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#134 Roadcrafter Jacket - Grey/Black

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Men's Roadcrafter Classic Jacket

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The time has comeReview by Alyn
After 15 years I think the time has come to replace my two piece Roadcrafter suit. So many countries, so many bikes and so many Kms (miles) it is letting me down in the rain. It has never been crashed and I have tried to maintain it as best I can but time is a warrior and I cannot justify sending it international freight for refurbishment. I will miss you, dear friend. That filthy day from Berlin to Prague, the 1000 Km of rain from Melbourne to Sydney, the snow over the Dolomites, all part of the suit. Thank you Andy, thank you for making a suit for riders. (Posted on 11/5/15)
Pure comfort, fantastic fit - Roadcrafter ClassicReview by Oosik
This is my first textile M/C jacket. I appreciate the great fit and right out of the box - its a very comfortable jacket. I can see that it is breaking in very nicely as I ride more with it. Another feature I appreciate - its less than half the weight of my old leather jacket. (Posted on 5/1/15)
Comfort and ProtectionReview by JRob
18 years ago I purchased my first Roadcrafter suit. A year and 20K miles later I had a personal meeting with the pavement. Having slid 300ft I can tell you that there is no better protection than the Roadcrafter. Not a scratch or abrasion where the suit covered my body. Helmet and gloves did not fair so well.

During the time that I was wearing the suit It gave plenty of comfort as well. It kept the rain out and kept me warm on cold days. On hot days I'd open the vents and on very hot days fill the pockets with ice. Total comfort with the knowledge that you are protected when something goes horribly wrong. Would definately endorse the Roadcrafter. (Posted on 8/22/14)
The best motorcycle jacket on the marketReview by Don
My first Aerostich outfit was a Darien Light jacket and pants I bought about 15 years ago. I then purchased a Roadcrafter one piece and wear that through the fall and winter. I like the durability of the Roadcrafter, but the one piece is a little hot for the middle of summer, and the Darien Jacket flaps around a might on naked street bikes at freeway speeds, and while the cut is perfect for a standard or a dual sport, it's a little long on a sport bike crouch. My perfect soution was the Roadcrafter jacket with the Darien Light pants, perfect! In truth all of these items are quality products and I wear them all, I just have the misfortune (cough, lie, cough) of having a lot of differnt bikes. This Roadcrafter jacket is all purpose, well built, weatherproof and ventilates very well. Worth every penny I paid, and I'll have it for many years to come. It only gets better with age. (Posted on 9/24/13)
great investmentReview by MK
Where to start... I love this jacket. I bought a hi-viz in mid 2001, and one crash and about 150,000 miles later, it's still going strong. I just ordered another one, not because the 2001 suddenly went bad, but because it's getting a little long in the tooth (the hi-viz really picks up stains, and the waterproofing isn't nearly as effective as it once was). This isn't simply a jacket, it's a long term investment in safety. (Posted on 11/28/12)
Be Seen!Review by Robert
Having completed the "hat trick" of jackets (Darien, Fallstaff, Roadcrafter), the Roadcrafter tops them all! Be seen in Hi-Viz! (Posted on 10/11/12)
Perfect Fit!Review by Huli
I just received the jacket via FedEx. The fit is absolutely perfect! I have gone through many jackets and they were never quite right... waist too big and flaps in the breeze, sleeves too short so water gets up them. Without even riding the jacket I can tell it is the best ever!!

Of course I will update my post once I get a few hundred miles on it. (Posted on 8/14/12)
Great JacketReview by Joe B
Nice Jacket. Fits great looks great and performs even better! (Posted on 6/26/12)
What you want to know... long term garmentReview by T9R_Bueller
There are many positives comments I could extend about this garment and a few less positive ones. By reading this review what are you looking to learn, like myself the first time I thought about buying a Roadcrafter jacket, the question I wanted addressed was “Is it worth the money?”.

It is durable, functional (pockets and compartments), highly rain resistant (must be treated regularly when used regularly for best results), for use in hot and cold environments, repairable and a garment that will last you many years and many miles. Nobody wants to think about a crash or wrecking, but their items are designed to lessen the impact to your body and allow you to stay safe (no road rash).

The most important part is to find a fit that works for you. The only problem is that what fits you now may not fit you in 5, 10 or 15 years… yes this item will last you a long time. Bits and pieces of the item will not last, the zipper slides will wear out, the reflective material will wear out and I am sure other parts of the jacket but the excellent thing is that it can all be repaired by the Aerostich facility or possibly your local tailor.

Comfortable fitted gear is priceless and these items are near that. They are ever improving their quality and tailoring of the garment. Just when you thought you liked it all, they make it better.

It is worth the money if you are a serious motorcycle riding enthusiast planning to put 30K miles on a bike and ride for 10 plus years.
(Posted on 10/31/11)
3rd jacketReview by Lee
Terrific jacket....I've had several.

Don't understand the comments that the wind blows through it....and it is barely waterproof. I wear on a sport winter weather (when roads are clear) at highway speeds. Wind protection is great.

Waterproof? Seams and zippers can slowly leak. From what I is not as waterproof as the Darien. But it works in showers...up to an hour. Otherwise I wear a rain suite jacket over it. No big deal. (Posted on 9/8/11)

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