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Darien Pants

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UnbelievableReview by Lothar
These feel like my favorite pair of jeans. Seconds to put on or take off (and that’s over boots) they keep me bone dry in all day rain again and again. I hardly know I’m wearing them they’re so comfortable. (Posted on 1/10/18)
The Ultimate Riding Pants!Review by All-Weather Rider
5 stars! I’ve had a lot of riding pants, and these are the best I’ve found for commuting, by far. They’re easy to slip on/off over street cloths without removing your boots, have great pads (way better than Klim), and best of all: they’re absolutely 100% waterproof!! As described, they do have a higher waist than I’d want in casual cloths, but these aren’t casual cloths! They’re designed perfectly for their job; 4-season all-weather riding, mostly in the sitting position. The taller waist means more overlap with the jacket to keep wind out when it’s cold, and to keep rain out when it’s wet.

Rain test: I got caught in a storm that was really horrible, even by Seattle standards, and the pants performed flawlessly. It was raining hard enough to flood the freeway in spots. The wind was strong enough to take down trees and power lines, causing power outages. SEA airport was reporting Low-Level-Windshear when I left, and a couple planes went-around to try their approaches again because of the strength of the gusts. The newspapers called the storm “torrential”. I probably shouldn’t have been on a bike, but that’s what I had that day. Traffic turned what should have been a 45 min drive into 1:45, and freeway speeds varied from 70mph to a dead stop throughout the drive. To quote Forest Gump “the rain seemed to come from everywhere” …yet when I unzipped the Darien pants in my garage, I found that not a single drop of water got by them! SWEET!!!

Comparisons: My old one-piece gen-1 Roadcrafter, which I wore for the previous 10 years, definitely would have let water seep past the main zipper and soaked my crotch during a serious storm like that. My Frank Thomas touring pants with a shorter waist would have likely done the same because the zipper sits lower and allows water to pool there and slowly seep in. My old Olympia Horizon rain over-pants would have let water seep through the nylon fabric. Hooray for Darien; a pair of quick on/off rain-pants that actually work in the rain!!!

Fit: I’m 5’9, 175#, 32” inseam, 32” waist with athletic (big) butt and thighs. The lady running the AeroStich sizing tool emailed that I my inseam puts me between the 34R and 34L sizes… and she suggested I buy a 34L. I decided to aim for perfection instead, and got them customized: I got the 34Reg + 1.5” length (half-way between 34R and 34L) …AND I had them do a 1.5in “Gale’s gusset” (aka “hip ease” gusset). Results: The gusset worked great but when I sit, the cuffs rise off my Sidi GTX boots a more than I’d like. I should have listened to the sizing-lady and got the 34L she recommended; she’s a real pro! (she was also really patient, even though I changed my mind several times before finally making up my mind.)

Zipper: Other reviews raise concerns, but I’m not worried in the least. I’ve had no problems with mine at all. If I ever do, I’ll just have the zippers replaced locally. After all, it’s the design of these particular pants that make them work well, not some special fancy zipper. Any fabric store sells heavy duty YKK double-sided plastic zippers for a couple bucks, and any local seamstress can replace them for cheap …and without the extra time/cost of shipping them back to MN.

Bottom line: Buy them! They’re pricey yes, but worth every penny… especially if you ride in serious rain and you want great crash-protection and easy on/off ability over street cloths. Lastly, the personalized online sizing tool works; don’t second guess it. Thanks AeroStich!

(Posted on 11/17/17)
Exceptional pants for the valueReview by EA Rider
I've worn these for a year in a variety of conditions ranging from torrential rain (12 hours of it) to near whiteout conditions in a blizzard.

The zippers may (as noted by others) be a concern but as an added caution I do not unzip mine past the shins. The darian zippers so far have yet to leak which is more than I can say for a very expensive pair of Rev'it pants (cost x2 of one pair of Darien) that failed within 6 months of purchase.
I wear these like over pants, so I unzip partially and pull off the rest of the way after the boots are off to preserve the zipper.

I expect i'll get at least a few more years of trouble free functionality out of them. The success of these pants has me thinking about getting the road crafter classic to match my classic jacket. <3 What you guys at Aerostich are doing keep it up!

