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Darien Pants

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Mixed ReviewReview by John
I've had these pants for a couple seasons and can say that when the zippers work, the pants are wonderful. I ordered the same size I wear in a street pant and they fit over my street clothes perfectly. I do tuck my street pants into boots if it's raining as these ride up enough that street pants poke out under them and will get wet, but other than that the fit is just right. And the finish is fantastic. I have these in black and can get away with wearing the Darien pants with any of my gear, into store, etc., without them seeming out of place or jumping out at you – very non-descript. They are also entirely, perfectly, completely waterproof in the worst conditions I've ridden in. That said, I've had two zipper failures now, and while the folks at Aerostich could not have been more cordial or collegial, I have to wonder if I would buy these again. I had the fly zipper bust open at one point and last week at the far end of a loop ride, I had a leg zipper stop come off and the bottom zipper with it - I had to ride home without the pants. I dont think i put unusual stresses on the zippers because of my size or misuse, and havent worn the pants more than thirty or forty times, so am having some concern over the failures. I'm going to send it in for repairs and then figure out whether to keep them or sell them. (Posted on 9/19/13)
Darien Zipper FailureReview by Joseph
Purchased Darien Pants and Jacket as Christmas present from my wife in December 2012. On 28 August Aerostich refunded the price of the pants plus shipping I paid to return them three times for failed zippers.
I ride year round in Seattle WA and love the Darien suit, but the new "waterproof" zippers are very weak. In fact the second time in I requested and received the old style zipper and several teeth fell out of it within a few days. So, my message to Aerostich is that your competitors have improved their product over the last 13 years and if you want to stay on top, then don't make changes to your zippers without testing them a few thousand times. My last pair went five years before a zipper failure. Lastly and most importantly, thank you for the excellent customer service. (Posted on 9/19/13)
Snap broke first time onReview by Martin E.
When I put the pants on for the first time the right side waist snap just came off. I would send them back but it's easier just to get them fixed locally. The fit is a bit tighter than my FirstGear pants (same waist size) and the material is quite stiff making them somewhat awkward to get on and off over my boots in the parking lot at work... maybe they'll loosen up as they break in. Anyway they do keep out the rain and are warm enough on cold mornings. (Posted on 9/14/13)
Love them BUT.....Review by Daniel
My second pair of Dariens, I bought these as a "training garment" and found no issues..


The second time I wore them was to the MN BMW Rally and about 1 hour after arriving the fly zipper just gave up. Trying to get it to operate, 3 teeth fell off.. I bought these pants a size larger than I normally wear, so I can't blame it on being tight.

Anyway, the new RiRi zipper may be waterproof, but I won't trust another one of them. The pants have been returned for repair, and a YYK zipper was requested. During the rally I was informed by several other people of RiRi zipper failure..

Not sure what RiRi stands for?? Maybe it's "your fly is open"??

I have 4 Darien jackets, a pair of Darien pants, and NUMEROUS "Stich" items throughout my house, car, and even desk at work (loved the stainless insulated bottle), and I'm not going to let this failure scare me away from Aerostich, but I will be a bit more cautious in the future.. (Posted on 6/9/13)
Darien Pants 155Review by Kurt
Got my pants and the very next day had a chilly 30 deg FLA winter ride on I75 45min to Gainesville. The pants were remarkably warm and comfortable. The "Fit" is perfect. Can't say enough about the Darien Pants..Thanks for making them in the USA (Posted on 1/17/13)
Darien PantsReview by joe
they fit perfectly and plenty of room to move around in with jeans underneath and very easy to put on and take off. i recomend these as well as my roadcrafter suit to fellow riders, thank you for the wonderfull products so far (Posted on 11/30/12)
Wonderful pants for men, but what about us girls?Review by Angela
My boyfriend, his father and his brother both own a pair of Darien pants and love them. I just ordered mine and have only worn them once, and also really like them. They are by far the best pant out there if you are looking for an over pant that zips all the way off. The only down side is that I am a woman, and these pants are made for a man. They come very high up (just below my chest), and are not shaped to fit over hips. I have to unzip mine from the top to get them on over my hips and then cinch them up once they are on in order for them to fit in the waist. I wish that Darien would make a pair of riding pants for women who want not only the excellent protection but also a proper fit. There is a bonus of the not so perfect fit... they keep my back really warm! (Posted on 10/11/12)
I like themReview by Shawn
I've put over 3000 miles in less than three months in these pants. When it was hot out, yes they were a bit warm, but not uncomfortable (as long as I was moving). I got the grey pants, and they didn't seem too stiff out of the box. Not more than expected anyway. Like I said, they have over 3000 miles and are great. I have worn them through MAJOR rain/thunder storms and my pants were dry. I did have my regular pants tucked into my boots. A couple of times I didn't and about three inches of the cuff was wet. I think that these pants are great and I'm glad I got them. Worth the price. (Posted on 9/26/12)
Remedy for pants riding upReview by Doc
I'm 5 feet, six inches tall, average build. I don't have a big gut or a big butt. I bought the smallest pair of Dariens that would fit over my street pants (had to send a smaller pair back, too small). I liked the pants, but when I rode, they would ride up. The knee pads would be on my thighs. Worse, the waist-band dug into my ribs, making me very uncomfortable. Aerostich customer support had no helpful suggestions.

Hold-down boot-strap stirrups from have been the answer for me. Now I enjoy my pants instead of feeling like I dropped $300+ for something I hated. (Posted on 9/4/12)
Another Pair soonReview by Tim
I bought my Darien pants in 2001 and have worn them for more than 80,000 miles in every weather imaginable. I had a low side crash in 2002 and scuffed the lower right leg - the Darien's didn't care until 2011 when they just started leaking. I brought them in to the store, and the only thing better than the pants was the customer service. I had a cup of coffee while one of the employees sewed on a patch complete with the Gore-tex(TM or circle R? Don't want you in trademark jail). No charge for the service! The technician warned that the membrane were starting to outlive the service life, and showed me the interior discoloration. Sure enough - now in 2012, after another 5,000 miles, the pants have started to seep when riding in the wet. Thanks, Darien, for 10 years of service. I'll be riding to Duluth to buy another pair soon. (Posted on 7/27/12)

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