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Darien Pants

Darien Pants #155

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Crash Tested Review by Silviu Stanescu
I´ve had my Darien Pants for aprox 50.000 Miles. I live in the tropics. These pants have seen every kind of weather, from 110F in the hot plains and coastal regions to 30 F in the Andes. Tropical rainstorms are no match for the Goretex. They fit great and are very confortable even in very hot weather. A couple of months ago, I even had the chance to crash test them: due to an unseen hazzard on the road, I went down at aprox 50 MPH and slid on the pavement for about 30 yards on my butt and left hip. Thanks to my Darien Pants I was TOTALLY unharmed, not even a single tiny scratch or bruise. The pants held up perfectly, showing only a couple dime-sized holes on the hip area and a smaller one on the back pocket where my wallet was (also unharmed), they held so well infact that there is no need to replace them, but when the time comes, I know I´ll get a second pair without even looking around at other brands. (Posted on 11/23/09)
Great pants Review by Sambone
A friend gave it to me, almost five years now. I was skeptic of pants' claims. It is comfortable to wear, easy on and off with boots and it is waterproof (no wet spot around the crotch area). I wore this pants on very ride. I wish that I got this pants long ago. (Posted on 11/21/09)
Great Pants! Review by Paul
I received my Darien pants 2 days before leaving on a 5,000 mile cross country journey. Aerostich customer service spent almost an hour on the phone with me trying to track down my size in stock (thanks Christine!!!). The pants fit pretty good (a little long when standing/walking which I expected with my size 38x30, but just right when on my bike). I rode through all sorts of weather...high of 102 degrees, low of 33 degrees....sunny days, rainy days, and even a couple hours of snow flurries in the Rockies. The pants were great. I was a little warm above 90 and a little cool below 40, but that is to be expected. I have no regrets at all, as a matter of fact, I wish I had bought these pants a long time ago. I'll be ordering the Darien Jacket as soon as I recover from the expense of my trip! (Posted on 10/3/09)
Great Product Review by Pete Dufour
I live in Seattle and commute daily about 75 miles round trip everyday. I take a few long trips every year. Had the Darien Pants now for about 3.5 years and they have been absolutely outstanding in both heat and heavy rain. Never leaked. I ride a bmw 1200 gs and there is no leg protection from the elements from a fairing. No leaks. Don't hesitate to call the catalog number for advice on what size you should be ordering for over your work cloths. They are great. At 3.5 years, use everyday I've just taken the pants in for some retaping and a minor repair to a zipper stop. About $30. Not bad. Pants come off over boots with ease. Highly recommended product. (Posted on 9/16/09)
Second pair Review by Vernon
On on my second pair of these and got the last one (old style) several years ago. The only thing I would have them change is add suspenders but I just use add on's. These pants work great. I been in some heavy rain but stay dry. When it's really hot they make riding a GL1800 or R1150GS cooler. Both these bikes will put a lot of heat on your leggs but these pants even protect against that. When it's 95-115 you're going to sweat but the leggs don't roast. (Posted on 9/12/09)
I've had the Darien pants... Review by Harry Syer
I've had the Darien pants for 6 months. I live in the Philadelphia area and I've used them in temperatures ranging from 35F - 95F. Admittedly at 95 nothing is good but frankly underway at 90F is not a problem. There's good airflow and the feeling of safety is definitely there. I use them over dress pants for the commute to work without getting that just slept in look. They're quick to put on and take off. The quality is top notch. I wouldn't use anything else. (Posted on 3/2/09)
I've had these pants for ... Review by Jeremy Johnson
I've had these pants for a year now...1 1/2 Seattle winters. They are awesome. I wear them year round over jeans, mainly for commuting, in temps ranging from 90F to 35F. My legs stay cool/warm as necessary. I also see a LOT of rain riding and they keep me dry. Fit is a little tight in the hip area at first, making swinging your leg over the bike weird, but they break in nicely after a while. (Posted on 1/11/08)
Got a pair of these custo... Review by William King
Got a pair of these custom fit to my short, stumpy legs. Was a bit skeptical at first but the fit was right on. Pants are a bit stiff at first, like a new pair of jeans. Road with them and the jacket in 70+ degree temps and I was as comfortable as could be, not too hot, not too cold but just right (as Little Red Riding Hood would say). Easy on and off and you can leave your boots on (if you're into that). Great, comfortable riding pants. Fit right in my Road King Custom side bags if I strip down when I get where I'm going. (Posted on 12/24/07)

Items 31 to 38 of 38 total

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Which Pants? Darien vs. AD1 vs. Utility...Regular vs. Light

AD1 pants fit me a little better than Darien pants. Their rise is less, so the waistband rides a little lower, and it’s slightly curved, which I also like better. The AD1’s included belt is a 1.5" Aerostich money belt, versus the stronger 1.5" side-release-buckled belt on the Darien pants. And compared to the Darien pant the AD1’s knees are ‘bent’ a couple of degrees more, which is nice for bikes with a little more rear-positioned footrests. The radius of this bend is a little bigger, too, so there is a bit more space for knee pads. Darien pants fit and feel a lot like Khaki's or regular pants and AD1's fit and feel a little more like jeans.

See the comparison...

Up to about 70ºf I wear my AD1 Lights over regular jeans or khaki pants. When it’s warmer they go over Aerostich cotton riding shorts…which we sew right here, too. The new Utility Pants fit like the AD1's, and have all the function, protection and styling of those, but without the full-length side-zips, belt, or reflective on the leg adjustment tabs. You can slip them on and wear them all day, whether logging hundreds of miles or just riding across town to run errands. Remove the TF3 kneepads and these super-tough pants are practical as everyday off-bike wear, too.

– Mr. Subjective

"The Darien and AD1 pants fit a little different…The Darien's fit like khaki 'Docker'-type chinos and dress pants. They have a straight waistband and a higher rise than jeans. The AD1's have a lower rise and a slightly conical waistband that is angled a bit lower in front. So these fit more like old-school denim jeans. I slightly prefer the AD1's fit."

- Mr. Subjective.


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