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DarienLight Jacket

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close to perfectionReview by Freek
The final test of this jacket was a three week over 5000 km. trip from Holland to Denmark and then by ferry to Iceland for a big inland all-road trip. Temperatures were between 30 and 90 `F, we had heavy downpours and a lot of wind. In every circumstance the jacket performed well and after my bike and I submerged in a glacial torrent both the jacket (and the Darien light pants) dried up amazingly fast. That's what I liked most about the combination: no liners and other fancy stuff that need ours of dry time after being soaked by all these deep river crossings. Less is more!

The jacket is perfect for travelling with all these pockets and an outstanding collar. The only minus is the lack of two completely waterproof pockets for cigarettes or passports and the lot.

Freek Strebe, The Netherlands (Posted on 8/26/10)
Labor of loveReview by Christopher Lev
Truly, any all season rider could not help but love this jacket. It's the best windbreaker and the best light-weight insulator I've ever used. Used with a hoodie or mister rogers instead of a liner yields excellent comfort and versatility (yes, I often ride an H-D). The jacket stands up to some of the meanest, whipping wind and rain, yet breathes well enough to not leave me clammy when el nino pops up. The neck sizing is great because it's large enough to seal and hold securely with a sweater and shampa layered underneath. absolute dynamite. The jacket does require a significant investment of patience regarding break-in. I have never in my life cursed so much at a garment. Initially I found the jacket to be THE most recalcitrant piece of moto gear ever, with the (big) exception of the screwed up zipper change on the alpinestars gtx boots a few years back. Thomas nailed it on the cuff zipper, but mine too will work out fine. The only two things I have left to add is regarding the excess length of backpad, which creates a "scarecrow" effect. This is totally fixable, and does not detract from the excellence of the jacket. On my wishlist is the missing bicep hook & loops for those "light days". Your customer forever, Chris (Posted on 5/7/10)
I wish I had known sooner.Review by Happening Bob
Ever since I bought the Darien Light Jacket along with the pants I wish I had saved all the money I had spent on leather gear. Others can tell you how great they are, but until you get it you will never know. There warm when it is cool out, cool when it's warm out. How do they do it ? My friend was so impressed with my Darien Light Jacket that when we went on a trip to the North Shore we stopped in at AeroStich. He tried one on and he was sold. With the zip out liner and all the zipper vents. Look at it of being a 3 in 1 jacket. Rain-Warm-Cold weather Wear. Great Job AeroStich.......... (Posted on 11/13/09)
Opinion After CrashReview by kpick
I picked up my Darien light for the warmer months.
I ride year round in all types of weather. I found the jacked to be the same quality I expect from all high-end gear. Over all fit and finish was great.

The only concern I had with the “Light” was the amount of protection I may be giving up.
I was in Oregon on Interstate 5 with a light rain falling.
Coming around a nice right hand sweeper I lost the front end and low-slided at
The impact of a low slide is not too great and there was no “impact” damage. However, I slid on wet asphalt for just under 60 yards.
The jacket held up to perfection. The only “burn” through was on the right side shoulder with the padding underneath.
I was also wearing Darien pants. After the slide was over I got up and walked away without a mark on me.
I no longer have any concerns about the sturdiness of these jackets.
In short, highly recommended and the jacket did its job.

(Posted on 11/2/09)
My Darien Light is great ...Review by bobby klee
My Darien Light is great for those warmer days, allowing a good flow of air while maintaining adequate protection. Worn with the AD1 pants- great on an english summer's day - you never know when the rain will fall :) (Posted on 10/16/08)
Well made and good attent...Review by Richard King
Well made and good attention to details (like all Aerostich products). It is very light weight compared to a Roadcrafter or Darrien. Almost like a super duty rain shell (that breaths). Its perfect for layering in the colder weather and is also outstanding in warm-hot temps with the thinner fabric and great venting. I also have the DL pants which are also excellent. The D.L. jacket and pants are perfect for me and the weather conditions in the Mid-West during riding season (cool-hot humid temps w/rain showers).

Sizing/fit notes - The sizing tool recommended an XXL, but it was way too big. I wear a 48R in the Roadcrafter and the D.L. XL was just right in the chest and arm length even with a polar fleece. For personal preference, I had 3" removed from the bottom to make it less skirted (more like a Roadcrafter jacket). The pockets are more shallow and I lost the bottom draw string, but it was easy/cheap for a local sewing shop to do without moving any zippers or major tear ups. (Posted on 10/16/08)
Well, writing that the Da...Review by Thomas Mullin
Well, writing that the Darien Light is a perfect jacket is kind of boring, but here goes anyway...

First, thanks to Aerostich for understanding that Velcro is best used sparingly. After fighting like a madman to open and close the vents in my old Olympia AST jacket, the Darien Light is literally a breath of fresh air. The main jacket zipper is reinforced with lots of Velcro, but opening and closing that part of the jacket is a gross-motor movement, which is an ideal application for Velcro.

I really love the little touches, such as not using Velcro to secure the collar tab "closed," but instead using a simple tab loop. It's those little things that add up.

Also, the photos on the web site don't do justice to the Desert Sand color on the Darien Light. The color is a very attractive off-white. For those who want to be visible, but aren't ready to commit to Hi-Viz, the Desert Sand color is a perfect compromise.

What else... Well, one thing to keep an eye on is the cuff zippers. The material inside the cuff "wants" to get stuck in the zipper, so after a lot of patient training, the zipper now closes without ever getting caught.

I really compare my first Aerostich jacket to a Sig Sauer pistol: It's just so right that it's a pleasure to use! (Posted on 10/16/08)

Items 31 to 37 of 37 total

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