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Darien Pants

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Awesome PantsReview by Will
I've had the High-Viz Darien Pants for the last 3 weeks, and it was just in time for the rainy season in my part of the country. I'm only 5'8" but I still ordered the longs and I'm glad I did. With boots on they sit perfectly about 5 inches from the ground. The quality and construction, especially around the seam sealing, is excellent. I switched over from the Roadcrafter pants and have yet to experience the wet crotch (due to zipper fai)l even with several very rainy days. The only issue might be the size of the knee pads - they are huge. If you are on the fence, get off and buy the pants. (Posted on 12/16/11)
Don't wait switch your stichReview by Duck Dodgers
Having owned a Roadcrafter for 7 years, I know "Stich" quality and quirks. I lost 40 lbs and it was time to up grade. I pondered a new RC 1 piece, a 2 piece, or mix and match.

I chose the Darien set up this time. Or should I say fate chose it for me. I did not want BLACK pants, I did not want multi-colored space dancer pants. I wanted a light to medium colored pair of riding pants that were rugged, water proof and were not a billboard for the manufacturer.

So Grey Dariens were chosen. I live in the central valley of California so HEAT and Cold-fog are issues.

So on day one, I easily put on my Dariens over my boots. Size was spot on. I took off on my fully unfaired Bonneville, after the FOG in the nieghborhood cleared only to get caught by drizzle, fog and 42 degree weather. Dariens and Jeans were enough. I stopped for lunch and removed my Darien Jacket (Red the faster one) and had lunch in 71 degree weather.

I left for home and as dark and drizzle settled in so did the comfort of the pants. New, no binding or pinching. As I wound my way home on the farm roads with tractor debris in abundance I can also add "Mud proof" to the description.

I will report a NEGATIVE: new pants and a wet Beadrider were a slippery combo.. I'll report back in 20k miles once the new sheen of those bullet proof Dariens eases up.

I thought I would regret moving from a 1 piece Roadcrafter to Dariens. NOPE... SWITCH your STICH.

(Posted on 11/26/11)
Another PairReview by wviands
My first pair of these pants lasted four years with no issues. There really isn't anything wrong with them but I got fatter so I needed to get a bigger pair. I'm a daily year round commuter in Maryland so I hit the road in temps from 30F to 100F, rain or shine. Yes, they're warm in the summer but the protection is more important than some perspiration. I went down once in the rain at about 20 mph and slid on my side for about a hundred feet (oily road) and the only damage was a small hole in one pocket due to keys. No complaints about these pants. (Posted on 9/2/11)
Hot in the Ozark MountainsReview by Kinghawg
I wore them for the first time last weekend. Temps in the high 90's. I had golf shorts on underneath but may have been more comfortable with blue jeans. And, I would guess a color other than black might help. I'm sure that they will work great when it cools off a bit but it's going to be a challenge to wear all the gear all the time when it's summer in the Ozarks. (Posted on 8/29/11)
Not for meReview by TB
I've had a Darien Jacket for years. I thought I'd try the pants and just could not make myself like them. They're black, absorb heat, but the zipper lets air in. They're slippery on my seat and I slide around too much. I sold them to someone else who loves them. Now I'm in BMW leather when it's cold and Rukka when it's not. I've found that I don't like the zipper up the leg thing. (Posted on 6/23/11)
Sturdy, Durable, and Rad pantsReview by lobojon
You could see my Darien jacket review for some other information.

The pants are a little breezy compared to my Belstaff. It is a shell after all. The side zippers are great for me since I wear 8” lace up boots. They are very roomy for additional layers and are very comfortable. The belt and zipper are great for wearing around like pants. The ankle adjustment strips improved insulation. I also like that I can chose where to attach the hip pads. It took me a few attempts to locate a suitable location while riding.

Wash it to loosen it up a little if it is too stiff.

Get these pants. You will not be disappointed. (Posted on 11/12/10)
Great GearReview by Matt
I have had them for about 200 miles now. Just got to work, 20 mile commute in 36 degree temps. I like these pants, warm and the fit is excellent. Leg adjustement is good. I wish they folded up better with the knee pads, but other than that I look forward to many miles with them. (Posted on 10/20/10)
Impressed so farReview by Pat Kaz
I just got these pants in last week and got to test them during a thunderstorm this morning, made it to work with a soaked jacket and gloves but my jeans were bone dry, other than a little dampness at the cuffs (probably because I wasn't wearing gaiters) I look forward to many miles in these pants. (Posted on 9/8/10)
Great pantsReview by Marius E.
I ordered the Darien pants with optional curved hip pads (#1053). The quality and protection is top notch. I wear blue jeans underneath. The crotch area is tight with the optional curved hip pads, so you may want to go up a size for added comfort if you order the curved hip pads. The knee pads were too high on my knee caps when sitting on the bike, so i adjusted them to fit my knee caps properly. With the side zippers up, I can maneuver the Darien pants over my Aerostitch Combat Touring Boots (#480). The lower leg segment fits perfectly over the boots and there is a snap button on the bottom. I ride in 90+ degree weather in Florida and have no problems with overheating. Actually, the pants protect my inner lower legs from engine heat at stops. There is no flapping of the pants at highway speeds (70-80 mph). I was completely dry in a constant downpour. I had no distractions in the rain and was comfortable in the Darien Jacket and pants. The comfort gets better each time you ride. When storing, I hang the pants by the belt on a hanger with 2" shoulder notches and allow them to hang dry. I definitely recommend the Darien pants to anyone. The price justifies itself with the quality, durability and protection. Thank you Aerostitch! (Posted on 12/14/09)
Crash TestedReview by Silviu Stanescu
I´ve had my Darien Pants for aprox 50.000 Miles. I live in the tropics. These pants have seen every kind of weather, from 110F in the hot plains and coastal regions to 30 F in the Andes. Tropical rainstorms are no match for the Goretex. They fit great and are very confortable even in very hot weather. A couple of months ago, I even had the chance to crash test them: due to an unseen hazzard on the road, I went down at aprox 50 MPH and slid on the pavement for about 30 yards on my butt and left hip. Thanks to my Darien Pants I was TOTALLY unharmed, not even a single tiny scratch or bruise. The pants held up perfectly, showing only a couple dime-sized holes on the hip area and a smaller one on the back pocket where my wallet was (also unharmed), they held so well infact that there is no need to replace them, but when the time comes, I know I´ll get a second pair without even looking around at other brands. (Posted on 11/23/09)

Items 31 to 40 of 47 total

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