash and rewaterproofing.

Although it is expensive, I would have saved myself some cash if I had bought it earlier instead of those other riding suits d'jour. If it ever wears out, I will probably get another. (Posted on 4/12/12)
Darien Hi Vis Review by Goggles
Best M/C jacket ever. Purchased 8 seasons prior, virtually no wear but zipper pulls broke, have replacements ready for install(someday). Wear it over my work clothes, fits fine. Weather resistant, pockets where I need them. Zippered air vents underarm & across back very useful. Very adaptive to wide range of temperatures. Looking forward to purchasing another, -if mine ever wears out, not looking like that will be for a while. Please, never stop offering this fine example of US designed & made product. I'm thinkin' with The Darien you fer sure get what ya paid fer! (Posted on 3/15/12)
Stiff, but works Review by Captain Curmudgeon
Have about 12,000 miles / 2 years on my Darien. Still stiff as a board even after washings. Also front cargo pockets are easily accessed but not at all waterproof. Do not carry anything there that cannot get damp like a cell phone or camera. Overall it works pretty well though and w/o the liner can be rolled up stored pretty compact when temp is unbearably hot. Other jackets may be more comfortable but not have the toughess of the Darien. (Posted on 3/15/12)
Should Have Purchased One Ten Years Ago Review by JD Man
Have only had a chance to wear the jacket for about 600 miles in 40-60 degree weather (no rain yet). All I can say is "I should have bought this jacket ten years ago". Rode in 40 degree weather all day long and snug as can be. Fit was great, no flapping, absolutely windproof. Typically put on 12-15k miles per year and looking forward to putting this jacket through its' paces this year. Only wish is 'Stitch made a Women's version. We are trying to find a size of the Roadcrafter that will fit my wife now, so we will see.

Will write a full detail after several thousand miles. (Posted on 3/12/12)
Feel the quality Review by gfkibb
I have been searching for quality riding gear for a long time. Finally I broke down and purchased the Darien jacket and pants. When I opened the package I was pleased. You can feel the quality and care that went into making these garments. There is no comparison. I ride a 2010 Concours in temps down into the low 30's and this is when the quality of these garments shine. As far as sizing goes for the pants, I went with the longs. I am 5'10" and 195 lbs. The regulars are fine when you are standing, but too short in the riding position. Go for you are helping Americans by purchasing American -made products! (Posted on 3/4/12)
Great Jacket & Pants! Review by OHIO-buellman
I received the Darien jacket and matching pants as a Christmas gift, so at this point I only have about 6 weeks and 500 miles worth of experience with the products, but so far, I am quite impressed. I commute 40 mi RT each day and weekend rides. My bikes are a mix of sport-bikes and dual-sports. Short of ice, I ride everyday. This gear is comfortable on all of my rides, all of the time--it is just straight up top shelf stuff.

