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DarienLight Jacket #260

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First and Last Review by Gunner
I purchase the Darien Light jacket and pants after reviewing what others had to say about these products. This is the first riding suit I have ever used and it will be the last. I don't think any other products could surpass the quality and fit and finish of this riding gear. I bought the jacket at the factory and ordered pants to be sent to me later. The pants color didn't exactly match the jacket so they asked me to send the jacket to them, postpaid, so that they could get a perfect match, which they did. Great customer service. I will buy other products from Aerostich in the future for sure! (Posted on 3/14/12)
Great Jacket! Wonderful Company! Review by Jack
Received this Darian Light Jacket for my birthday from my wife. I decided I wanted a different color. Called Aerostich. Done and Done. Turns out when you need service there are people on the other end of the phone. Good people, who listen! What a novel idea.

The Darian Light Jacket is what I have been looking for. More than enough pockets and where you want them. The Jacket is well made. I've been wearing it on rides here in Colorado with a heated jacket liner and long sleeve t-shirt. Comfy in even below freezing weather. I also own a one piece suit from another company that is just too hard to get in and out of and a 2 year old jacket also from another company that has already seen better days. This jacket has replaced both. Should have listened to those who had one and bought this first. If you are going to get one jacket for long trips, you can't go wrong with this one. (Posted on 3/5/12)
Best I ever owned Review by Rudy
i have been riding for 35 years with different brands of jackets and always settled. then i bought the Darien Light and love it so much i bought a second as a back up and the Darien pants. i have ridden in -10 degrees C in the jacket with the liner and pants and never felt uncomfortable at all. it is water proof as i was searching for thunderstorms to ride through as this is my way of testing the gear. awesome i still have my two jackets and pants and have sold my other gear. guess now it's time to order some gloves. (Posted on 1/20/12)
Right Jacket Review by Kujo
After looking at jackets of all brands, I was frustrated the European manufacturers were consistently narrow in the shoulder and long in the sleeves. Aerostich was recommended by a serious rider. The sizing chart placed me in a 42 and when it arrived with liner it was perfect. I am 5'9" / 170 lbs. Yes, it was stiff on arrival with a high collar that felt restrictive at first. After four hours of riding in 38 degree F weather, the jacket is starting to soften and it is truly wind proof and very warm. Will put many miles on this jacket. (Posted on 12/20/11)
Peak Performance All Down the Line Review by Joseph
I already owned a Falstaff and love it but needed something for temperatures 80 and above. I thought the Darien light would be the perfect adjunct to what I already thought was a perfect jacket. The tan color is very smart and visible in daylight without being garish. The whole jacket looks and feels great. The material is light, breathable and waterproof. And the venting! The Darien beats any other jacket cold on hot and very hot days. Open the sleeves and let them channel the air in and around you and out the side and back vents -- cools better than anything I've ever worn. And you never have to worry about a sudden shower. Now it's mid-October with temperatures in the 60's and the Darien's still comfortable. So I guess it's my Falstaff to handle anything from November through March, and the Darien for April through October. I'm covered, literally and in every way. (Posted on 10/18/11)
Darien Light Jacket Review by Warren
This is a fantastic jacket. I returned the first one because it seemed too big and loose. I went down one size from what I normally wear and now I'm very happy. The collar is tall and stiff at first but it's breaking in and I'm learning how to handle it in warm weather. The collar works great in the cold as it keeps your neck warm. I love this Darien Light because the outer shell is waterproof, unlike many other jackets that have only an inner liner that's waterproof. The jacket uses good armor which is easy to remove for washing purposes. The crown jewel of the jacket is the venting. You've got the under arm and back vents but the ram-air that is attainable up the sleeve cuffs (when expanded) is what really pumps the air through this jacket. The cuffs can be zippered down and the velcro tightened up for a comfortably snug fit when it's cold out, however, when the sun comes out just loosen all that up and let the sleeve cuffs ride over your gloves and get ready for the A/C! So by opening the cuffs, the under arm and back vents plus turning down the collar and unzipping the top portion of the jacket you've got the cooling of a mesh outfit, only this one is waterproof. I highly recommend this jacket. It works well from cold to hot outside temps. It costs but it's worth it. (Posted on 10/6/11)
Darien Light Jacket (Hi-Viz) Review by Warren
I first bought a size 44 Darien Light jacket since I wear the same size in the Roadcrafter one piece suit. The jacket seemed too big and too loose for me and the collar stood up and was difficult to deal with. I sent it back then looked forever for a good jacket that had an outer waterproof shell like the Darien but could never settle on anything. I then decided to give the Darien another try and ordered a size 42 in Hi-Viz. This is a fantastic jacket! This one fits better and I still have plenty of room to layer up underneath. The collar was a bit stiff in the beginning but I've learned how to turn it down better and I think it'll break in over time. There are so many great things about this jacket. First, the outer shell is waterproof so you don't have the outer shell loading up with water as when using an inner waterproof liner. The armor is easy to remove when washing the jacket. There are plenty of pockets and the venting is great. This jacket will work in a very wide range of temperatures. You've got the back and under arm vents, but what's really great is the sleeve cuffs can expand quite large which allows ram-air to go up the sleeves and throughout the jacket. This jacket mostly eliminates the need for a mesh jacket in the hot summer. The venting is that good when moving. And that collar I thought was too tall? Well, it's great when the weather gets cold and your neck is good and warm. (Posted on 10/6/11)
What they said Review by johnzero
Yea, it's like they said. This is just a great jacket for riding. There are at least three ways to regulate the flow of air into the inside of the jacket - the snugness of the cuffs, the underarm flaps, and the back vent. Between those three, it's a very versatile jacket, cool at 80 and a pretty good start for staying warm at 40. Lots of pockets exactly where you always wished they were, and velcro straps in enough places to allow you to get a great fit. Leathers are sexy as hell, but this is like wearing the right tool for the job. (Posted on 9/20/11)
TmoPnruBxLxeKE Review by Katherine
I'm impressed! You've managed the aolmst impossible. (Posted on 6/2/11)
Really quite amazing Review by Arlin
I bought a hi-viz yellow Darien Light jacket last summer for daily commuting and moseying around the countryside.

