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Darien Jacket

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Aerostich is the way to goReview by Rodney
I have not had a Darien Jacket long; but, I bought a used one with many many miles on it. So, I can say that even after a long hard life the Darein Jacket will do what it is supposed to do.

First, it is really hard to find a Darien Jacket used. People who have them do not want to give them up. The only way I found a used one was to find a rider who wanted to switch to an Aerostich one piece Roadcrafter. So, after looking long and hard for a used one, I finally saw one on a web site - I think it lasted about 20 minutes.

My other jackets are all name brand and were purchased off the rack at the dealer where I bought my bike. They are adequate, work well enough and were all purchased new. A used, well worn and road weary Darien Jacket (and somewhat newer Dairen pants) out perform everything else I've ever worn on a bike. I bought a used jacket because:

1. I really don't like to spend money for something I'm not sure a really need or want.

2. Before I buy a new one I wanted to see how a really old one had held up after a long time on the road.

After a short time using the Darien gear - I will never go back.

When I first put the gear on I thought 'well OK, but what's the big deal'. Then I got on the bike. To understand how good the Aerostich stuff is you have to ride with it. Just trying it on is like trying to appreciate a Mercedes by sitting in it in the show room. That just will not do. You have to ride with it - and WOW, what a difference from the lesser stuff.

Also, for those who ride to an office, the Darien Jacket is long enough to put on over a sport coat or suit coat. And, is roomy enough for layering for cooler weather.

While I made sure that I was getting the best fit of other riding gear by going to a stocking dealer and trying on different sizes, and got some good sales help for proper fit, the Aerostich Darien Jacket and Pants fit better, fit closer, and THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT are more comfortable on the bike than anything else I have or ever had.

If you have never had really good quality riding gear you just can not imagine what you are missing. If you have any money for motorcycling - buy the Aerostich gear first!! If you have to, finance the bike - but get the Aerositch gear. Don't waste money on the lesser stuff. I you use a bike for real transportation; or, if you go on longer rides, this is the stuff to get.

In the future, I will not even bother to shop for Jackets and Riding pants. This is the place. I do not have the time to fool around anymore. (Posted on 12/8/11)
ER cut it offReview by Michael
July 31, 2011 I fixated on a patch of gravel and locked down the brakes on my 2003 Suzuki DL1000. I was a bit hot coming into the area and I may have scrubbed off enough speed so I hit a mailbox mounted with 4 X 4's at 35 mph. I don't remember much of it however. From the marks on my bike and the reversed direction I landed have yet to figure it. I think me and the bike did a flip (evidence by deep cuts on the top of the top box) length wise and landed with me lying across my fallen bike feeling very sick and dizzy. Sure signs of shock. I made my way wobbly to a slight slope and laid down head lower than my feet. I was hauled off to the ER where a stern looking old nurse cut my left sleeve from cuff up across the collar. Now I am sporting a titanium plate with 11 screws on my left clavicle. But no road rash... I have already replaced it! Thanks to Aerostich I am well healed and am rebuilding my bike!

(Posted on 9/30/11)
It saved meReview by Streetrod
On a beautiful May day a few years ago while riding in France,where I live, I passed a quarry. Invisable fine sand was on the road from the trucks that hauled rock. On a left bend I lowsided my trusty Ducati super sport. No biggy on a track, but I went off a 50 foot bank/cliff landing in a tree below while the bike hung from another tree at the bottom of the ravine.
My Darien had a scuffed torn sleeve which Aerostitch made new again. It saved my skin while the trees at the bottom dislocated my shoulder and broken back. My leather trousers were totaled but my Darien is still my favorite riding jacket and still water proof six years later. Thanks aerostitch, I'm a convert. (Posted on 8/25/11)
DarianReview by Michael
It was a real Dumb Ass moment when I fixated on a large patch of gravel. I rode my 2003 Vstrom into the gravel and lost traction and stopping power. I plowed into a mailbox mounted with 4 X 4's and ripped it and the concrete out of the ground. Loong story shortned, my bike suffered deep cuts and road/gravel scratches and I had none! BUT I broke my left clavicle when I broke through the windsheild. The ER nurse cut my Darian Jacket in the most unrecoverable way. Grrr. I will be replacing this jacket ASAP! (Posted on 8/24/11)
Nearly Perfect ProtectionReview by Chris Darling
I own the Darien jacket and pants and have found them to be nearly flawless. My details are these: 6-1, 185 lbs, BWM R1150GS, mixture of commuting and long tours.

