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Darien Jacket

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Cant beat it!Review by David
Had my Hi-Viz Darien for 6 years and approximately 100k kms of riding in the US and Europe in all seasons. Last few years I have started spending many hours in the jacket doing Iron Butt rides and it is probably the strongest testimony to the quality of the Darien that most of the IBA riders I have come across, ride in 'stiches and many in the Darien. On the heat thing - as long as you are moving, the jacket has fantastic ventilation - I rode in Italy in 36 degrees C for a week with no issues as long as I was moving. Hi-Viz never really was that hi-viz compared to jackets that are out now - really just a yellow jacket, but despite my early disappointment with the colour, I have grown to love the dirty yellow as a more subtle colour. Wash it twice a season with the TX products and it always comes up looking like new for a few weeks. The armour padding is starting to loose contact with the velcro inside the jacket and it looks like it is losing some of the goretex liner so will probably send it for repair to the folks at 'stitch before too long. If you have gone as far as to read this and the other reviews, you will be buying one soon - and believe me, you will not regret it. (Posted on 11/12/10)
On road off roadReview by Mark GL1800/R1200GSA
My Darien has six years and over 67000 miles both on pavement and off. I live in northern Wyoming and have used it from the mountains of Montana to the desert of Big Bend national park in Texas. With an electric liner and a Heat Gear type T-shirt I have remained dry and comfortable from 32F and snowing to over 90F and humid. I have and will only use the Hi-Vis Yellow. From the moment I put it on I gained at least two feet of space between myself and the on coming traffic on Two lane roads! Meeting a Pickup on a short blind corner you can actually see the front tire turn away. The safety factor from the visual impact is undeniable.Yes I get the " I thought you were a fireman" but so what woman like fireman and after a while it gets a worn in look that tells other riders you've been around.
The jacket is stiff when new. Throw it in the washer a couple of times and it will soften up. I have always used Nikwax tech wash and their wash in waterproofing and still remain dry in heavy rain.
With all the pads in place including the standard back pad the Darien feels heavy when you pick it up but I have never noticed the weight on either of my bikes when riding and it seems no heavier than other very high quailty jackets with all the pads I've looked at.
My jacket has never had a problem with any zipper or zipper pull and the main zipper is two way that lets you adjust the bottom to fit any bike. I like the adjustable elastic cord at the bottom for a snug fit at the hips. All of the velcrow is still in good shape. I added a piece to a front pocket to attach my heat controller that works great.
I have a 50 chest and no neck so the sholder and back pads were a little long for me but it was easy to trim them with a pair of sissors and with the velcrow adjustment you can get them just right.
The collar irratated the back of my neck in warm weather with only a T-shirt on. I solved that with a silk scarf from a local cowbow shop. Aerostich sells one. I use mine all the time it's cooler in the heat and warmer in the cold.
The Darien is my go to jacket it is very high quality well though out and works great for goldwing touring and GS adventure riding. I love all the pockets and would recommend it to any serious rider.
The Darien will work at any reasonable temp. but like others have said it gets hot above 85F-90F. I to would like to see a Darien lite mesh non gore-tex I could transfer my pads to and use with a cooling vest on those really hot days.
After six seasons my jacket shows a little wear as it should but is still in very good condition and will give me many more miles of protection. when it does wear out I will buy myself a new one for sure. (Posted on 10/17/10)
First-Rate Jacket for cool daysReview by Pastor Gene
The temps here just began to drop into fall ranges, and my hi-viz Darien jacket shines. I bought it in 2008 and use it for every ride. Aside from the occasional moment when I'm confused with a fireman, the color increases my confidence. Couple it with a yellow helmet, and I've done what I can to be seen. The rest is up to skill and care. This jacket really shines in cool and cold weather, particularly when it's coupled with the available fleece liner. Using the liner means getting a size larger, and it's noticeable during warmer months. Even with body armor and my body fat, the coat is huge. And it's hot. Man, is it hot. Stop in an Iowa intersection on an August day, and the sweat runs. Once I'm moving, it gets better. Opening the underarm and back panel zippers helps. A little. A mesh jacket is a better choice for summer. But when it gets colder, go to it. The neck closes tightly, and the sleeves do too. Put on a full-face helmet and gauntlet groves, and wind intrusion is minimal. Put on the liner, without zipping it into the coat, and you can easily remove it as the temp rises. Absolutely waterproof in the rain, amazingly so. A piece of advice: Don't use spray-on waterproofers, for they will discolor the coat. Use a wash-in like Nikwax. Mine is splotchy going in, but it comes out of the washer looking fine. It's an expensive coat, but the Gore-Tex and available body armor will help keep you in one piece when it is needed. (Posted on 10/5/10)
I Can't say enough good thinks about this hi-viz jacket. I can tell people in cars see me. I wish I could send it back and have it fitted for my Leatt Brace. (Posted on 10/3/10)
The Volvo 240 of motorcycle jacketsReview by Alex Muentz
I bought a hi-viz Darien in 2005. Five years and maybe 25,000 miles, it's still fully functional.

It's bulky, non-stylish, rugged and does exactly what it's supposed to do. Rain, shine, hot, cold. It's less hi-viz and more legal pad yellow + road filth now.

It does have a few flaws- the collar scratches up my neck, the back protector wears against the Gore-Tex on the back.

