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DarienLight Jacket

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GreatReview by mark
Had my Darien light for about 5 years,hands down the best quality riding gear made. The only thing better is the customer service provided by Aerostich !! This jacket can be repaired vs being replaced ,it's held up well and has years of quality life left still !! Thank you Aerostich for quality made in USA products and the outstanding service you provide. (Posted on 10/21/17)
Aerostich Customer ServiceReview by customerservice
Some customers experienced long waits during the summer of 2016 for reasons which were due to unanticipated problems with the fabric vendor, which have been addressed, and most Darien orders are again being shipped from stock inventory, as has previously always been the normal practice. (Posted on 11/29/16)
I wanted to hate this jacket ....Review by Rabid Rover
I ordered this jacket July 14 with the expectation I would have it for a motorcycle trip at the end of August. I received the jacket the second week of October. I was not advised until AFTER I ordered the jacket it would be 10 weeks until I received it. I phoned before I left on my trip to see if they had another jacket in a different color to replace it and was told no. I than went on my trip with my old jacket and was drenched in 6 hours of basically driving through a cold car wash like weather. I spent 2 days recovering cursing this jacket. I than rode on the same trip to Aerostitch and found this jacket on the rack! Cursed this jacket even more. Received the jacket a month later ... rode one day with it ... gawd I love this jacket. I want to hate it but it is simply amazing. Best jacket I have owned. (Posted on 10/16/16)
AwesomeReview by Louis
This jacket is awesome. I rode with this and my ADR1 pants in torrential rain for an entire morning late last fall here in New England. I remained completely dry. With the Kanetsu heated liner I also remained wonderfully warm. (Posted on 2/18/15)
Hi-Viz for All!Review by Chuck
Looking for greater flexibility in warmer weather, and requiring Hi-Viz since I work on a military base I had few options for my tall frame. I opted for the Darien Light in Hi-Viz Yellow. The picture on the web site doesn't do justice to the yellow, appearing more mustard, but the jacket is without question YELLOW! Since I am 6'-3" and have long arms, I started with a size 48 and had the sleeves lengthened several inches below the elbow. The features of the jacket that set it apart from others is the advantages of having an unlined gore-tex shell. I have plenty of mid-layers that I don't need more to come with a jacket (unlike most competitors). The DarienLight has great serious adjustability not found in most other jackets. I particularly like the waistband adjustment, the gigantic pit zips, the magnetic collar closure, and the two-way heavy-duty zipper. I'm amazed how many motorcycle jackets don't have a two-way zipper. I also fold up the front flaps of the jacket in order to sit on the bike comfortably. To accomplish this I unzip from the bottom to just below the waist adjustment and fold the excess flaps up and under. The tension from the waist belt helps keep it in place. I tried swapping out the TF3 elbow and shoulder armor for less bulky TF5 armor but found that the there was just too much fabric flapping around after the switch. The jacket is designed to accommodate the bulky armor so back it went!. A few negatives but not deal-breakers: the DarienLight material is so thin, that the outline of the velcro attachments points for the back pad on the inside are clearly noticeable on the outside. Those edges were the first to pick up dirt. I would like to see longer velcro strips on the arms for tighter elbow adjustments, since I would cinch them further if I had more velcro on which to attach the velcro straps. I didn't ride with the back protector last season, but will be ordering one for this season. I had one in the past when I sported a Roadcrafter jacket, and I felt more secure having that additional protection. The back protector will take up some of the extra room I have in the torso area. The jacket is pricey, but consider a jacket's importance to our safety and the dollars we have already invested in our bikes and other gear. (Posted on 2/8/15)
Best Jacket owned to date! Review by Bob 1811
I purchased the High Viz Darien Light jacket about a year ago. Having previously purchased other Aerostich products, including Darien pants and combat light boots, I had confidence in the quality and workmanship but was very concerned about the discomfort associated with a long break in period. To my surprise, the jacket was comfortable out of the box and was nice after one machine washing. I have worn the jacket in temps from the 90's (never used my vented jacket this summer) down to the 30's (with heated liner) and it has met my needs. I have ridden in torrential rainstorms and have remained completely dry, although the pockets filled with water; lesson learned, pockets aren't waterproof. Despite that I highly recommend the jacket. (Posted on 12/19/13)
For bikes of all types - including pedalReview by John
I use this jacket for commuting on my KTM 690 Duke occasionally, but most often on my bicycle.