I bought my Darien jacket (hi viz yellow) and pants four years ago and have put over 20,000 miles on them. I did upgrade to the AD-1 pants last year due to the improved pocket design and I recommend them. My Darien has the Kanetsu electric liner and I am comfortable down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and even then the limiting factor is my fingers getting cold, not the jacket. I ride in the Western United States (South Dakota, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho) and have seen temps from 20 degrees to 105 degrees and have been comfortable. As other riders have mentioned, you can stay comfortable even when it is hot as long as you are rolling. If you commute in stop/go city traffic all the time in 90+ temps, then you will want to get a mesh jacket for that application, but I always switch to my Darien whenever I tour regardless of the temperatures. The Darien jacket gets great airflow up the sleeves and out the back—the thing just fills up with air and the evaporation keeps you comfortable when riding. The Darien pants/AD-1 pants have decent (not excellent) ventilation which you can achieve by opening the zippers—open the zipper down the legs from the hips about 6 inches and also snap the cuffs closed and zip open the legs UP from the ankle about 6 inches. You still have good crash coverage but it lets some air circulate.

I have one gripe with the jacket. There is no good way to manage the collar “lapels” during hot weather. When it is hot you want to unzip the jacket, but the wind just blows it shut again. There needs to be a snap or something on both sides of the chest so that you can unzip the front and hold open both halves so the lapels aren’t flapping shut.

All in all an excellent product and I would not hesitate to purchase both pieces again.
(Posted on 7/6/11)
Great kit with a few foiblesReview by TB
I have a plethora of riding stuff. First piece I bought in 1999 when I got back to riding was this Darien. When I'm going out on a long trip and can't count on the weather, I take the Darien. Waterproof, windproof, lots of ventilation when needed, tough and protective. I've had problems with the zippers on the sleeves losing their handles, but they still work with a little effort and it's built like a brick. Even with maimed zippers and after all these years, it's still my go-to riding tog. Essential gear for any touring rider. (Posted on 6/23/11)
Velrco strips come off where pads attachReview by Mark
I brought the hip pads for the pants and the bad pad for the jacket and on both of them the velcro attachments strips have come off. When I called I informed that I would need to return the jacket and pants for what would be a 3 week repair. Not sure but I may have had to pay for return shipping. I used good old duct tape for now. (Posted on 4/30/11)
Good Coat!Review by Doug
First off...let me start by saying that the coat is made very well. With that in mind I had to ask myself if I was willing to order another Aerostitch product when I gained some weight (I know...lose the weight). I opted for a Darien Light because the regular Darien is a very heavy coat. If you plan on staying in the cold this coat is for you. I've ridden with the heavier Darien in 100 degree and 20 degree temps. It does alright in both but better in the cold. Good coat. Very the others have said, it will soften up after washing with tec wash. (Posted on 4/20/11)
Great Jacket & Great serviceReview by Tincup John
This is the best all around jacket I have had in my 40 years of riding, got the jacket w/liner just before christmas and have used it in Big Bend TX., Death Vally, Colorado, Wyoming even snowmobiling I would say to anyone ( GET THE LINNER) its worth the extra cost! trust me it works very good! jacket is a little stiff at first but after two washes takes shape to your body very good, zipers do take a little time to get used too! but all jackets are like that. I have worn out my BMW (rally-pro)jacket and was a litte slow to try the Darien becuse of all the weather changes in Colorado were I most ride, the darien is so much better jacket " it works " and very well too! best of all it's made in USA not China! Thanks: aerostich keep up the great work & service (Posted on 2/21/11)
Great Jacket but...Review by DeMinimis
Absolutely one tough and functional jacket. However, Aerostich needs to offer more sizing options off-the-self instead of charging for alterations. Now that sizing is based on chest size other than SM-XL like before (which is a great improvement), there still needs to be long sizing available too. For example, 48L. When buying a new Darien, paying another $60 to have the arms lengthened doesn't seem right. As a result, I've opted for a equally priced European jacket this go-'round with the needed length. When Stich offers long sizes in the Darien, I suspect I'll be back. (Posted on 1/11/11)

Items 31 to 40 of 68 total

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