But it's my 3 season jacket. If Aerostich came out with a mesh jacket, I'd buy one of those, too.

(Posted on 9/25/10)
Darien 100K milesReview by Enjoying the Journey
Well, I have a 100K on my Darien Hi Viz Jacket and same for the pants. unfortunately, the waterproofness has begun to disappear. I've used the wash in waterproofs with it and they held for awhile, but sadly it is pretty much gone. Pants leak in the strangest of places, like where your backside makes contact with the seat. Very odd.

Jacket and pants were awesome for the first 60K - 70K miles before little leaks started appearing, but the tech washins took care of that. The top left pocket, under the Darien tag gets caught in the zipper of the larger pocket below it and hangs the zipper, plus ripped the pocket on inside, so i can't keep my keys there anymore.

Guess I am about due for another. Probably won"t go with Hi-Viz, tired of Fireman comments. Do agree with hot day comments above 95 and humid, you are going to hurt if you get stuck in traffic, you need the airflow. Cold weather - down to 10-15 degrees and survived over an hour and half commutes to or from work. But I ride a Goldwing with heated seats, leg warmers, heated grips and toe warmers. Wore the fleece with an additional fleece jacket underneath it. Wore ski mittens for hands and hiking boots. was fine.

I ride year round in Northeast and commute 140 miles round trip each day, so I rack up the miles. I've been using a mesh jacket recently, Speed and Strength, my brother in law purchased it for me, tired of seeing me on his Harley Dyna Wide Glide in my fireman's outfit when I'd ride his bikes in San Diego.

Now that the seasons are starting to change, I'll need my Darien again, but I'll pack a rain suit to go over it until I get a new one.

I definitely miss the pockets of the Darien when i wear the other jacket, nor do I have to worry about weather changes. The Speed and Strength mesh jacket has a zip in liner for weather protection, but you get slimed from it, doesn't breath. Really liked the weather protection and air flow from the Darien, one jacket does it all.

Maybe Santa will put one under the tree for me. Going with Gray this time to match the Black Goldwing with Silver Chrome. Too bad I couldn't get a grey and black combo Darien, now that would be sweet.

May even try the electric liner, love to see some comments posted on them.

Happy riding, Darien is the way to go, served me well all these years, plus sent it back for reseaming - it was free, plus they upgraded all the armor for free too. You can't beat it. Other than LL Bean, I don't know who else stands behind their gear like Aerostich. Good riding with your purchase and Enjoy the Journey. Now get out there and ride, that's why you bought it.

(Posted on 9/14/10)
Great Jacket & Pants ; BUTReview by Watty
I ride in BC all year if possible. I have ridden through some violent rain storms and am very pleased with the Jacket and Pants ability to keep me dry even warm when the temperature is close to 0C.
One concern is I bought Yellow Hi Viz as a lot of the riding is on grey days and this was as close to the colour the British Police use in UK where weather is similar.
However after about 2 years the yellow is not hi viz yellow any more and closer to the colour of a faded banana. Still somewhat visible but not as "sharp" as it should be. Wish there was a way to restore the colour.......other than paint or a new Jacket. (Posted on 6/24/10)
5yrs, 45,000 milesReview by jim
I live in Maine and ride year round on my wee strom. My Darien jacket and pants have been bullet proof. I just wash and dry them about once a year. I'm warm when I want, and cool when needed. Always dry. A very happy camper. Thanks Aerostich (Posted on 4/24/10)
Jeep and waterproof.Review by Ryan
Took a head on hit with a jeep cherokee at 45mph, broke some bones but not even a scratch on the jacket. It also works well in the rain. (Posted on 3/6/10)
Leathers? We don't need no stinkin' leathers...Review by Simon
After noticing that the editors of my favorite motorcycling magazines, who can wear pretty much anything because they get it free, routinely choose Aerostich products, I decided to try one. I purchased a Darien jacket, one of the early ones. I've been wearing it for at least 15 some odd years now, maybe longer. I ride all year round, and I've ridden pretty much all year round when I lived in Colorado, Arizona, and now in North Carolina. If there's ice on the road and too much snow for traction, I take the truck. Otherwise, I ride one of my Harleys. In over 40 years of riding, this is probably the best product I've ever used.

I added the Darien pants after several years, and now wear my Darien jacket and pants every winter. (In the spring and summer, I opt for lighter gear.) Since purchasing the jacket, I have had one, and only one, problem. The zipper on one of the sleeves broke. I sent the jacket in, they not only fixed it for a very reasonable charged, but upgraded it (for free) with a new type of collar fastening that's being used now.

I use the jacket without armor. (I don't like it, it makes a heavy, bulky jacket ever bulkier). I used to wear leather all the time. I still like it, from an aesthetic point of view, but I don't own a leather jacket anymore. They only other gear I use it Tour Master, which is a good value for the money, but the Darien is much, much better made, heavier, stronger, more weatherproof, and American-made, by riders, for riders. Eventually, I will save up for a Roadcrafter jacket and doubtless retire the Tour Master. I fully expect the Darien jacket to last me until I croak. I think I will wear out before it does.

The only change I would make to this gear is to add removable or zip off panels with mesh behind them to make it more usable in warm temperatures. Otherwise, I wouldn't change a thing. (Posted on 2/21/10)

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