P.S. Recently had low speed crash in the ice and snow, picked up my bike and kept on riding, no damage to the gear or bike. I didn't even feel the impact. (Posted on 1/6/17)
Darien vs AD1Review by Mitch
Ordered both the Darien and the AD1. I'll keep the AD1 and return the Darien. I think the rise on the Darien is quite a bit higher than a normal pair of khakis. Great quality, but not the right cut for me. (Posted on 9/5/16)
I never write reviews as most things you buy these days don't warrant it. I did however Purchase a pair of Darian pants this summer and wanted to let you know that other than my motorcycle (vstrom 1000) this is the best investment I have made to date. I ride to work rain or shine and the Darian's are in my opinion the perfect pant for both commuting and or trekking cross country. They are cool even in mid to high eighty temps and completely waterproof even in the most challenging conditions thanks to the Gortex fabric. The ease of putting on or removing is unparalleled because of the full length zippers. The protection of the rip stop curdora along with the build in knee protection provides another level of comfort while riding.

Wearing shorts underneath allow me to go from riding apparel to beach attire in seconds. I'm writing this testimonial after riding to work in a thunderstorm and being completely dry. The triple digit gloves didn't hurt either. Anyway this Canadian (Nova Scotia) just wanted to say thanks for a great piece of kit and let you know you have an Aerostich customer for life. I also spread the word to all my adventure riding friends who will be purchasing soon.

Cheers (Posted on 7/6/16)
Fat old fartReview by Mondo
I've had my Dariens for two years,I think. I have finally found what I don't like about them. The size of the belt loops is too small. The belt buckles will not pass through them. I am a "Fat Old Fart",charter member, and I need to ride with the belt buckle on the side. (Read F.O.F.)The buckle on the side can lead to a slow pit stop. Diet and exercise is not an option. (Posted on 7/6/16)
SizingReview by David
I followed the Arostich sizing tool and was placed in 34 Regulars (I wear a 32x32 in jeans). I put about a 1000 miles on them this winter before I realized they just wouldn’t work for me.

Issue 1: The waist was gaping over just undershorts, and even after I added the hard shell hip pads still a little too loose. I gather they are meant to be worn as over-pants and not against the skin or over fleece liners.

Issue 2: They were too short. Seated in the saddle, the bottoms rode high, coming up over the top of my boots. Even after adjusting the height of the knee armor I couldn’t get them to ride lower.

Issue 3: Cold spots along the full length zippers that made winter riding uncomfortable, even wearing fleece liners.

So choose wisely when ordering.
All this being said, I really did like the way they are built and I’m going to try again with a different size. (Posted on 4/8/16)
Great Pants with BAD ZIPPERReview by RickJ
Add this review to the list of reviews praising the pants, but unhappy due to poor quality zippers. I've had my Darien pants for 2 years of relatively light use. After riding last weekend I noticed that the plastic fly zipper was broken. I called customer service, which informed me that they could replace the zipper for $75 plus shipping costs, and that they'd be able to get to them 4 to 6 weeks after they receive them! Really? I don't want to be without my riding pants for as long as 2 months and as much as $100, and they'd likely replace the zipper with yet another low quality zipper. It's surprising that this otherwise high quality product has such as low quality zipper. Finally, the indifference of the customer service rep I spoke with completely turned me off to any future with Aerostich. (Posted on 12/30/15)
Bad ZippersReview by DoubleD
Generally good, but my pants are in need of “another” set of zippers. I wear these pants a lot, but the zippers are not durable. The fly zipper won’t stay up and the leg zippers are separating. I replace them once before, and I like the concept of being able to get gear repaired vs buying new, but $50 for a new fly zipper and $75 to replace each leg zippers means $200??? I found a local person that will replace the leg zippers for $15 for both! I’ll lose the two way zipper, but come on, I only zip them one way anyway. At $360 for the pants these zippers should last 10 years of constant use. (Posted on 9/2/15)
Bought another pair after they were stolen.Review by Karl
I had a pair of Darien pants for about a year. I use them for commuting and a ride from Minnesota to NYC. I found that someone broke into my locked luggage and stole my originals. These were good enough to order up the exact same pair again.

The fit of the pants is a little odd in that they are not cut like jeans. They are a tall cut. If I pull up the waist, it goes maybe an inch over my belly button. Not that this is a bad thing, just an observation. The leg length is good when I'm on my bike and they are roomy enough for jeans + long grundies when it's cold out. I like how utility and basic they are. The pads are easily adjustable. Sides zip completely from top to bottom, so you can just Chippendale them off rather than hop around on one foot trying to get your muddy boot through. (Posted on 10/28/14)

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