Working the swing shift, the Hi-Vis Yellow makes the 10PM ride home less nerve-wracking. It has even stopped a SUV driver from pulling out of a parking lot into my path during the ride to work, although I was ready to stop if he didn't.

Unlined because I sweat heavily even with temps in the upper 40's while pedaling. On the Duke, the railroad shirt is heavy enough for comfort in the same temps.

I moved my Bohn back protector from my old Roadcrafter one-piece to the Darien Light, and my hip pads from the Roadcrafter to my Darien Light over-pants. Hopefully the crash protection will never be tested, but it's there just-in-case. It isn't cold enough to wear the gray over-pants on the bicycle. Living in central Arizona, blue jeans should be heavy enough this winter for bicycling.

I'm glad I bought the Darien Light jacket and pants.
(Posted on 10/29/13)
Darien Light jacket built to lastReview by Rod
I scraped up my money and bought a black Darien Light jacket in 1999, and it's been the only jacket I've worn ever since for long cross-country trips and everyday wear. And I think it's still got a few years of life left in it. After 14 years there is some delamination of the material showing and a little wear and tear in places, but it still keeps me bone dry.

Over the years the good folks in Duluth have made some zipper and zipper pull repairs for me, but that's all it has needed, except for the occasional washing and recommended treatment.

The jacket has never leaked, even in spring and summer Midwest thunderstorms and downpours. In hot weather, opening the wrists, pits and back vents is like turning on air conditioning--as long as you're moving and the air is flowing through. When it's hot, hot... layering with a wet t-shirt or evap vest has helped--as long as you're moving.

There's no better jacket and I'm sure I'll buy a new one, if this one ever really wears out. (Posted on 6/14/13)
Darien Light - Perfect for AustraliaReview by Nigel from Perth
I just bought a Darien Light (jacket and pants) because my Darien "Heavy" (for want of another name - the 500 denier one) is really too hot for Australian summers, though, admittedly, great at other times.
I wish I had bought the Darien Light initially, as it is just perfect for all Australian conditions, especially with the Kanetsu liner for use in our only really cold places, the Alpine areas in Victoria and New South Wales.
I have used the "Darien heavy" since mid 2011 on some long trips around Australia in both winter (which is generally pretty mild in this part of the world) and summer (which is not mild, but pretty hot) though, as mentioned, the heavier weight Darien is too hot for comfort .
It accompanied me up the north of Western Australia in winter, and over to Sydney and back in summer, and has travelled about 40,000 km, though is still pretty stiff.
I floated the idea with Aerostich's marketing guys to put me on their advertised scheme of volunteers who will "run your Darien in for you", but they did not take me up on the offer.
But the Darien Light on the other hand is just the right weight and affords as much protection as I should ever need (fingers crossed) and is so much cooler, and also stows away in the panniers a lot more easily than the "Heavy".
I particularly like the quality of manufacture (superb) and all those useful pockets, as well as the all round comfort, especially around the neck.
This is a product that outperforms all the riding gear that I have ever had in the past.
I recommend the Darien Light to any Aussie who wants fantastic riding gear.
(Posted on 2/5/13)
Just Between Us Girls...Review by Bobbie
...and ok, smaller frame guys. At 5'6" and 145, I ordered a Hi-Viz 38 as recommended by the most amazingly great sizers at Aerostich. Off the hanger, I looked like Carol Burnett in the Scarlett O'Hara skit with the curtain rod shoulders. The TF3 armor was enormous on me which made the high neck an issue. Matt tackled my problem by suggesting a trade-out of the TF3 with the TF5 armor of the Transit Jacket. I paid the difference and with mad skills, (ok, took me an hour), finally got all the TF5 pieces (pads and pad sleeves) put in the right places. Ahhh. (and I also have new-found respect for all those stichers who work with these fabrics!) Now the jacket fits and protects. As with all men's stuff, hip space isn't included, but you can size up a bit for that problem if you can deal with the shoulder/elbow pad sizing with this fix. I love my Roadcrafter Suit (size 40) and love this addition when I just want a shorter jaunt. The Hi-Viz makes me feel safer too. The adjustable Waist Belt works neat to make it look less like a straightjacket and a bit more feminine as long as you've accounted for the straightline zipper sizing for your hips. Love the magnets for holding the collar in place if you don't need it high & tight. Thanks to Aerostich for helping me work through the issues. Hopefully, one day, they will have some gear that is specifically built for a women's frame...its great gear! Hope this helps. (Posted on 11/7/12)

Items 1 to 10 of 37 total

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