I am somewhat embarrassed by the number jackets and pants I own (everything from full one-piece leathers to mesh touring gear). So, needless to say, I went over the jacket and pants with a fine tooth comb right out of the box. With all of this "software" in my possession, I have a pretty good idea of where to look for weaknesses and potential problems. This stuff just seems bloody bombproof to me. I have ridden it in the rain, snow, and sleet and everything from 17F (this morning's commute for example) to 60F and have remained warm and dry (using optional fleece liner jacket). I especially like the high collar during cold mornings as it keep the chill out (I had been using a fleece neck-warmer, but this just solves the problem straight away). Jacket is a bit stiff, but I suspect this will soften a bit with age. All of the pockets are awesome. I put my iphone in the optional clear plastic arm pouch that fastens to your forearm so I can see when I have a message or just wish to check the time (at red lights of course). My only little quibble is that I wouldn't mind more vertical movability for the knee pads in the pants, but that is pretty minor. This stuff is not inexpensive, but, I like the fact that it is made in America and you get what you pay for! It is top shelf stuff. I have no desire to check its crash resistance, but from prior incidents with other apparel, I can tell sufficient attention to detail in likely problem areas seems great. (Posted on 2/6/12)
Great jacket. Review by Cyclemech
Finally bought mine, and am very happy I did. Nice jacket, great for cold weather ridding, using the Kanetsu electric jacket under it with just a t-shirt I stayed comfortable with out turning on the heat with temperatures in the mid 30's for nearly an hour. The only complaint I have is, my size L electric jacket when zipped into my size 44 Darien using the inner zippers, makes the neck and shoulders too high to be comfortable so I just have to zip up twice. (Posted on 2/6/12)
15 Years Still Going... Review by boringgit
Another reviewer got it right by saying you have to use a Darien jacket for a while to appreciate how good these are.
I bought mine in 1997 when I was in living in the UK. Very dubious about spending a fairly large amount of money on an american mail order item that could possibly not fit or I would like. Needles to say I have on the whole not been disapointed. The front zip still works flawlessly, its still, mostly, waterproof and as wearable as ever. The lining covering the seams on the inside of the jacket is starting to come away but after 15 yrs you can't quibble.
These jackets are not perfect, the bright red colour has long faded, the little collar velcro strap still works but can flap in the wind making knocking noises on your helmet if not done up, very annoying. The right arm of the jacket from the elbow down is most deffinitely NOT windproof. Something left out at manufacture? The outside pockets leaked from new and the shoulder pads can restrict movement of your helmet when looking back for a turn, and isn't it due for a design update?
(Posted on 1/31/12)
Nice Toasty Review by lunalos
I have been looking a motorcycle jacket that is truly a wind blocker. The Darien Jacket with liner plus the competitive silk scarf really keeps the wind out. I am a daily commuter and ride in temperatures as low as 20 degrees F (with no sun). The only issue is with my gloves. If not for my fingers, I would ride in lower temperatures with this superb jacket. (Posted on 1/14/12)
Never been disappointed by Aerostich Review by Michael
I have a 15 year old Roadcrafter one-piece. I wanted to get more comfortable in wet and cold weather. Due to me putting on some weight, I could not easily get into the old Rodacrafter any longer with layers on. The Darien with 200 wt fleece is great. I can ride down to temps with just the jacket and liner (and AD1 pants) where I was using a heated vest with the Roadcrafter. It's better in the rain as well. New to 'Stich? Don't let the initial stiffness put you off. The break in is worth it. (Posted on 12/25/11)

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Darien ‘Cutaway’ Hem Roll

The Darien is a ¾ length design – it’s just long enough to cover a suitcoat and is the perfect length for standing-on-the-pegs dual sporting and adventure riding. For all camping and other rugged outdoor activities, too. But sometimes it feels a little too long, especially if you ride a sport or sport touring bike with the classic lean-forward body position handlebars.

An easy solution for some riders is to roll/fold the jacket front hem up underneath the zipper. After a couple of times it becomes automatic. You don’t even think about it because it takes not even two seconds. Give it a try.

—Mr. Subjective, 2014

Darien ‘Cutaway’ Hem Roll Darien ‘Cutaway’ Hem Roll

MMM Product Review: Aerostich Darien Jacket

My love affair with the Aerostich Darien jacket was quickly developed and has been growing stronger with every passing riding season. It was my first real motorcycle related purchase and one that I have benefited from every since.

Within a few months of the purchase of my first real bike I was off in a far away land (Iowa) searching for towns that may or may not exist with fellow I've Been Everywhere Grand Tour riders. My Aerostich Darien jacket was about to take its first test. We experienced damn near every type of summer weather on this ride and by the end of the summer I had the frost and snow feather in my cap too. Dirt roads, random rain storms and gusting wind. But nothing would compare to what was coming. We had decided it was time to head home. After a good meal and some 'BS'ing we were on the road. Destination, Des Moines. Turn north and blast home.

About an hour south of the Minnesota border we ran into a wall of water. Not just a rain storm, a wall of water. Now being a new rider, I figured we would find the next exit and wait it out or at least let it die down a bit. We didn't even slow down... Continue to Full Review


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