The yellow is bright but no brighter than my bicycling jacket. It looks like a firefighter's jacket. I'm cool with that.

I was concerned that the jacket would be too warm for hot summer days, but I was pleasantly surprised. With the cuffs not cinched tight and all vents open the air flow through the jacket is quite cooling. For me, it's more comfortable than no jacket!

I also discovered that the fabric breathes quite noticably, which concerned me for winter use, but here again I was pleasantly surprised. With just a t-shirt and a fleece pull-over under it, this jacket kept me comfortable down to 45 degrees (and most of my commute is at highway speeds).

When new the jacket was a bit stiff, but it has softened noticably. I have no trouble with the zippers. Well, I do have one small difficulty with zippers: the cuff zippers want to ride up (i.e. unzip) a bit. It would be nice if these had locking zipper tabs. This is a small issue, but it would be nice.

The shoulder pads obstructed my ability to turn my head, so I took them out. (I wear a full-coverage helmet.)

I am a rather stocky fellow, so I ordered the jacket with the hem flair. You can't tell from looking at it that this has been done. It still has smooth lines, and it doesn't bind when swinging my leg over the bike.

In short, a well thought-out jacket. Keeps you dry, cool and warm, is comfortable to wear, and the hi-viz is that. (Posted on 5/9/11)

Items 11 to 20 of 32 total

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Darien ‘Cutaway’ Hem Roll

The Darien is a ¾ length design – it’s just long enough to cover a suitcoat and is the perfect length for standing-on-the-pegs dual sporting and adventure riding. For all camping and other rugged outdoor activities, too. But sometimes it feels a little too long, especially if you ride a sport or sport touring bike with the classic lean-forward body position handlebars.

An easy solution for some riders is to roll/fold the jacket front hem up underneath the zipper. After a couple of times it becomes automatic. You don’t even think about it because it takes not even two seconds. Give it a try.

—Mr. Subjective, 2014

Darien ‘Cutaway’ Hem Roll Darien ‘Cutaway’ Hem Roll

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