#136 Roadcrafter Pants - Grey w/ Black

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Men's Roadcrafter Classic Pants

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Customer Reviews (5)

Sorry I spent so much on other brands firstReview by Marty
I just received my new Aerostitch Roadcrafter pants. I took them for a ride. In Florida. In Tropical Storm Debby! They fit like a glove, keep me bone dry, and as soon as I got them out of the box, I realized why people pay as much as they do for them. There is Aerostitch quality, and then there's everything else. The quality JUMPS out at you. I'll never buy from another motorcycle clothing company again. I want to go back out in the rain. And thank you for making them here in the USA. I would have bought the jacket @ the same time, but I bought a very used (and still very usable) old Darien jacket first, and my personal budget doesn't allow both @ the same time. But, in another month or two... (Posted on 6/27/12)
Nice pants!Review by Koutsevil
I have been looking at purchasing the Roadcrafter two piece for a couple years now. For some reason I kept throwing money away at cheaper riding pants. I have been looking for something to keep me dry. So far this pair of pants has worked perfectly. I only had a chance to ride in moderate rain. Totally dry! Still waiting on that downpour to come.

When I first tried on the pants I didn't think that leg zips were gonna move. Felt like I was trying on a pair of skinny pants. Pretty bad seeing how I am on the portly side. Now, after wearing for a couple weeks, they fit amazing. I love how fast I can get these pants on and off in a hurry. I find myself wearing them all the time. They are warm. Road home in 80 degree temps today. Sweat pretty good. Might not be wearing them when it gets hotter. Will see.

Overall, a fine garment. Wish I would have got them sooner. I like the fact that they are American made and I can send them back to be repaired or altered.

Thank you for making a fine product.
(Posted on 6/8/12)
Saved my skinReview by Rudester
I was riding the 4 corners of the US and while cruising on NC211 in North Carolina on a 2 lane road, a truck turned left in front of me and i ended up t-boning the truck on the passenger side. I got thrown after the impact into oncoming traffic and hit a car in the grill head on with my helmet. I dont remember much but witnesses thought i was deceased. After being taken to the Lumbarton trauma center, i noticed that my Roadcrafter pants were shredded and the material was ground down to the inside liner. Just thinking that if I were wearing jeans, i would have sustained more injuries. Thanks to the pants and my Darien jacket, I was able to walk away with my skin and suffered some minor road rash. I am an Aerostich believer and I bought suits for my sons when they ride. (Posted on 7/23/11)
Excellent suitReview by Long Distance Rider
Over the years I have owned several pieces of Roadcrafter gear. I have ridden well over 350K miles in Roadcrafter Suits. I started with a two piece back in the late eighties and went to a one piece years later. All suffered from closet shrinkage...or perhaps I have continued to grow....anyway, I recently decided to buy new gear and decided on the two piece. The jacket is the best I have ever owned and I have a closet full of motorcycle jackets. The pants for the two piece are perhaps the most misunderstood piece of gear the Aerostich sells. My first try didn't work out well because I didn't give the accessory "bib's" a try. The pants are by definition large because they are made to wear over your street cloths. Being large it is really hard to fit the pants correctly when attached to the jacket. The bibs solve the problem. I just bought them again and along with the bib's it makes an ideal touring suit. The onepiece was great when I lived in the midwest because a pair of shorts and a tee shirt was all you needed to wear in the heat and you could be out of your suit in 10 seconds when you stopped....you can do the same with the two piece but it might take a little longer. If there is one downside of the two piece, it has to do with ATGATT. With the one piece you WILL receive the benefit of the suit everytime you ride, if you wear it...with the two piece you will probably, like me, not always wear the whole suit, just the jacket. The two piece pants are great, just misunderstood. Try them, just don't firget the Bibs.... (Posted on 1/7/11)
This is the heaviest piec...Review by Nick Bauman
This is the heaviest piece of Cordura-constructed thing I've ever worn. I do wish it had the shin protection my Icon Field Armor had and I believe the hip pads should come standard.

A tip: don't buy these without either the jacket or the bib converters as the huge industrial zipper around the waist is hard to use with anything else. The sizing form told me to get a 42 L, but I'm now swimming in mine. To be fair, I'm a tall, thin guy so I think this is the way it goes for me. It's built extremely well and probably worth every penny, I just wish mine fit me better and had a little more protection as a standard. (Posted on 12/17/08)